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Outside Realm / Re: So long and thanks for all the fish...
« on: 04/04/17, 11:24:24 PM »
Take care, Wymarc. The Force be with you!

Outside Realm / Re: Poems that Inspire
« on: 03/07/17, 12:21:11 PM »
A World of Singers

by Ralph Stevens

We live in a world of singers
and the song is loud or soft, sweet
or shrill, sometimes silent. But listen.
With a storm approaching someone
shelters a robin’s nest.
Another whistles to a black dog on the beach.
One laughs to herself, reading alone in the kitchen.
In the woodlot someone grunts as he swings the ax.
There’s the sound trees make
after the wind stops and there are those
who look into the eyes of nurses
coming off the night shift,
those greeting the undertaker when he arrives
with his unique instruments.
A man has just argued with his wife.
Now he stands alone on the dark porch,
watching the rain. One hums at the workbench,
carving a delicate bird (last night she
groaned with relief after a phone call).
One sighs as he imagines Odysseus
tied to the mast, and one
looks up when a bell rings
and a customer enters his shop.
One is astonished hearing the fox
bark its own peculiar song and one
just stands on the rocks,
listening to the sea.

“A World of Singers” by Ralph Stevens from At Bunker Cove. © Moon Pie Press, 2017.

Cantina / Re: Rogue One Spoiler Thread
« on: 12/16/16, 04:42:06 PM »
Loved it. Absolutely loved it, completely blown away by the second half.



Also, hi folks.

Outside Realm / Re: So long and thanks for all the RP
« on: 08/15/16, 06:36:59 PM »
Please take care, @Imazi!

May the road
rise up to meet you,
may the wind
be always at your back,
may the sun
shine warm upon your face,
the rains fall soft
upon your fields,
and until we meet again,
may the Force
be with you always.

Introductions / Re: Hi ya'll!
« on: 07/31/16, 08:16:49 AM »
Welcome Kitalye! It's great to see you here and we appreciate your stories and your presence!

It is definitely a very fun and intriguing MMO. Never did RP there, but there's a lot of neat things one could potentially do with RP there I can see.

If I had more time for various MMOs, I'd spend more time there. As it is though, I'm just a grandmaster user occasionally logging in to Secret World to see what's up, and play dress up ;)

People who like solving mysteries based on tiny, subtle clues that require you to do real life real knowledge research will like the quests there.

Cantina / Re: Into exile, I must go.
« on: 07/22/16, 05:17:05 PM »
May the Force be with you always, @Iaera.

Outside Realm / Archeage Land (non-SWTOR)
« on: 06/24/16, 03:25:15 PM »
Hey folks, some of you know I played a semi-sandbox MMO called Archeage for a bit back when it first launched. Well, after holding on to land for a good two years and paying a lot of subscription fees, I've come to the realization that I don't really want to keep paying for land in an MMO I don't play anymore.

So! I now have two lucrative plots of land to offer for any of you who also play Archeage in addition to SWTOR.

For those unfamiliar with Archeage, land is difficult to get for cheap in Archeage, and anyone who did not get land in the opening land rush basically has to pay an arm and a leg in game currency to get anything decent. Land is used for farming and thus creating resources for crafting.

If any of you currently play Archeage as a subscriber and would like my plots of land, I would be happy to give them to you free of charge. (Unfortunately free-to-play players who do not get themselves a subscription either via in-game money or via real life payments cannot own land).

The offer will stand for a few weeks, after which I will put the land up for sale to money-grubbing land-sharks. And nobody wants that! ;)

Please send me a PM if you're interested.

Cantina / Re: Dark vs. Light Event: Pre-Event Planning
« on: 06/24/16, 03:17:07 PM »
Sounds interesting!

Thanks for offering, Nicohlas, and thanks for highlighting the event!

I got a little bit bored fighting the same groups of droids in the same area for three-quarters of the chapter.

But!! I'm super excited about the SCORPIO-GEMINI stuff, or rather, intrigued. Can't wait for the next chapter.

I think Jedi-adventures would something that is fun for me personally, with where I am in terms of work and ability to put time into RP. As an overall theme for Republic/Jedi RP for groups, I also think shifting focus to more action and more events/adventurers is an appropriate and more engaging direction to go, as opposed to further more classic Jedi Nights. But I also realize providing non-stop action is an extremely time- and energy- consuming process, especially if high-quality, lore-adherent, and fun RP is desired for the participants.

However, I think that "teaching" isn't entirely out of the picture for this time period. I would imagine that continued combat training of various kinds - light saber combat, star fighter drills - remain acutely relevant, and in the absence of a greater Order, practical exercises of discussion of Jedi philosophy as applied to the current world remain highly important to retain the identity of who Jedi are (both IC to those who wish to preserve the ethos of the Order, as OOC'ly as an occasional thing to remind us we're playing Jedi and not just Generic Cool Space AdventurersTM).

Outside Realm / Re: Poems that Inspire
« on: 04/28/16, 09:14:44 PM »
Places to Return
by Dana Gioia

There are landscapes one can own,
bright rooms which look out to the sea,
tall houses where beyond the window
day after day the same dark river
turns slowly through the hills, and there
are homesteads perched on mountaintops
whose cool white caps outlast the spring.

And there are other places which,
although we did not stay for long,
stick in the mind and call us back—
a valley visited one spring
where walking through an apple orchard
we breathed its blossom with the air.
Return seems like a sacrament.

Then there are landscapes one has lost—
the brown hills circling a wide bay
I watched each afternoon one summer
talking to friends who now are dead.
I like to think I could go back again
and stand out on the balcony,
dizzy with a sense of déjà vu.

But coming up these steps to you
at just that moment when the moon,
magnificently full and bright
behind the lattice-work of clouds,
seems almost set upon the rooftops
it illuminates, how shall I
ever summon it again?

“Places to Return” by Dana Gioia from The Gods of Winter. © Graywolf Press, 1991.

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Newbie alert! / Nice to meet you.
« on: 04/24/16, 10:13:21 AM »
First of all, welcome, WookieeAtHeart! It's great to see you around! :)

As for the storylines, the Alderaanian Civil War doesn't feature prominently nor is it even mentioned in the expansions, as far as I've seen. I admit that I haven't explored every option, but I don't think you have to worry about any conflicts with your personal story.

There's a couple people in the community that RP as members of the Alderaanian nobility or have personal story ties to Alderaan. As long as in your personal story there isn't a cataclysmic change in lore (such as all of Alderaan being taken over by killiks or you becoming the King/Queen just because), you should be fine. I generally subscribe to this bit of the site guidelines:

The community together promotes a baseline continuity among its players to better foster a rich RP environment, set within the Galactic War following the collapse of the Treaty of Coruscant in a manner that allows the use of in-game content with RP (e.g. acknowledging the Dread Master Conflict). Any change to this continuity that would affect other players (e.g. an event that causes a geographical change on Balmorra) is expected to be given pause and considered carefully.

See you around! :)

Thankfully, this problem neatly goes away with the (in my opinion, correct) view of not "Force is Light vs Dark with a theoretical Grey," but rather that the Force is "Balance and Harmony vs Imbalance and Disharmony" with nothing really in between - either you're balanced or not, or you're harmonious or not. There's no sensible state of being "kinda balanced but also kinda not" or "kinda harmonious but also kinda not," - either you are or you aren't (there is no try!).

This is also how I see the Jedi Order viewing the Force. So from that perspective, on my Etirza playthrough she considered Satele as having fallen away.

Otherwise, I loved the little hopping balance wooden poles that were in Chapter XII. I just wish they could be accessible again so Jedi RP training could be done on them. :)

Also, for a little while there Darth Marr started sounding like Master Yarwin ( @recoveringgeek ) which I found hilarious. :D

Knight Etirza Koonto
statline: 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2

B: 3
A: 4
I: 2
C: 2
W: 2
P: 2

Also, this month I have a horrendous work schedule in general. So hopefully I can make it.

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