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My guild is slowly reforming (we have a lot of military members who are returning from deployments, including myself), at which point we'll be doing Operations again. Realistically, that's probably a month away. In the meanwhile, I've been wanting to do Ops but the LFG option is pretty much useless. If you do manage to queue up with an Ops group, they are usually doomed to failure by either inexperience or lack of communication/coordination, or both.

I'm therefore LFG to do some old world Ops, in particular, Denova (Explosive Conflict) since there's a SH deco that drops there I want badly. My decoration greed aside, I am a VERY experienced raider in this game (and many others). I've done every raid more times than I can count except for the newest ones (e.g. Iokath). I have 3 Imperial DPS toons (Marauder, PT, Agent), all level 70 and in 246 gear.

I have Discord and TeamSpeak. I can download Ventrilo if necessary. I'm available most evenings and most weekends.

P.S. I'm the current GL for Grim Determination. (

Saw that you found our raid group thread! I will add just a small warning that there are some of us in that group who are in this group to learn it, so please don't expect a highly skilled and experienced group. Speaking only for myself, as a member of that group, a couple bad experiences the first couple times I tried operations left me feeling like it was something I would never be able to do even moderately decently. My participation in this group is to help me get past that fear. So if you're going to join us, please be prepared to be patient with me or other players like me, if I don't seem to know what I'm doing at times and still don't get it right after you explain it the third time. Just wanted to give you fair warning, because not all experienced raiders enjoy a raid of that sort.

Also wanted to mention that I think the Revas Order is still running raids, so you might want to contact @Dezzrevas for that.

Also, in game, there's a channel for ops, but I don't remember the channel name. I do know the Senate channel pub side and Thegathering imp side are channels for guild leaders, so you might want to make sure your GM and one or two officers are in it. These channels were created quite a while ago when there were some attempts to unite the server population into a more cohesive whole, but they didn't get all that far, so the channels are rather quiet now. However, there are a number of GMs like myself that are still in that channel, so you can always call out in there to find out what other guilds may be running raids you might like to/be able to join.

Thank you for the info, and the disclaimer, Seraphie.

I'm sorry to hear that you had some bad experiences with raiding. I'm certainly not an elitist - we all have to go through the learning process - and I don't believe internet anonymity entitles anyone to treat people badly. That said, I don't enjoy wiping for hours on end without making progress. As long as we make progress, however slowly, I'm good with that. And from what I read, it sounds like your raid group did fine, so congratulations on that.

I will say that I can relate with your reservations about raiding. When I first started doing MMO raids it was in Everquest where you had 65-man raids and small mistakes could literally wipe the entire raid, not to mention when you died in that game you lost XP and could even lose your level. The pressure was intimidating, to say the least. But the more you raid, in any game, the more you'll overcome that fear you mentioned. I applaud your efforts to face that.

I'll definitely add that Ops channel and keep an eye on it for potential raids, as well as the GM channel. If your raid team from here is doing something Imp side and you need competent DPS, please keep me in mind. My experience would only benefit the team.

This is the list of channels that I remember

/cjoin Senate = Only Republic GM's + 2-3 top officers
/cjoin republicooc = Republic only RP
/cjoin thegathering = Only Imperial GM's + 2-3 top officers
/cjoin imperialooc = Imperial only RP
/cjoin Warzone = Warzones for both sides
/cjoin gsf = Galactic Star Fighter for both sides
/cjoin Krayt = OPS channel for both sides

I'd also add /cjoin Atlantis to that. That channel's a Discord group which does a lot of ops. I haven't been in the game in like a month+, but I checked the server for if it's still active and they did a 16M TFB SM yesterday even.

There's also a website for said raiding group.


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