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Looking for Umbara FP Imperial Strike Team

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I'll be in class next Tuesday, but I expect to be out mid-afternoon (US Mountain time).  Assuming I don't have much homework, I'll patch as soon as I get home and run the Umbara FP once on story mode.

After that, I'd be interested in grouping with three other Imperials (preference will be given to <IWSC> members but if there's a vacancy I'll take any other Imperials) to run the FP on Veteran Mode (from what we're hearing, the higher level difficulty you run the FP on the faster you can get the new SH).  I play as a healer so three DPS would be preferred but we can manage other roles as well.

Let me know if you'd be interested in grouping for this new content and what role you play.

DPS and should be able to make that! :whee:

If I can access the flashpoint without a subscription, I can join as a dps.

DPS and I have Tuesday off!  :grin:

family stuff came up as you know, so I'll give my spot to someone else

Name the time (Eastern, I'm in New England, after all, heh)...Malagant wants to kill something. :D


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