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So, during Jedi Night's big 'Shadow of Ziost' occasion, a team was assembled to investigate the post-eradication Ziost on behalf of the Custodum!  It has been suggested that this be a combination RP/questing experience...possibly with groups moving off to RP through the dailies, and either starting or ending with a run at the Weekly Mission Heart of Ruin.  Would folks like to undertake this and, if so, when?

I'd love to do it! Sometime this weekend could work! I may need a night or two to level Etirza to a point where she can actually participate though.

Edit: Etirza is tank build but I can switch her to DPS build if needed.

I'd be down. I would be able to power either my smuggler or knight to 60 no problem, but considering the IC circumstances I don't think it would matter much since I'll be on the ship, as it were.

I'd very much be interested! I'm available more or less any evening after 5pm PST. Dass is a healer, both IC and OOC, so I can happily fill that role in any PvE stuff we end up doing.

Got every Republic class at 60 (aside from my tank), so, can provide DPS or Healing as required.


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