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Storyboards / I, Droid (Back Channels Branch)
« on: 05/05/21, 08:19:37 PM »
[[OOC: This thread is for Crimsen and Thyssen's pursuit of more information about XN modules from the company Relion and other channels. Once this branch has been explored, the RP will pick back up in the main thread: [Open RP] I, Droid ]]

Storyboards / I, Droid (Luring in Elix Darykon Branch)
« on: 05/05/21, 08:13:31 PM »
[[OOC: This thread is for XN and Ziziya's pursuit of more information about XN modules from Elix Darykon, the head of Relion Logistics. Once this branch has been explored, the RP will pick back up in the main thread: [Open RP] I, Droid ]]

Storyboards / [Open RP] I, Droid
« on: 04/24/21, 09:06:41 PM »
Hello Everybody, this is the transfer of an in-game RP to the forums to make it more accessible to people who can't get in-game for Palace night.

This RP is open to characters that go to the Dancer's Palace and have an interest in droidy things. Feel free to join in as if you had been near the bar listening in, especially if your character already knows C9 or XN. This is set on a Dancer's Palace Night so remember that violence is not allowed and the first drink is free.  :grin:


You four may be particularly interested in this RP.

Thanks to @Seraphie and @ThyssenKrupp for pushing this RP over the edge. :grin: Feel free to yell if some of the creative liberties I took with emote descriptions doesn't fit.

The ballroom doors of the Dancer's Palace ceded to XN's entry with a quiet woosh. XN made his way to his customary first stop, the bar. Around him, quiet murmuring drifted about the room. The Ballroom was nearly empty. The peak crowd had not arrived yet and the few isolated patrons talked privately. As the droid turned the corner, he saw the familiar form of a friend.

"Hello, Thyssen! It is good to see you again,"

XN greeted the Mandalorian with his usual enthusiasm, drawing the seated man's thoughts back to the present. Mid-drink the Mandalorian paused to return the greeting.

"Ah, hello XN-395. Likewise. Your absence was noted at last night's gathering. How are you?"

XN's enthusiasm diminished slightly.


Not certain how to broach the issue, he hesitated then resorted to chuckling nervously.

"Well, I'm only a little below optimal functionality," he said trying to deflect attention from the matter, "But I trust it shouldn't be too burdensome. As long as I do not attempt too complex a task. I Trust you are well though?"

XN switched topics as soon as it was polite and listened with interest. Thyssen nodded in response before answering,

"As well as can be under current circumstances, yes."

He offered a smile. As much as could be offered, under the circumstances. However, XN grew a little concerned.

"That sounds sub-optimal as well.  I don't suppose there's anything I can do to be of assistance?"

XN waited, ready to act should the ability to change the situation be within his power. However, Thyssen too deflected.

"You're welcome to keep me company, let me know how things are going on with you and C9.  I heard you spent the last few nights aboard the station with her."

XN accepted the new topic, ending the volley that had developed.

"I would be most happy to. Although you appreciate my company far more than CLA-C98 does."

Before XN could say any more, Ziziya quickly moved past the two carrying an armful of bottles destined for the bar shelves.  She darted behind the bar to restock the back cupboard before the next wave of order. Bottles settled, she turned to the bar and greeted the pair with a smile.

"Good evening Thyssen, good evening XN-395."

Thyssen turned his attention and greeted the Hostess before XN chimed in enthusiastically behind him.

"Evenin', Zizi."

"Good evening Miss Ziziya!"

Ziziya chuckled at the two for a moment then stopped to reorganize things behind the bar. While Ziziya was occupied, XN returned the topic of C9's condition. Though he was always concerned for the well-being of C9, the topic was still a bit... complicated.

"I'm afraid that CLA-C98's extended grounding is not being received well and..."

XN's statement winded down, unfinished, as he searched for a diplomatic way to express the millions of things he had been processing on the topic.

Once her chore had been completed, Ziziya popped her head back up again. Concern drew lines on her face and pull the corners of her mouth down into a frown,

"She's still no better? Stell was asking me about her."

Thyssen pondered the matter as well before offering a take.

"Sounds almost like a princess trapped in a tower situation."

"Except that C9 was not well," Ziziya noted.

Had XN eyes to roll, he may have well rolled them. Instead, he quietly stated, almost to himself, "More like a tyrant in a tower..."

Aloud, he attempted an explanation for the two concerned organics before him.

"Well, I'm not sure that better or worse is quite the best explanation. Although, the Director has not lifted her grounding... However, whatever the exact nature of her condition. It has left the Chief Engineer, CLA-C98, and much of the droid staff rather frustrated."

"Do you have the contact information for the Director that you can share with me XN-395?" Ziziya asked. "Stell mentioned that she might see if she can visit with C9, or maybe get Minnette to go visit her."

As Ziziya sought more information, the gears in Thyssen's mind began turning faster. His expression fell neutral as he mulled over the exchange.

"News to me, so her programming's become unstable? Is that 'bout the sum of it? Or are you referring to someone else?"

Happy to finally have a straightforward task on the topic, he quickly confirmed.

"Why, yes, I do."

He immediately sent the contact information for the Director of Gen Terras to the address stored in his files. The same that his former purchase contract had gone to. Then he attempted to clarify his previous statements.

"I believe organics call it a ' mood'. CLA-C98 takes everything she does very seriously. Despite taking her current caretaking duties seriously, she does not feel it is the best use of her abilities... and she is not very happy about that."

Ziziya glanced at her wrist com as it vibrated with the incoming contact information, "Thank you XN-395."

"Also, she gets most upset if one misplaces place settings on tables. I will never touch another fork again in her presence." Despite the rather ordinary and trivial nature of the matter, XN was quite serious about it.

Turning to Thyssen, Ziziya attempted her own explanation.

"My understanding is that it's an instability, yes, but one that's in a positive feedback loop. It makes itself worse."

"So she's developed OCD," Thyssen inferred before pondering the matter more.

Despite having been the last of the group to actually speak with C9, XN was surprised to learn of the instability. Proximity has not imparted as much knowledge as even Ziziya had.

"Oh my... No wonder she's in a mood. CLA-C98 does not like for anything to be out of place, much less her own processes. Our chief engineer, Yahsy, has been attempting to work on her but to my knowledge, nothing has been successful. I try not to pry too much as she is rather sensitive about this whole matter."

Ziziya sympathized with C9, even though she had not met the droid personally. "I think what she's suffering would distress anyone."

"CLA-C98..." Thyssen repeated to himself as he searched his memory, "come to think of it, I'm not familiar with that make or model number. Not that I'm an expert in droids, present company excluded. Who produced her?"

XN's voice filled with a mix of admiration and wonder "Ah... She is a custom-built droid. She is not a standard droid by any means. But that is also, likely, working against her. Her systems are complex and unique, so there's no user manual, as it were. I have asked her if she could perhaps contact the person she refers to as Difficult Creator Organic, but it seems she has lost contact with him."

"No name or face to work with?" Thyssen asked.

"I'm afraid not." XN's reply was as short as the lead they had on the mystery of C9's origin.

"Curiouser and curiouser..." Thyssen mused.

Even as sharp as Thyssen's mind was, the more information he received, the more questions and fewer answers he found.

"I would assist somehow if I could, but I'm afraid her opinion of my abilities is quite low," XN stated with long-standing resignation.

Thyssen, however, had not given up the pursuit of an answer.

"You said that she prides herself on her ability to please others?"

"Heh..." XN chuckled nervously again. That was not an entirely accurate picture.

"Well, I feel it is more accurate to say she prides herself on her ability to meet her own standards. Her opinion on the pleasure of others can vary quite a bit. However, she does pride herself on being a steward droid even if she does not care to be bothered with feelings."

The Mandalorian nodded and tucks his chin between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, eyes narrowing in thought.

"Alright," he mumbled. "That's something to work with..." Though not much, it was at least a shred to latch onto.

Having watched the exchange quietly for some, Ziziya ventured another thought into the conversation.

"It's my impression that feelings are what got her into this predicament."

Thyssen nodded at Ziziya, their thoughts starting to align along the same path.

"I'm thinking the same thing. It might not be an engineer she needs, but a shoulder to lean against and an ear to speak into. And those adept in the force are quite good at providing that."

Thyssen pondered if Ziziya's Force abilities might offer a new vector of attack for the problem.

Ziziya's eyebrows rose as Thyssen looked at her, then her expression shifted back to the frown that had graced most of the conversation,

"I was told that Icaricia spent a lot of time talking to her before she ended up grounded. I have experience with healing organics, but the force doesn't give the same sense or insight with droids."

XN worked to catch up to the line of thought was forming between the two organics. He had not yet considered the matter as far as his friends.

"Perhaps so. They really aren't her strong suit... er..."

In his focus on analyzing the new possibilities, XN slipped and spoke his thoughts rather candidly. In an interval that seemed forever to him, but was just a fraction of a moment to the others, he caught himself. Attempting to save himself from his "impolite" blunder, he quickly added, "Not that I in any way mean to diminish her abilities."

Thyssen was unphased by the droid's blunt opinion, likely having heard far worse in his day.

"There's nothing wrong with admitting one's faults, XN-395. It's the first step towards learning how to better ourselves."

XN, however, demurred to past experience and muttered "Tell that to CLA-C98..."

The droid's reticence amused the Mandalorian who snickered in response.

XN continued out loud, "You might well be right Thyssen, but CLA-C98 is not one to sit around and muse on her own feelings. At least, not that I have seen. She much prefers action and correcting things that are out of place or out of order. In fact, were it not for the current state of the galaxy, I do not think she would mind her current duties at all... Except for the crumbs. She despises finding leftover crumbs."

Thyssen nodded before turning his focus back to XN. An idea!

"You might have just hit the proverbial nail on the head, my friend."

Ziziya considered the suggestion and its implications lost herself in the thought for the moment.

XN himself began to ponder the information and speculation of the past conversation. Some he had been aware of, but other bits... They were brand new to him.

"Given her feelings over such things, I would think something like that would cause her no end of trouble. If that is the case, she would likely end up caught between trying to fix the problem in trying to keep from neglecting her other duties. It would be terribly disordered... Which would make her incredibly... Well, to be quite frank, cranky."

Having danced around the issue enough, XN finally stated his opinion without reservation earning a nod of agreement from Thyssen.

Thyssen's mind clamped down on the idea like a Krayt Dragon's jaw and began examining the implications from all angles.

"Now the question becomes: if this is indeed a problem... How do we address it without making it worse?"

XN watched the man think but had no solutions of his own.

"That, I believe, is the 1,000,000 credit question." However, one suggestion did occur to him, "I would highly advise not casually or directly questioning her on the matter. It will not end well..." XN shook his head, the memory still sharp of having fallen into that Gundark nest once before.

Though still following the discussion, Ziziya seemed lost in thought, almost as if daydreaming. However, small eye and head movements traced the paths of thoughts coursing through her mind.

Having worked on the problem at hand for so long, Thyssen's mind sought a distraction and remembered the now abandoned drink on the bar. He resumed drinking as he thought further.

At that moment, Ziziya suddenly snapped out of her absorbed thought processes and looks at XN.

Not speaking her idea first, she tilted her head slightly and asked, "XN-395, have you gotten any clear ideas of what modules you'd like, of what you'd like to have as a function or as functions?"

XN was caught a bit off guard by the topic change, but he gave the matter thought.

"Well, I don't know exactly, but I suppose I will need multi-terrain reconnaissance software as well as upgraded oculars. An internal positioning system with appropriate software." He started counting off things on his fingers. "Stronger servos in case I should need to lift heavy objects or remove myself from precarious situations. A translator module would be useful given the many languages spoken throughout the galaxy. Oh yes, and an internal communication system. There are also various chassis modifications that could help, but that would depend more on the terrain."

Attempting to lead XN down her line of thought, Ziziya asked further, "Have you considered doing something -different- from C9, doing your own thing?"

"Well, I... umm... No," the droid replied flatly, "that would be an extremely difficult thing to do... Just pick some random task that isn't needed. However, given CLA-C98's range of function, she is far more versatile than I am."

Ziziya asked more probing questions, "You want to do something useful right? That's what you most want, something useful?"

"Yes, of course," XN agreed. "That is the purpose of a droid after all. That and the Director did make it rather clear that free or not, she does expect me to make myself useful." He began chuckling nervously again. He seemed of have a gift for finding opinionated individuals.

"If I didn't think he would be a tremendously bad influence on you, I would suggest you speak with my friend PK," Thyssen mentioned.

Ziziya nodded along with XN, but thought to check something before she went any further, "Hold that thought XN-395."

She then turned to Thyssen, "C9's problem originated with her emotions programming. Are there emotion modules for droids, like for XN-395? Is it a common option to install emotions? I would assume that while a steward droid doesn't necessarily need emotions, you would want a nanny droid to have some level of empathy?"

"Funnily enough, that's one of the reasons why I'm hesitant to introduce our friends here to my other friend," Thyssen said, amused. "He's a bounty droid, fully upgraded with an emotions chip. He says it helps him get into the minds of his targets."

That piece of information gave Ziziya pause. For a moment a look of concern contorted her features, but then she continued the frown having returned, "So how do droids with an emotion routine deal with overwhelming emotions? There's something in that programming that helps them know how to deal with overwhelming anger, or fear, or sadness?"

Drawing on his knowledge of droid systems, Thyssen explained, "Usually there's a limitation, a certain amount that the droid is capable of feeling. They might understand that there's meant to be more but not necessarily feel it. Alternatively, those with advanced motion chips which allow for the full array should have the ability to either activate the dampener or switch the chip off entirely."

XN agreed. "Yes, as Thyssen said there are limits... Aside from restraining bolts, I mean. One could fry their circuits otherwise!"

Ziziya turned her attention back to XN and the line of thought she had been leading him down, "Have you ever visited the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa?"

The question elicited an immediate response from the droid. "Oh my! No. Even organics are likely to lose a few internal pieces that way. What could happen to me? Some of my parts pop right out!"

Ziziya laughed, "Well, you go carefully. I go a couple times a week. Did you know that there are refugee camps much lower down?"

XN thought on the question.

"Hmm... I believe CLA-C98 has mentioned it before. Although, I had rather hoped not to confirm that myself. Given the rumors of roaming Jawas in the lower levels, I am not eager to test my rather nonexistent evasion abilities."

During the conversation, while Ziziya was deep in conversation, another customer, Sevrickk, slipped in and settled at the bar. The bartender offered a smile. He asked the newcomer what he wanted to drink as the trio at the other end kept thinking on XN's and C9's issues.

"Well... What if you could help them?" Ziziya suggested.

Thyssen considered the idea and liked where she was going. "Now that's an idea..."

XN however had to stop to ponder the possibility. While the desire to avoid the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa was quite strong, Ziziya's suggestion did have merit. He could potentially have a function to serve and his function would align with the mission of Gen Terras station which would likely please the Director. Reexamining his earlier software and hardware requirements list, he replied.

"Then I would need a chassis that is -much- harder to break into. However, more to your point, I suppose that could be a useful specialization... Urban reconnaissance."

Ziziya smiled as XN seemed to be coming along. "Hear me out on this XN-395, Stell has been helping out some refugee camps in the lower level for some years now, ever since Minnette started helping them and Stell got involved. She's provided them some adapted hydroponics equipment like they use on Tatooine, but that can use minimal amounts of power on the grid here. That's so they can splice it but not set off in the alarms. I go down a couple times a week bringing some supplies and checking on how they're all doing. But they could really use a droid around, who could be a more regular help with maintaining the equipment, maintaining their makeshift homes, doing some supply runs sometimes, and occasionally discouraging gangs from trying to move in, even if it's just by letting Stell know that they're trying to do so. Such a droid would probably be best to have advanced emotions, to best help people who have been through great trauma and are still living in often threatening or traumatic circumstances. So if you were set up to help in that way, with a stronger chassis, the right programming -and- emotions, which you could manage and processing control, even when the situation makes them overwhelming, then maybe C9 could learn from you what she needs to modify in her own programming. Then she could manage her emotions too. She has the ability to modify her own programming, right? So you could teach her how the strong emotions are managed properly and that would let her learn and modify her programming in the necessary ways."

Having had it all said by Ziziya already, Thyssen dittoed her with a snap of his fingers and an emphatic point in her direction. "What she said."

Ziziya smiled brightly in return before she took a deep breath. The long explanation had taken quite a bit of air. Slowly she let the breath back out as she waited to hear what XN thought of the idea.

XN for his part pondered the suggestion then enthusiastically replied, "That is a very bright idea Miss Ziziya! And I am not just program to say that. It could be just indirect enough to avoid incurring CLA-C98's ire."

"Droid ire is among the worst out there," Thyssen sympathized.

XN agreed. "CLA-C98 can be quite formidable, when she intends to be, too..."

Ziziya nodded as a bright smile replaced the frown that had settled in comfortably throughout most of the conversation.

"I think you would probably be the best possible teacher for her, but it would have to be subtle no matter who tries to teach her, because of the positive feedback loop she stuck in and... Well... By the sounds of it... Her pride. I'm certain you could be of great help to C9, whom you care about so much!"

"Well, I am not certain about being the best, but I would certainly try. If I had the ability to blush this Ziziya, I'm sure I would be..." he said bashfully. "Your confidence is rather infectious."

Jumping back into the discussion, Thyssen asked, "What about speaking to this 'Director' about granting some C9 shore leave? The three of you could make a field trip of it; head down to the lower levels, and visit the refugee camps together."

Ziziya's smile widened even further as her idea was embraced. She turned to Thyssen, "So can that be done? Can you get the necessary programming modules and chassis improvements XN-395 would need, to be set up for that function?"

Eager to help, Thyssen made an offer. "There's a GSI store not too far from here. I can place the order now and have them deliver the parts within the hour, if you like."

Ziziya turned her attention back to XN, "What do you think? The decision is yours, of course. All up to you."

"Oh my. So much change... So quickly," XN was a little overwhelmed by how fast he had gone from helpless to playing a starting role in the solution. He stopped to consider it.

"Well, I need a function and it's not going to happen without some kind of nudge..." he nodded slowly as he made up his mind. "Yes, I will help the refugees and, perhaps, CLA-C98 as well."

Ziziya beamed and turned her attention back to Thyssen nodding eagerly, "I'll cover any cost. I'll work it out with Stell." The idea was already starting to fall into place.

"Then if you two will excuse me for just a few minutes, I'll need to raise my old contact in the warehouse district and let him know what's going on." Thyssen began working out how to pull off the unfolding caper. "They never throw any of their old surplus out, but it always catches 'em by surprise when someone orders a non-current product."

Ziziya gave Thyssen a hopeful smile and nodded in agreement.

XN nodded as well, "Of course."

As Thyssen turned to the side, Ziziya began discussing the next steps with  XN.

"Once you have your upgrades, I can teach you how the hydroponics equipment runs, XN-395. I have a bunch of hydroponics machines that I brought with me when I moved into the apartment here."

XN processed the idea, then replied "Hmm... I probably need a learning module as well then."

Ziziya nodded along, "That would make sense," she tapped the bar trying to get Thyssen's attention in the middle of his call. She mouthed, "learning module too..."

Thyssen smiled back and nodded. He was already a few steps ahead of the others and he had had them covered as well.

Events and Occasions / Final Feast of Prosperity RP
« on: 10/31/20, 10:40:41 PM »
Alright everybody, the end of the Feast of Prosperity approaches. I'll be there one final time for people to get their open world RP fix. :)

Daylight Savings will have done its thing by then so don't forget to adjust your clocks if you have to. I will be there starting at 8pm Pacific time.

Events and Occasions / Final Feast of Prosperity RP
« on: 10/31/20, 10:39:56 PM »
Alright everybody, the end of the Feast of Prosperity approaches. I'll be there one final time for people to get their open world RP fix. :)

Daylight Savings will have done its thing by then so don't forget to adjust your clocks if you have to. I will be there starting at 8pm Pacific time.

Events and Occasions / Final Feast of Prosperity RP
« on: 10/31/20, 10:37:19 PM »
Alright everybody, the end of the Feast of Prosperity approaches. I'll be there one final time for people to get their open world RP fix. :)

Daylight Savings will have done its thing by then so don't forget to adjust your clocks. I will be there starting at 8pm Pacific time.

Outside Realm / NanoWriMo 2020!
« on: 10/27/20, 11:09:51 PM »
Alright, the crazy is in full force! Despite all of the things that I have going on this year, I'm still going to try to do NanoWrimo.

I haven't done any of the official prep stuff but I found new books with some ideas on how to write stories and scenes that just might work for me. So this year I plan on writing a bunch of short stories starting with the first of C9's timeskip stories.

Here goes nothing! If any of the rest of you have been contemplating doing Nano this year, go for it! You lose nothing if you don't make 50k words and you may just complete a project if you do manage. :whee:

Everyone here has some kind of story in them, that's why you RP. Go ahead and take a chance at getting some of those stories out. :grin:

Cantina / [Interest Check] Feast of Prosperity Saturday RPs
« on: 10/10/20, 03:38:01 PM »
tl;dr Come RP in the event area during the new seasonal event to help bring in new faces and new RPs.


Ok time for an interest check! A new seasonal event will be starting up on Oct 20th and it seems like an excellent opportunity for us to rally together for RP. It's also a good time for some open world RP to remind people that there are still RPers on Satele Shan... us in particular!

As I've said to others, "New blood is the lifeblood of an RP community."

We need to get more new people coming in. So, who's with me? :grin:

For those that haven't been following news of the event, the Feast of Prosperity will be a new story-driven season event for fall. Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is the summer event and Life Day is the winter event.

Players will apparently get the chance to support one of two Hutts to guide the event towards being a truly charitable event or a shiny, goodwill front for making money. The event will come with story that unlocks each week along with mini games, typical event rewards, and a spiffy event area on the Promenade of Nar Shaddaa with lots of little bars and tables to sit at.


Here's the official description:

Over the years, the Hutt Cartel's reputation has taken a hit. The once powerful organization no longer instills respect and fear. To restore the Cartel's influence, two up-and-coming Hutts, Gaboorga the Abundant and Duuba the Magnanimious, are throwing the most lavish "charitable" banquet" in history for the Galaxy's underprivileged. And if the Cartel happens to advance their business interests during the Feast, everyone wins!

If Gaboorga and Duuba can cooperate, they could rocket the Cartel back into the upper echelons of the galactic underworld. But the Hutts conflicting priorities means they're constantly undermining each other. Each week a new story will unlock to progress this storyline, leading to the climactic choice during the third and final week. Gaboorga or Duuba? Only one Hutt can win, and the fate of the Feast of Prosperity is at stake. Choose wisely.

 - SWTOR October Events News Article


While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, the event looks like it could be a lot of fun. The mini games are not bad, there's missions including a worldboss ingredient hunt, and decos! I know you want tables with food on them... I know you do. :grin: Not to mention the food fight launcher ought to be fun.

So, if you are willing to tolerate potential trolls and hang out in the open for a while, let me know and please post suggestions in the thread. Also, keep in mind that legacy ignore is another QOL change in the works.

Cantina / Making it Clear We're on Satele Shan
« on: 08/12/20, 12:08:45 PM »
I kinda feel like we need a way to make it clear to newcomers that the community is on Satele Shan and that we're still kicking. We might not come up on searches as easily now that the server name has changed.

Any ideas?

Worldbuilding and Community / Worldbuilding Collab
« on: 07/24/20, 04:42:50 PM »
I don't suppose anyone is willing to help me with a little worldbuilding I'm working on? I have an idea for an interconnected backstory for some of my strongholds, something I may work into RP one day. The problem is that I can always start an idea but I usually get stuck somewhere in the middle. I'm stuck again.

In cases like this, I find that gathering questions and input from others about the lore I am working on helps me overcome my creative block. Would any of you mind helping me out like this? If you want to, please look over some of what I have come up with below and leave questions or comments. Repsonding to other perspectives will help me greatly.

If there is interest, I can also try adding in screenshots of the decorated areas although that's a work in progress too.


Gen Terras Station (Nar Shaddaa Stronghold)
Gen Terras is a space station located in neutral territory just outside Hutt Space that runs relief operations to worlds and people affected by the Zakuulan occupation. Though it is funded, staffed, and supports a variety of means and people, it is ultimately a humanitarian effort led by Davenrue Bon.

Key Features:
  • Formerly owned by Sebboja the Hutt
  • Welcomes all factions as long as they are not hostile while on the station
  • Hosts recruiters for smaller relief operations and miscellaneous jobs as long as it doesn't disrupt the relief work and the station gets its cut for operational fees.
  • Has it's own cantina and resident band: the Suns-set Star Jammers
  • Has dedicated areas: docks/meeting area, logistics, workshop, laboratory, cafeteria
  • Hidden secrets left behind by the previous owner
  • C9 works here

Sunrise Point Resort (Rishi Stronghold)
Sunrise Point is an upscale resort located on the planet Virai. It prides itself on its exclusivity but is currently in the midst of an image crisis. An uninvited, and unwelcome, refugee camp has been established nearby and it is ruining the views from some parts of the resort. However, the owner of the resort is not only obliged to tolerate this presence, they are even forced to occasionally appear to be supporting this colony by their discreet Patron, Sebboja the Hutt.

Key Features:
  • Seaside resort with reception hall and event venue.
  • Secure Vault
  • Sunny beach complete with concert stage and observatory
  • The Water Shrine attraction
  • Open Hands Market and Open Palms Cantina which allows guests to mingle and barter with some of the better off
  • refugees and "random traders" that pass through.
  • Security Checkpoint between the resort and the refugee camp
  • Arena for the entertainment of the guests and for finding refugees that may be more "useful"
  • Complimentary breakfast and all you can stand snobbery

The Dump Refugee Camp (Rishi Stronghold)
The dump is exactly what it sounds like, a dumping ground for those displaced by Zakuul's occupation. "residents" come from all over the galaxy and they all have two things in common. Zakuul robbed them of their lives and Sebboja robs them of everything else. All of the residents of the camp are beholden to the Hutt and often serve as a legitimizing front for some of his shadier operations.

Key Features:
  • Tent city
  • A single medical clinic to try to take care of the diverse needs to the refugees
  • Sebboja's hidden base, Mandalorian Mercenary camp, and communications center
  • Sebboja's restolen, stolen Zakuulan Carrier complete with restolen, stolen goods

Elix Darykon's Office (Coruscant Stronghold)
Elix Darykon is a republic business man who also has side dealings with Sebboja.

Key Features:
  • Executive offices
  • Spacious "breakroom" with room for catered meals
  • Various hidden backrooms for Elix's "side businesses"
  • Work with Sebboja
  • Don't get caught
  • ???
  • Profit!

Imperial Equivalent of Elix Darykon's Office (Dromund Kaas Stronghold)
Some kind of imperial equivalent areas

Outside Realm / NanoWrimo 2019!
« on: 10/31/19, 10:09:14 PM »
It's that time of year again everybody. :whee:

Sorry for getting a late start on cheerleading for the year, but this year things are hectic. Nonetheless, it is time to devote a little focus to getting out stories.  :grin:

Tomorrow is the first day, get out there and show those wordcounts who's boss!

Trouble and Feedback / BC.Org Downtime and Security Issue
« on: 10/11/19, 12:42:45 PM » < If you are hesitant to log back into the forum, try using the more secure https version of the url. It still has security issues but your browser shouldn't be concerned about your password being stolen. Please be careful to check the url of links you click though and maybe double check what personal info you may have on this site.

I'm not sure what happened, but I noticed that was down for a long time with a 500 (internal server error). While the site is back up, I've noticed that it's more insecure than it used to be.

Worldbuilding and Community / Stronghold Decorating One Offs
« on: 02/24/19, 02:21:32 PM »
I wanted to make a thread for one off stronghold decorating ideas that we come up with. These are not necessarily meant to hang around beyond getting the idea out of our heads, but we can share them here before we change to something else.

Sadly, I am missing finishing pieces, but oh well. I'll start us off.

Spoiler: Lounge • show

Spoiler: Wedding Location • show

Outside Realm / NaNoWriMo 2018!
« on: 10/29/18, 08:23:14 PM »
Ok, cutting it a bit close this year. However, just wanted to remind everyone that Nanowrimo is around the corner. You don't have to write 50,000 words or even everyday, but do write.

This year I will be focusing on my Themaya project. Although I have been silent on it, I haven't dropped it. I've been busy writing, scrapping ideas, starting over, and reading lots and lots of guides. I might just skip the companion interaction missions for the sake of progress and work mainly on the class missions.

Regardless, whatever your project, try your hand at picking it up and writing again. Remember, if nothing else, there's lots people in your position and we're all trying to get our words out too, but don't worry, we can do this. :whee: :cheer:

Events and Occasions / Soovada: The Party Strikes Back
« on: 06/26/18, 09:27:05 PM »
It's that time again everybody. Part Two! :whee:

Saturday, July 7th 2018
8:00pm Server Time/Pacific Time

The party will start on the balcony, the food court, to keep people from being too spread out and will move down to the party venue at the bottom should enough people accumulate. Dress up, show out, and have a good time. This is a casual, cross-faction, RP, social event. Open to all RPers so invite people from other communities if you can find them.

If you want to come Impside, Effet has the ability to invite. Pubside, Jessak can invite. Keys are available to anyone that would like one for future RPs.

IC Commercial here.

Stronghold listing here.

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