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I still need two more levels on Imazi to reach 60, but she is technically almost at 59. I was thinking that there might also be room for an RP for everyone to get to know each other. After a week stuck on ships together... they should be very familiar with each other, if not downright sick of each other. I'm not entirely sure about how to implement that though. Maybe a turn based forum RP component covering a short span of that time?

However, I can probably be around whenever as long as the events happen in the evening. ICly Imazi is a healer but is better at providing defense such as shielding. OOCly she is a healer sage.

Anytime for me works this week. Please please PLEASE not next week. I got guests coming. :<

I'd like to do the group content on Ziost (and Yavin 4 actually, but that's another topic!), so if you need another DPS I should still be (mostly) free this weekend.

Sounds like this weekend'll be our best shot...Saturday's a no-go for me beyond 7:30 PM server, but I'm good that morning and afternoon.  Any time Sunday would ALSO work for me.  What do YOU all think?

@Imazi - good idea!  I've started a prompt here ( ), which folks can participate in and read as they wish!

Sunday I'm good except from 5pm server to 8pm

Just like bling, Sat 7pm is a no go, but other than that, pretty free.


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