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So... this is actually quite embarrassing to admit, but I've never actually seen any of the game past Rise of the Hutt Cartel / Makeb. I haven't even done most of the game's Flashpoints for that matter. Now if I'm to understand correctly, the latest expansion has really turned the story of the game on its head, and the changes therein are going to ripple into the community here on the 18th of this month. Would it be at all possible for someone to help me run through some of the harder Flashpoints? Maybe even the Dread Masters storyline? I heard that one can't actually be completed on its own, even after the game was revamped to be easier on individual players. Of course, this all depends on my health managing to actually remain stable for more than just a handful of hours at a time... But, yeah. If anyone would like to help, and even be willing to help me upgrade Thyssen's armor and weaponry so that it's up to standard, I would owe them more than just a mere debt of gratitude! :umm:

The DM story requires an 8 man raid group to run at least. There are a few of us who raid on the site, so perhaps one who organizes them might help out.

I can help, just let me know when you want to deal with it.

I'll be around every evening the rest of this week and all next week. As long as I don't have any RP planned, hit me up on Artheer (<The Wraiths>) Pubside or Nicohlas Impside and we can take a look at your legacy achievements and see what you need/want to do.

I can help, As arkward as my times are. Hit me on Rix'reanao (Imp) or Riin'sane/Rin'sane (Pub)


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