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Another War, Another Chance
« on: 05/19/21, 07:44:06 PM »
He sat in the hall outside the general's office, his helmet rocking on his knee as he shook one leg, alleviating the tension of waiting. Most would not look at a Cathar in Army uniform as being unusual here.

"Colonel?" He looked up. "The general is ready for you, sir."

"Thank you." That caused some heads to turn in his direction - not what he said, but how it sounded when he said it. It was something he wondered if he would ever get used to, and more or less resigned himself to the idea that he wouldn't.

After all, not too many people with an Imperial accent would be all that welcome on Coruscant...

Repressing a sigh, he followed the adjutant into the general's office. The adjutant gestured for him to wait for a moment before he poked his head into the office. "General?"

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Dismissed." The general limped slightly as he turned to face his guest, as he had a prosthetic right leg. "Well, Colonel Tekan..." He gestured to a chair in front of his desk, and sat down - not behind the desk, but in the other chair in front of it. "You wanted a chance to prove yourself, and to stick with your men. You'll be getting the chance for both."

"I'm glad to hear that, General Savel." Colonel Menrim Tekan, ex-Imperial Army, took the chair offered him, the helmet shaking on his leg again. "After the bloodbath on the Castellum..."

General Aleric Savel nodded grimly. "Colonel Danrei and the survivors of the New Talaos Irregulars have all resigned in protest, and took their gear with them. I'm letting them go, rather than slap them with desertion labels again. Bad enough we have to fight the kriffing Empire again; we do not need to be hunting down our own." He met Tekan's gaze. "Hunting, however, is something I'm looking to have you do. And you may be familiar with the hunting grounds."

Tekan narrowed his eyes slightly. "Go on, sir."

"We've picked up intelligence regarding who your replacement was as commander of the army contingent of the Reydovan System Defense Force..." Savel leaned over and activated the holoprojector on his desk.

Tekan growled in his throat. "Of course it would be him. With Malagant back in control of the sector..."

"Just so," the general agreed. "The Jedi's blade was apparently not enough to put an end to his threat. Let us see if your knowledge of Imperial doctrine and skill in battle will do better."

The colonel was shaking his head. "It's not going to be a one-shot, one-kill operation, General. For one thing, Malagant has put death warrants on us, which means mercenaries from here to Tatooine might decide to cash in." He paused for a moment; Savel nodded for him to continue, not interrupting. "For another, he has a considerable support network, both from Malagant and from his own connections in the Imperial Army." His expression changed. "Perhaps... cutting that off first."

"Undermining his connections?"

Tekan nodded. "A long-term, behind-the-lines operation. You'll probably not hear from us a lot, if at all, until either we pull it off, or we end up dead. You'll probably be able to keep tabs on us anyway, of course..."

Savel was silent, considering it... and then, finally, he nodded. "What do you need?"

"Transport. Preferably something that would not be any more suspicious than any other Subjugate ship visiting Imperial space in the middle of a war."

Savel smiled. "I'll see what I can do."
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