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SWTOR: Zero Hour [Part one]
« on: 05/11/21, 06:58:02 PM »
[Thanks to @Imazi For helping me fix this absolute @#$% show]

A quick lunging strike towards the head. A riposte that made him bend backward, tumbling legs over head to create distance. But quickly he was back upon it with swift and unrelenting swings of his lightsaber. Loud humming reverberated through the air and the sound of hot plasma colliding bounced off the metal walls. Nhym Versalla was an aggressive fighter, an unrelenting force that sought to overwhelm the target with sheer veracity.

With a tumbling leap, he bounded over the droid landing with a palm flat against the ground, sending out a wave of force that sent the droid skidding back across the plated floor. The  floor protested with a sharp screech and a small shower of sparks but it worked. The droid was off balance, and wide open. Nhym turned and flug his double-bladed saber, sending the Cyan blades in a wide spinning arc. It hit its target, separating the droid from its upper and lower chassis. It collapsed to the ground dropping its training blade to the ground with a clattering noise.

The saber returned to Nhym's hand and the blade disengaged. FSHHHHH-WHIP He stood up and the fair skinned man turned to face the younglings clapped off to the side clapped with excitement. Among them was his former Master, A red skinned Nautolin named Hyhatta. Nhym turned to face them with a smile on his face as he clipped the saber back to his hip. He always loved it when the padawans and younglings came by for demonstrations but today he was happy to see Hyhatta.
"Now students..." Hyhatta spoke calmly but sternly with the students. His voice flowed with kindness and a tone that could inspire an army. "I hope this demonstration inspires you to take your saber training seriously." The students all responded with a fervent "Yes Master Hyhatta."

"Good now, proceed to the far end of the sparring area so the class can begin." Hyhatta outstretched an arm to the side, and the students followed his direction. Once the young padawans had stepped away Hyhatta approached Nhym and smiled.

"You have a talent for showmanship."

"Well Master I learned from you master."

"You still insist on calling me master." Hyhatta chuckled and clasped a hand on Nhym's shoulder. "You were knighted 14 years ago."

"Just rendering respect where it is due master." Hyhatta removed his hand from Nhym's shoulder and turned to leave the sparring room. "Come, we have something to discuss." Nhym turned to catch up with his master as they left the room and entered the large stone hallways of the Jedi Temple.
Nhym was always in awe of the scale of the Jedi temple on Coruscant. No matter how many times he saw it. The tall pillars and arched doorways and the views of the coruscant Skyline always filled him with a sort of reverence.

"So you didnt come down to the sparring to check on your prodigy." Nhym words always dripping with a bit of snide and snark even as he spoke to someone he revered.
"A little, but I wanted to speak with you. About a...previous assignment."

"Is this about what happened on Rhen Var?" Nhym stopped and turned to face him. Nhym tried to calm his feelings but he knew that Hyhatta could feel it seeping through him.

"Rhen var, Alderaan, Ziost, Hoth..." As he listed Hyhatta's voice sank a little lower and the slight tinge of disappointment hung like a thin fog in the air.

"It was nothing. You of all people know that certain decisions have to be made on the battlefield."

"Of course but the holes in your reports are not encouraging."
Nhym went silent as he tried to think of something quick, maybe witty to say but nothing came to mind. He just stood there looking at his former Master, his steele blue eyes darting around leaving a silence dangling in the air.

"Nhym the council chose you to be a shadow. Which means they saw something special in you. But it also means that you have more contact with the Darkside than anyone else in the order. It's a very...treacherous assignment. The Council of First Knowledge just..."

"Their alarmists..." Nhym spat his words out quickly and defensively. Nhym had always had problems keeping his feelings under control. Inside he was offended that they even considered him worth the time. He was fine. He had even had a few outbursts in the past. But war changes everyone, no one is ever the same on the battlefield. But he knew that Jedi were supposed to be different. Though...even the best of them missed the mark.

"...they're always on the lookout for something. It comes with the territory that doesn't mean that..." Nhym froze mid sentence and looked at his master's black eyes. Hyhatta raised what passed for his brow and looked at Nhym quizzically. Nhym knew that look, he saw it plenty of times while he was his padawan. He was waiting for Nhym to catch himself. Nhym took in a deep breath and calmed the spout of annoyance in his belly. "I'm sorry, that was arrogant of me. Maybe I do need to take time to meditate on my...methods." Nhym's word were genuine and his master responded by relaxing and rubbing Nhym's shoulder. The master's smile returned with a chuckle. "You haven't changed since you were a child."

Nhym was about to speak up when another jedi approached the two. "Master Hyhatta, Master Zallow would like to speak with you." Hyhatta nodded at the Jedi before turning back to face Nhym. We will catch up some other time Nhym." Nhym nodded back at him as Master Hyhatta strode away down the temple hall. As he walked away Nhym's mind raced with memories of the battles he had faced. The allies he had lost...and the unlikely allies that he made. Nhym turned and walked away heading towards the archives. As the coruscant sunset, bathing the temple in a bright orange hue. He looked at the charms that dangled from his lightsaber. Only one thing came to mind: 'Kazehana'...
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Re: SWTOR: Zero Hour [Part one]
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If you were getting errors, it's because you have characters that the forum can't process.

The solution I found is to paste the text into notepad and save the file with ANSI encoding instead of UTF-8. Close the file and then reopen it. The special characters showed up as a black diamond with a question mark in it and it was easier to pick out what needed to be replaced. In my case, ellipsis made up the bulk of the problem. They need to be put in manually as three periods.
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Re: SWTOR: Zero Hour [Part one]
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