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How to Super-Level Your Imps!


Hi lovelies,

If any of you have Impsies that aren't level 70/CL 300, there's a super quick (and actually fun) way to get them there coming up. And it's perfectly legal according to BW :)

The next double-XP/CXP event starts up on December 20, so here's what you do...

* Pop an XP or CXP consumable boost
* Head to Alderaan
* Grab the Imperial heroic mission "Into the Kilik Warrens"
* Listen in the planet general chat for people calling out for "Bug Hunt"
* Warp to the heroic location, meet up with your new ops friends, and enjoy the carnage :)
Basically, you stand in a room with all of your new friends and slaughter wave after wave of super-quick-respawning bugs. To give you an idea of how quick and effective this is, I leveled Maladous, Julan, and Aubrey Anna from like level 30ish all the way up to like CL 50 in a single weekend. With maybe three hours bug hunting on each. It's NUTS!

A few points of etiquette to watch out for to keep your new ops friends from getting frosty and kicking you from the fun...

* Don't AFK; if you need a bathroom break, or to grab a snack or drink, make sure to let everyone know. They're actually super vigilant about booting people who don't help.
* About attention to how and from where your friends pull the bugs, and once you get the pattern join in!
* Helping part 2...if you're a healer, please heal people :) And if you have the character perk for field repairs and/or field trainers, pop them as often as you can and make sure to let everyone know so that they can use them.
* And of course, be nice :)

Sadly, there's no Republic equivalent.

Enjoy :evil:

A question of motivation on Balmorra is also a good choice. Same concept. There is a pub version, but I think it is Jedi hunting on NS. Not sure which heroic offhand.


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