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I've gotten a lot of questions about how to get cool augmented gear, now that 1.3 has gone live. I'ma front-runner. I go and test things and see them, when I can. I try to be the first to do x,y,z, or try new content on day one. There's a lot of teeth gritting as I deal with it, but then along comes some fun:

I get to teach people how to do new things.
The Most Expensive Way to do this is to go to the GTN, buy your augments, kits, hit the augment table, and craft your gear. Presuming you have augment kits, and augments, it looks something like this:

Resulting in this:

The LEAST Expensive is making them yourself, presuming you've got some connections. My armstech and armormech can make augment kits. I don't have a synthweaver, but I know someone who does.

10 Green items in the level range for kits. (Level 47-50 for Mk 6 kits!) Reverse engineer into 10 components, which is the easier part to get for Augment Kits. The harder part is 2+ blue or green Cybertech Tech Parts.

The process for that looks like this:


Love your crafters.

Oh Jeeze, the forum is Fixed-Width so my screenshots stretch off screen. Grrrrr.

Prices for augment kits (and augments) are also going to be rather high for the next week, perhaps a little longer. If you're not rolling in credits and can afford to wait, you'll save yourself a great deal of money.

Thanks for the guide, Jagdt!

I can but try. I've all the patience in the world for teaching and training people that I can see are benefiting from it and listening. But none for those who brush it off, or don't follow through.

I'm pondering revising my "Jagdt's Guide to Leveling to 50+" and posting it here. Getting your first char to 50, Getting your 2nd and beyond.

I've already spent around 1mil on various costs, and I stocked up on the actual augments before hand. I spent 675K on 9 kits, and then 420K on the cost to install them all :p

And that was just my PvP set, with 5 kits thrown in from guildmates. Thankfully my guild will cover the 14 I need for my PvE set.

It's going to a long, expensive process for most people to properly augment their gear. Of course, if you don't intend to run operations post 1.3, or PvP often, you don't necessarily need all those augments.

I blew almost 5 million credits across 3 characters to get perks, and augs. I've got 6 more slots to fill in my PvE gear; then 12 augs slots to install on my PvP set. Thus, 18x augs left to aquire.


1 Mod Kit = 10 greens of similar level + slicing component + materials of that grade.

For example I'm pondering selling the next kit I have cooked for "4x99 Durasteel + 4x99 Zal Alloy" hoping some scavenger has that sitting around avial. I'm completely out of mats on Nimblefingers. I thought 1700 of each would be enough.



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