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Cantina / Re: Pulse check
« on: 06/18/21, 04:25:26 PM »
Honestly, I feel like merging us with Harby killed off public RP more... not that strongholds haven't made a dent. But, I still think griefing scared people out of it.

Cantina / Re: Pulse check
« on: 06/14/21, 07:51:25 AM »
Hiya Kitaree. Didn't your Sith have bright pink pigtails? :grin: :wave:

I pop in and out of the game throughout the week but I mostly show up for collecting GTN and Palace RP. However, you'll probably find the most people hanging out in the Discord now.

Storyboards / Re: [Open RP] I, Droid
« on: 05/26/21, 09:40:47 PM »
"Hehh..." the droid laughs nervously. "There aren't really any jawas down there, are there Miss Ziziya? I mean, not that I don't wish to accompany you. And not that I don't trust the security droids.... but I would much rather avoid Jawas in my current state. I hear that they can stripe a droid down in three minutes. I really would prefer to not end up discombobulated in a dirty crate."

Storyboards / Re: [Open RP] I, Droid
« on: 05/25/21, 04:51:37 PM »
XN ponders all that Ziziya has said, "That sounds absolutely awful. They sound like they are just as bad off as a lot of the other people that the various relief missions out of Gen Terras help. Perhaps you and Miss Stell should travel to the station someday to look for additional assistance.

All manner of people end up there and you never know who may have the very skills you need. Not to mention there are provisions to allow you to do more general recruiting for your mission, should it become a large enough endeavor.


His excitement starts to builds.

"From what you've described. I could function much like XN-3201. I would be able to effect repairs, perform light cleaning, and keep maintenance schedules. Or, I could function like XN-4218 and do security patrols. I believe he also has hand-to-hand combat and apprehension modules. He even has the covert security chassis. It is quite snazzy if I say so myself."

He seems thoroughly impressed with his compatriot's chassis.

"Or I could even be like XN-1102! I have never eaten any food myself, but most of the organics that visit the station seem pleased with his work. Our Chief Engineer, Yahsy says that he can make a tauntaun steak out of a Gundark's ear. A creative expression, to be sure, but I believe it is complimentary."

Storyboards / Re: I, Droid (Back Channels Branch)
« on: 05/24/21, 10:28:36 PM »
At the same PK did his search, Crimsen's efforts continued forward.

A quick side search--before returning to the original search--brings back Imperial records on the Hutt.

The Imperial Profile list Hatta Gadjulic as a minor Hutt in the Hutt Cartel of little concern and modest wealth. He has holdings largely in industrial areas but very few that interact with Imperial interests directly. He is listed as a potentially exploitable target for future Imperial missions.

Jatter Chilbrin is also listed in Imperial records as Bothan woman in the employ of Duratech Industries, a company that Hatta owns a large portion of. However, it offers little more than the Public records on Nar Shaddaa. She has likely not caught the Empire's attention, yet.

Records on the other 4 people from the vid are much the same though there is more detail on known associates and family members in some cases. Almost none of it is notable. However, one of the group stands out, Bredarr Lirterr, a cyborg Cathar male. He is wanted for slicing Imperial Systems and stealing information to sell to the Hutt Cartel. There is a small bounty on his head.

As that report comes in, the previous thread continues to wind through the GSI system. It trails through a series of video clips and messages.

A man in a company cap walks up to an electrical junction and opens it up to take a look. Though the angle isn't exactly good, he looks like a bearded male cathar. He pokes around in the junction replacing things, adjusting things or some how modifying it for a while then closes everything up and walked off. The next vid clips on the same thread show him doing much the same thing in different locations over a period of a couple of hours, according to the timestamps.

As he turns around in one of the clips, a tiny glint highlights the hardware around his eye. He appears to have cybernetic implants. He stops to grab his comm and send a message.

The next stop on the trail leads to this message.

[02:37] 72392-2195.4: Inspection's complete. Everything's on budget and ahead of schedule.

[02:30] 23431-5379.2: Good. Make your way to meet us at the south, besh level breakroom. We'll need clearance once the party's started.

[02:30] 72392-2195.4: On my way.

[02:44] 23431-5379.2: Once you're in place for the next part. Make sure you leave a gift for any investigators that decide to follow up.

[02:50] 72392-2195.4: Guess it's not a good party without gifts huh? I got something in mind. Just the thing to throw the lazy, incompetent, or under-compensated off the trail.

The trail presses further on to another vid showing some GSI employees standing in an open room with tables and seating.

A Nautolan male walks into the frame with a twitchy air about him. He looks agitated as he makes his way over to a Human male employee near the center of the room. They talk for about 20 minutes before another slight twitch on the part of the Nautolan. Moments later, something causes everyone in the room to react or look over their shoulder. It looks as if everyone heard something at the same time.

Most of the room's occupants merely look confused--not even concerned--but the Nautolan man looks anxious. Despite this, he continues talking with the human employee until another employee rushes into the room and all havoc breaks out.

The new arrival runs to the Nautolan and the Human that were talking and says something frantically. The human then starts to panic and look around as if not knowing what to do. Strangely, despite being agitated, the Nautolan is now the calmest person in the room.

He hands off some device to the panicking human and attempts to explain something to him before the Human rushes out of the room. A few other employees follow. Then the Nautolan is left as one of the few remaining employees in the area until The Bothan woman and her 4 companions enter.

She quietly walks up to the man, sizing him up. Though his back faces the camera, his muscles visibly tense up as they talk. The look on the woman's face suggests a non-friendly but discreet conversation that continues until the Nautolan stiffly pulls out badges from his pocket. There is a pause before a syrupy, sweet smile graces the woman's face. It hangs from her cheeks like a crooked painting, out of place and off-putting. But, nothing further appears to be said between the time the Bothan woman takes the badges and the group's exit after she had distributed them.

The Nautolan man retreats to a corner of the room looking rather stricken as the clip stops.

The next clip shows the feed from somewhere in the warehouse, but timestamps indicate that it is from around the same time as the previous clip. All appears normal at first, employees move to and fro as they go about their jobs. There is something that catches the attention of everyone in the frame. Some jump while others whip their heads around, then hunks of metal rail down from the ceiling and large chunks dislodge from the nearby walls. There is dust and commotion as large chunks of metal rain down on trapped employees. The clip cuts short before the scene becomes too gruesome.

The following clip picks up later, amid the commotion of the clean-up. There are clearly injured people in the warehouse and likely structural damage, but much of the merchandise appears intact. However, the state of the warehouse at large isn't visible as the area seems to be sectioned off with some kind of flimsplast covering obscuring anything beyond it. Notably, the number of employees still in the area much lower than the number of security droids dotting the floor.

The Human man from earlier clips walks into the foreground and begins talking excitedly to an injured employee that is still on their feet. Probably escaping the notice of the both of them, the Bothan woman from before and a couple of her companions slip into the area from the background. They flash badges for the droids, which let them pass before the whole feed suddenly scrambles becoming a complete mess.

<<Error>> <<Error>> <<Error>> <<Error>> <<Error>> <<Error>> <<Error>> <<Error>> <<Error>> <<Error>>

Suddenly, there is an attempt to force Crimsen's connection to the GSI system to close, but it is not entirely successful. The current trail is simply lost. Attempts to go around it and retrieve the data result in further roadblocks. Someone is actively pushing back!

As more attempts are made and fail, they become increasingly more serious and involved. Whoever is on this is not some amateur poking around in GSI's business.

[[Ok, I tried my best to make this plot dump less messy but the forums aren't having it. It'll be broken up into two posts with no spoiler tags to hide the walls o' text. Sorry about that. Hope you can enjoy and get through this anyway. D:]]

As the two dig into their resources, the results start to come in. The silence is finally broken by the sound of a mechanical voice.

"Found: 3 relevant communications results in order of most recent to least recent." 34 results of low relevancy. Lower relevancy results have been omitted. 3 public records found.

Three messages are sent back through the secure connection. The first is an audio only call.

"Fa baa woy Hatta. Bu copah chespo coa an doth chake bai doth doptmabeke bai uba. Dobra banba uba bu rupee see ahban kuna kee dayan bai woy cay woy gahke uba yoieu bu pahapke copah. Tee camai dah bu kankahnee hatkocanh chahsa cha fa da bu pahapke bpokaua doth banba."
((Spoken in Huttese: It's done Hatta. The items have been packed and are ready to be shipped to you. I'm sending you the list of orders you will need to make in order to make sure you get the correct items. Our people on the inside will see to it that the correct boxes are sent. ))

The voice of the person talking sounds much like a woman speaking Huttese with a Bothan accent. The booming response of the second sounds like a large individual. His pleased laughter reverberates like thumps on a large drum.

"X'hoo! Uba vee koose kolka bapia Jatter. Jee hatkocanh chahsa cha fa da uba melam biweoo pacmant che tah. Jee panweba da Braegrr pankhedia bokeue du tah canou?"
((Spoken in Huttese: Excellent! You always bring pleasing results Jatter. I will see to it that you receive ample compensation for this. I trust that Braegrr contributed usefully in this endeavor?))

"Jee chawaha bai joday cay cuee bokeue nouay. Hocan, goo woy haku doth talat."
((Spoken in Huttese: I prefer to work with more useful assets. However, he did what was necessary. ))

Dan. Dan. Lee chalya kava che Sebboja doth hatkocanh bai wamma che heee cohka Jee canta da tah doth hay che patka koi Braegrr baa uiuba an biweoo bai wamma bidwata. cha uba ji muna wa waueoo wen, Jatter?
((Spoken in Huttese: Good. Good. Given how much Sebboja is willing to pay for these parts I think that this is grounds for discharging Braegrr's debt and enough to pay mine. Don't you love a happy ending, Jatter?))

Hatta breaks out into hearty laughter, but Jatter's response is dry and sarcastic.

Tagwa. Doptleka.
((Spoken in Huttese: Yes. Thrilled.))

On a more serious note, she continues.

"Sie phabeka doth vee lhoie, paupe phabeka patka cuee ai la doutmaya. Jee hatkocanh baiahh gee paknee ata bom bom mee phabeka doi Sebboja. Jee wahke bitmaph bo phabeka patka koumhaptece cuee ai neyoha wonka."
((Spoken in Huttese: While credits are always important, some credits cost more than they spend. I would caution against taking too many credits from Sebboja. I strongly suspect his credits cost far more than face value.))

Hatta, however, is less concerned.

"Jeejee katka joday dah mee banka see yiciy Jatter. Sebboja doth roe du bimay bo kloonkee. goo doth jiu du bu koumhoiag jeu. Um, whao goo banag bai koushoteha bo phabeka dopo bai chakaptka goo doth du da jeu, Dobra cuee ai waueoo bai paknee ata hoohah."
((Spoken in Huttese: We must work on your sense of humor Jatter. Sebboja is already in over his head. He's playing in the wrong league. But, if he wants to waste his credits trying to pretend he is in that league, I am more than happy to take them.))

Unwavering, Jatter holds her ground.

"Sebboja koee doth um Jee bitmaph da Nejaa doth tee. Ritke... doth bensohbae. Jee cha panweba bap see hoohah mo kaee pineu bai hoohah. La noa-a bona wen."
((Spoken in Huttese: Sebboja might be but I suspect that Nejaa is not. Just... be cautious. I don't trust either of them or anyone connected to them. They will be trouble eventually.))

Hatta chuckles softly.

"Fet hee, la doth youngee. Nan bata an jeejee hatkocanh setpika bu baua ukawa du cahtana."
((Spoken in Huttese: Until then, they are profitable. Come back and we will discuss the other matters in person.))

The communication ends with a listing of GSI products, likely the list that Jatter spoke of at the beginning.

The next communication is text only.

[02:52] 23431-5379.2: Candles are lit. Make sure that they are blown out when the party boy gets here.

[03:07] 534312-921. 34: I don't even know if Adrian is going to be in today. He might call in sick. We have to wait.

[03:13] 23431-5379.2: You have 40 minutes. See to it that you aren't in the wrong place when the party starts.

[03:43] 23431-5379.2: You have 10 minutes. You better work on your powers of persuasion and your alibi. Charm isn't your strong suit but you stand a better chance of charming someone to take the fall for this than you do in paying your debt on your own.

[03:51] 534312-921. 34: Gee, thanks for reminding me. Shame I don't have your way with people.

[03:55] 534312-921. 34: I've already talked to him.

[03:57] 23431-5379.2: I have power. I don't need persuasion. That's what happens when you've got more brains than a mynock chewing a blown fuse. Maybe in the future, you'll learn how the game works and you'll pick sides better. Hatta is more generous with those who cooperate without coercion.

The last message of the three is a holocall and shows the large, smug visage of a Hutt.

"Liag... Liag.. Dobra ree becmoka. Um tah doth bu tee-tocky."
((Spoken in Huttese: Liag... Liag... I am very sympathetic. But this is the times.))

The image shifts to that of a less than pleased Chagrian male, presumably Liag. "Hatta. Our lease isn't up yet. You can't just raise the cost without renegotiating the terms."
Bad um lodia paknee ata hee janse. Fa doth stafa whao Jee ritke toupee uba banag dayan bai apoya. Whao heee doth mah saleu bai woy, in ting... Mah kon doth peee jeseh peee mee.
((Spoken in Huttese: Ah but negotiations take so long. It is faster if I just tell you what needs to happen. If these were my decisions to make, maybe... My hands are as tied as yours.))

The Hutt waves his hand wistfully as if he were just an unwilling pawn himself.

The Chargrian folded his arms across his chest. "Last I checked, Hatta, your companies own these buildings, so it sounds like it is your decision."

"Liag. tee Jee vee dopo bai chakaph GSI baa chalanh? Bu Pohka gee woy paupe uonza an Dobra saieu bai gau. Bu yuna Meecooda woy doth lee chalya uba cuee tee-tocky bai nan bimhee cay bu moulee rah. Tah doth doi mah kon."
((Spoken in Huttese: Liag. Haven't I always tried to protect GSI's interest? The Cartel has made some changes and I am obligated to comply. The best I can do is give you more time to come up with the money. This is out of my hands.))

"We'll see about that, Hatta. I'll have to get back to you about the money. Goodbye." Chagrian's tone is dry as the call cuts out suddenly.

Finally, PK forwards the record results.

  • General Nar Shaddaa records list Hatta Gadjulic as a minor Hutt in the Hutt Cartel of modest wealth and holdings largely in industrial areas. He is the CEO of several weapon production companies with a majority stake in many factories throughout the lower industrial sector. The records include bits of random info such as offices, business relationships, Soovada party accounts, and news article clips.
    a hidden line break sentence for readability!
  • The same record lists Jatter Chilbrin as Bothan woman in the employ of Duratech Industries, a company that Hatta owns a large portion of. The company's primary product is parts for weapons manufacture. Not much is available about her personally although several resumes for vastly different industries are present. It seems her primary skill is navigating the corporate landscape.
    a hidden line break sentence for readability!
  • There are scant records on the other 4 people from the vid. Almost none of it is notable. However, one of the group stands out slightly, Bredarr Lirterr, a cyborg Cathar male. His recently job history is all over the place. He doesn't seem to stay anywhere long. Strangely, he seems to have bounced between many companies, plenty of them owned by rival Hutts.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 05/22/21, 01:00:47 AM »
Yeah, you would have had to keep going quite a bit to hit it. You are good where you stopped. :)

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 05/21/21, 09:42:53 PM »
Oh well that's fine then - to wait and then announce when its finished! Misunderstood the plan.

And yea, it was a pretty large word limit, but I do think I hit it once or twice when I was writing out stories.

It's huge but it is possible to hit.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 05/19/21, 11:39:04 PM »
Looks like it's getting interesting for @ThyssenKrupp and his Vode (vod? vods? not exactly fluent in mandoa :grin:) in  Verd Ori'shya Beskar'gam.

However, I'd suggest putting in more line breaks and breaking the story up into multiple posts since it looks like it's going to run much longer than the current length.

@Joshmaul The Colonel's story looks interesting too, but I lack more context on his and Malagant's story.

Storyboards / Re: I, Droid (Back Channels Branch)
« on: 05/17/21, 10:17:17 PM »
There is a clear trail from the message to the following clip.

The vid focuses on a group of four exiting an elevator and heading towards the camera. They are all wearing GSI uniforms and move with purpose. One in the group, a Bothan woman, pulls out a comm and interacts with it while the other three wait by the door.

The woman's appearance is immaculate, fastidious. Not a single hair of her neatly styled bun is out of place and she holds her head high. She looks every bit the part of a district manager. A terribly inconvenienced one forced to make a detour to perform some mandatory, regulatory function or something of comparable strict procedures. However, she is oddly dressed like a seasonal worker rather than management.

Her face scrunches up in disapproval as she appears to read something from her comm. Minutes pass. She appears to be in a back-and-forth conversation. Eventually, someone exits from a door just below the camera letting the four in.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 05/14/21, 06:47:07 PM »
Thank you. :)

Storyboards / Re: I, Droid (Back Channels Branch)
« on: 05/14/21, 06:36:19 PM »
A notification silently beckons for Crimsen's attention. Something of interest has been found. The tell-tale signs of another slicer trail throughout various systems and files. Someone had been or was in there... looking for something. Though meandering, the trail traces its way to the local communication hub.

Any barrier is only as strong as its weakest point. The unexpected explorer had used the weakness of the GSI access point's security as a way to bypass the relatively competent security of the local communication hub. Lax behavior or ignorance had rendered fancy slicing unnecessary.

The rich cache of communications has given way to the digital claws of the phantom slicer. Whoever had been in here dug in and found a promising communication stream. Though neither side is clearly identified, the communication is definitely between an endpoint outside of the GSI Warehouse and one within. 

One message, in particular, is easily accessible. It is possibly part of a chain.

[00:12] 23431-5379.2: Where are you?

[00:17] 534312-921. 34:  Working.

[00:18] 23431-5379.2 : Don't get cute with me. You're too ugly for attitude.

[00:23] 23431-5379.2: We're in the loading dock. Come let us in!

[00:25] 534312-921. 34:  You're early. I can't. 

[00:27] 23431-5379.2:  You better worry less about your job and more about your head. I hear Hatta's pets love pulling off head tentacles first.

[00:36] 534312-921. 34:  I need you to wait. We're behind.

[00:38] 23431-5379.2:  The only behind you need to worry about is the 15,000 credits you're behind. Worry about yourself before this nerf-herding job.

[00:39] 534312-921. 34:  On my way.

[00:58] 23431-5379.2:  We're in. No thanks to you. The grunt that held the door for us was faster. Come get us on the main floor. Southwest entrance. The electrician is ready to start his inspection.

[00:59] 534312-921. 34:  You sure you need me? You seem to be getting in alright enough.

[01:05] 23431-5379.2: I neither need nor want you. But I have my instructions. More importantly, you have yours and you better not get cold feet. They can always be removed if they become problematic.

[01:08] 534312-921. 34: I'm almost there. The light shift doesn't start for another 3 hours. There's still too many people right now.

[01:13] 23431-5379.2: I didn't ask for your opinion. More importantly, I don't care. Next time you have a thought... don't. Remind yourself that your judgment is what got you in this position. Just make sure you're not near any of the candles when the lights go out.

From there, the trail leads back into the video system for the warehouse. It winds back to a collection of video snippets.

[Video snippets incoming in another post. Crim feel free to share this information with Thyssen and you two discuss it while I work on the video descriptions.]

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: SWTOR: Zero Hour [Part one]
« on: 05/13/21, 02:54:37 PM »
[Just a technical post to help with posting to the forums.]

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 05/12/21, 09:37:41 PM »
It would probably be easier on people reading the story if you just put the next installment in a new post. That way it will be clear when there is something new to read. Just reply to your thread with the next bit.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 05/12/21, 09:30:29 PM »
Ok, time to dust off this thread. :D

@ThyssenKrupp if the story surrounding this the quote, and the quote itself, doesn't come up in RP someday, I will be very disappointed. :lol:

"Right, sorry, that was the concussion talking. Wreaks havoc with the area of the brain dedicated to manners, you know. Please, continue."

I loled. However, good start to the story. It'll be interesting to see if those four that saved Thyssen end up hanging around for the rest of the story.

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