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Hey guys!

I'm trying to get most, if possible all, of my characters to level 5 social. That said, it requires doing stuff with people often. With that in mind, and knowing the best social exp runs are Esseles/Black Talon, I want to see if there's people interested in also working to get social points.

I won't lie, doing Ess/BT over and over again is B-O-R-I-N-G. But the option to get extra sets for RP is also pretty cool, in the long run. I will also provide with the social exp boosts, since I got hundreds of those.

Anyone interested post time times and days you are available. I can do multiple groups in different days, and you can also make groups without me. I will still provide boosts for those who want some :)

Oooh! Very interested! I'd like to get Stell to Social X! And Esseles runs I think I can handle even sick!

I also have social boosts that could be shared around.

Right now, other than being sick, my availability is a little more flexible than usual, due to the break. Once school's back in swing, my availability is pretty limitted to after 8:30 pm server time on pretty much any night, other than Fridays when I'm at the Palace. There are some Saturdays when I can start earlier.

Another way to get social points is I believe doing operations. You should get social points for killing stuff in them...and possibly decoration items!

I'm not sure on my availibilty, but if I am around and you ask in republicooc I might be able to help. I just did this very thing with someone else a day or two ago.

Might be up for some of these once back in New Year. 


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