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3-minute Highlight Reel 16SEP2015 owPvP
« on: 10/30/15, 10:34:17 PM »

You still can't hear my voice in this video, but by the end of the series that this was a part of, I'd figured it out! This is a 3-minute reel of some great highlights to some good back-and-forth owPvP that THE JEDl ORDER community of guilds managed to spark, as part of a 32-event 58-series in August and September of 2015, to span SWTOR's content-gap preceeding the big 4.0 release.

1080p quality available, if your YouTube viewer does not auto-adjust to HD settings.

I'm gradually reformatting my original documentation of the series here, on the BG forums - since several of the owPvP battles we managed to spark involved members from multiple communities of Begeren Colony. You can find more information about The Blue Jedi Crusade, here:

Thanks, and will hope to see you all, around the galaxy!