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Outside Realm / Archeage Land (non-SWTOR)
« on: 06/24/16, 03:25:15 PM »
Hey folks, some of you know I played a semi-sandbox MMO called Archeage for a bit back when it first launched. Well, after holding on to land for a good two years and paying a lot of subscription fees, I've come to the realization that I don't really want to keep paying for land in an MMO I don't play anymore.

So! I now have two lucrative plots of land to offer for any of you who also play Archeage in addition to SWTOR.

For those unfamiliar with Archeage, land is difficult to get for cheap in Archeage, and anyone who did not get land in the opening land rush basically has to pay an arm and a leg in game currency to get anything decent. Land is used for farming and thus creating resources for crafting.

If any of you currently play Archeage as a subscriber and would like my plots of land, I would be happy to give them to you free of charge. (Unfortunately free-to-play players who do not get themselves a subscription either via in-game money or via real life payments cannot own land).

The offer will stand for a few weeks, after which I will put the land up for sale to money-grubbing land-sharks. And nobody wants that! ;)

Please send me a PM if you're interested.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Troubled Waters
« on: 03/09/16, 09:20:39 AM »
On Felucia, at Urso's Healers Academy.
((Thank you for the prompt, @Jedibehr))

"What is it that brings you peace?"

Etirza glances up at the tan human woman who had spoken. She places a hand on her head, fingers rubbing the horns that ring her scalp, and answers, "I don't know, Knight Yue-ming. All I can think of is... home. But that's in the past."

"And what is home?"

Etirza doesn't answer. Her silence is filled with the thundering of the waterfall that cascades into the pool before them. Mists coat the nearby plant life in a glistening sheen.

Yue-ming rearranges her robes and sits down, cross-legged, on a slick flat stone next to Etirza. "You feel alone."

"I feel..." Etirza pauses. The tattoos on her crimson face shift as she knits her brows. "I feel like things are not as they were. The Order's scattered. Each Master has her own thoughts as to how to proceed. The Sith. The Zakuul. Alliances of convenience."

"And you, a Jedi Knight in your own right, do not have your own thoughts?"

"I do. But, what's correct?"

A smile crosses Yue-ming's face. She looks up. "Ten years I spent on Jojobo, cut off from the galaxy. Alone, I would gaze up at the stars in the night sky."

Etirza shifts and dips a hand into the churning pool before her. "The Force flows, I know. This is our life; we shouldn't need Masters or Councils to guide us, but-... You asked me what brings me peace."

Yue-ming nods.

Etirza inhales. "I find no peace in unthinkingly allying with the Sith, or delving into the Dark in order to fight the unknown that is Zakuul. I'm a Jedi, and our Order's traditions have brought us through the test of years to today. We defend, and we hold to the Light regardless of the convenience of easier ways. The Sith also oppose the Zakuulan oppression, but working alongside them, that's a very last resort, and a path that must be tread with care, if ever at all. I don't actively seek to embrace them, nor the Zakuul."

"A fair thought, Etirza. And yet, where does your conflict arise?"

Etirza exhales. She reaches into the Force, which swirls in eddies around her. Her mind's eye dives into the current and is carried into a field of stars: ships diving, flying, spinning out of control, exploding in flashes of glory and then fading around her until she and another remain alone in the speckled black.

As from a long distance, Etirza's voice replies, "So many of us have died. And many more will beside. Worlds are besieged. I fear the thoughts I hold bring more loss."

Yue-ming gazes at Etirza. "For yourself or for others?"

Etirza looks down, her eyes focusing once more on the churning waters, her voice less distant. "Others.... No--that would be a lie." She sighs. "Me as well."

"Then, take it from a fellow Knight who stands alone--not a Master, not a Councillor--a Knight, same as you: You know your fear, and you know your peace. You know the Force's flow."

"Yes, I guess?" Etirza pauses, then she asks, "Does the Force flow through different paths?"

Yue-ming stands. "What is your answer?" The human woman turns and departs, her footsteps drowned in the churning of the waterfall as she walks into the obscuring mists.

Outside Realm / The Study of Ignorance and Its Spread
« on: 02/10/16, 12:28:50 AM »
I stumbled upon this BBC article on agnotology recently. Very interesting, I think.

"Proctor explains that ignorance can often be propagated under the guise of balanced debate. For example, the common idea that there will always be two opposing views does not always result in a rational conclusion. This was behind how tobacco firms used science to make their products look harmless, and is used today by climate change deniers to argue against the scientific evidence."

Here is the article:

Outside Realm / Being Thirteen
« on: 02/03/16, 02:27:03 PM »
In 2015, CNN created a special report called Being Thirteen (#Being13) based on research data from a number of thirteen-year-olds across the United States whom they followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The special report can be seen here:

with a special page on the CNN site feature some of the findings from their study:

I think it's interesting watching the special report or just browsing through some of the articles on the special page.

In some sense, I think online gaming communities like ours predated, or rather maybe predicted, some of the issues and topics that have come to the forefront with the rise of social media in recent years. However, I think we sometimes face some of the same challenges and deal with the some of the same anxieties that many teenagers in the developed world now face with regards to their RL social circles as represented online.

Interested in what people think!

Outside Realm / Need Advice: Obtaining Film Screening Rights
« on: 01/02/16, 11:59:53 AM »
Hi everyone! So this question might be a little bit out of left field, but I was wondering: Does anyone have any experience on obtaining rights to screen a film in a public setting (such as a medical professional conference)?

The film I'm considering asking rights for is a Disney/Pixar movie, thus I understand there might be a high fee in order to get the permission. But the particular instance I'm seeking permissions for is really at a conference of professionals who would be greatly educated by its showing and subsequent discussions.

Does anyone have experience seeking rights in such a setting? By what routes should I approach this?

Here's to hoping someone knows something!  :halo: Please PM me or reply in this thread. Thank you!!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Flowers of Alderaan
« on: 11/11/15, 12:48:12 PM »
A cold wind blows through the needled trees, high up in the mountains.

Boots crunch in the crisp bright snow under a blue sky.

Sergeant Annave Raval walks into the small cemetery, where a smattering of grave markers rest, neatly trimmed, marked with the names of those newly and long dead from war.

With the breeze comes the scent of flowers from the fields of purple that surround the small memorial. Annave pulls her greatcoat closer to her. She closes her eyes, then opens them, her face tan beneath the sun.

Slowly, she walks along the markers, stopping and nodding at each in acknowledgement, making small talk.

"Hanna, Jorr's got a new haircut, but it'll never match yours." ...

"Blanket, your kid's growing tall, and she's got your knack with the holonet." ...

"How's it going, Shipper? Heh, don't answer that." ...

Annave stops at a round marker, kneeling. Unlike the others, this one does not have an insignia. She fishes out a savory pie from her coat and places it before the marker. She lights a stick of incense, jabbing it into the flesh of the pie.

The scent of gravy and crust and exotic fragrant spices co-mingle with that of the nearby flowers. Dark hair falls over Annave's face as she bows her head, hands resting against her lap. Her lips move. Curls of smoke snake up from the incense.

Minutes pass.

Annave opens her eyes, and beyond the marker stands a pureblood girl in tattered clothing who stares intently at her.

"I'm sorry," Annave explains, as she has explained many times before, her voice full of anguish.

The girl nods, bending to touch the pie, then looks behind her. A twi'lek man steps foward, then a human woman, then a rodian, all dressed in the colours and armours of the old unit, bearing their old wounds.

Tears roll down Annave's face. "I remember you," she chokes, "I could never forget. I see you when I dream and when I'm awake..."

The twi'lek places a hand on the little girl's shoulder and nods. The child begins to cry. It's a high wail, like the wind.

A violet petal drifts with the breeze and lands atop Annave's head. For a moment, the fragrances grow stronger. She blinks away the blur in her vision.

Beyond the round grave marker, there are only the snow and the meadows.

Annave reads the marker once more, head bowed:


The wind blows through the flowers of Alderaan, and Annave remains, kneeling on the leg she had lost, feeling the dull ache that remains.

Outside Realm / Out of town
« on: 08/21/15, 04:16:41 PM »
As FYI for everyone, I will be out of town for one week from this Friday night (Aug 21) to next Saturday (Aug 29). This means I won't have a presence in game at all, and I will have limited to no presence on the website as well. It also means I won't be present as @Artisan to help troubleshoot for the website upgrade occurring this weekend.

However, M3 has been the main architect and has it well in hand, and as mentioned we will be having new administration and moderation team members joining us with the website upgrade. Details will be announced with the implementation of the upgrade!

For those who have RP with me, I'm sorry for being absent but I'll be back next weekend after the road trip! Happy everything, everyone!

I'll see you folks after next week!

Events and Occasions / Jedi Enclave Round Table - Aug 13
« on: 07/30/15, 08:09:39 PM »
It's that time again, folks! It's Jedi Round Table for Jedi Night of August 13th! It will be held at the usual Jedi Night location in the Jedi Custodum guild stronghold.

If your Jedi has:

- a mission that needs more people or help
- updates on previous missions
- news that may need to be acted upon

... please sign up here if you're bringing up a topic, and post with the following details:

- The character who will be bringing the issue
- a very general / vague idea of what the topic will be, or if it's a secret, say it's something secret until revealed
- about how much time it may take. if no time is given, I will assume no more than 20 minutes on the topic as we want to make sure people have a turn.

For those who haven't been to this event before, it's something we've been doing the past few months and a good way to find an RP opportunity or to broadcast an RP opportunity among the Jedi and help people have a sense that things are going on.

Edit: This is happening August 13th, not the initial two incorrect date posted. I should just stop counting time...

Holocrons and Info Nodes / A Badge of a Kind (Etirza)
« on: 06/29/15, 09:39:43 PM »
Back at the Custodum stronghold medbay... while other Jedi strive against the machinations of Sith on Yavin:

"Steady now..."

Five pairs of hands bear a soggy body out of a kolto tank.

"Watch it! She's slippery! You'll drop--" THUMP. A sigh and a flurry of rustles. "Well... at least she seems all right. Lucky young lady, to survive a rancor."

The naked young Zabrak lies on the medbay table, asleep. The white-robed healers and their assistants surround her. Etirza breathes in and out, in and out... Her skin is bright and slick, her tattooed face almost oily under the harsh overhead lights.

"Is she ready for examination?" A lithe twi'lek steps up towards the table, her pale red lekku swaying with her steps.

The healers shuffle against each other to make room for the newcomer. The closest healer replies, "As ready as might be, Master Eswolyn." She presses a button, and Etirza's vital signs appear on the wall display.

Eswolyn nudges at her robe sleeves, revealing her slender red arms, which are pale in comparison to the crimson of the Zabrak's skin. She pulls on long sterile gloves, and the patient is carefully draped.

The Master starts her examination the head, prying open the eyelids and examining the green-flecked irises, the dark pupils. She studies the mouth, the throat, the bright white teeth. The neck is palpated, then the chest, rounded and glistening. She presses a sensor over the sternum: one set of heart beats, two... BOOM BA BOOM BOOM... BOOM BA BOOM BOOM.... Eswolyn reaches the abdomen--her hand rests on the right side, tapping expertly, compressing, feeling....  And then on the left, where it dips, and falls, and then is enveloped by the narrow wound... regrowing and long cauterized, but still open.

The twi'lek holds out her other hand. "I need a light." Her request is immediately fulfilled, almost as if anticipated. Eswolyn shines the beam into the open cavity. She sees a dark mass, black and red pulp surrounded by burnt tissue, newly granulated. Her hand rests on the mass, and she closes her eyes, flicking off the light.

The chamber is silent for a long time. The healers and their assistants stand quiet and expectant. Eswolyn appears still as stone.

Finally, she draws a breath. "The spleen is clotted. She is fortunate that the branch to the stomach is still viable."

"But the kolto and the Force--"

"Cannot remake what is already gone."

"So." A pause. "It will come out then."

"Nothing we haven't seen many times before... my friends." Eswolyn smiles slightly, sadly. She pulls off the long sterile gloves.

"Let us bring her to the operating theatre."

Five pairs of hands lift the young Zabrak, who opens her eyes groggily. She finds the twi'lek. "What... is happening, Master Eswolyn?"

Eswolyn dips her head gently, then she leads the healers out of the chamber as she murmurs, "You're passing a Trial, Padawan Koonto."

Holocrons and Info Nodes / The Broken Egg
« on: 05/02/15, 11:37:06 PM »
Sleight of Hand

((Thanks much to SmugCo folks for participating in the event that informed this post! Hope this brings you some answers, if not all!))

Aboard The Splinter, a light freighter heading slowly toward the capital ship The Exodus. Above the planet of Ialdon.

Captain Shilee Rhees stands before the holocom, head bowed as the image of the Matriarch of Culture studies a solid aurodium spear in her hands.

The Matriarch, an elderly dark-skinned woman with dreadlocks, murmurs softly, "Yes... Yes this is the Sacred Finger of the Presence that was lost many months ago." She smiles and dips her head. "Well done, Captain Rhees."

Shilee smiles as well, her dark cheeks dimpling. She bears a remarkable resemblance to the Matriarch of Culture in bearing and hairstyle, although she appears much younger. "Matriarch Rhees, I am happy to have helped in this holy endeavour."

The Matriarch leans forward, murmuring, "I would have preferred that outsiders not be involved in this matter. Presence knows that Matriarch Gomasi will be bringing this before the High Matriarch once more." She pauses. "But we--I--trust in your judgment... Shilee. I am proud of all that you have accomplished on behalf of Ialdon and of the Fyd."

The Captain colours slightly, clearing her throat. "Thank you, Matriarch."

"I could have no finer granddaughter."

Shilee clears her throat again. "Thank you, Matriarch."

The Matriarch notes the Captain's discomfort. She smiles sadly, sighing. Then she asks, "How did it come to be that you paid them so much aurodium? That is half a month's refinement from the Hodamor mines, all told together."

Shilee looks up, seizing upon the change in subject. "They did good work, Matriarch. They survived an incursion into the mountains with only a few casualties and a broken drum. Best of all, the issue of mountain people independence is not revived, because all the attention is on -the outsiders- as intruders. They risked their lives for the sake of the Fyd, whether or not they knew it. I think that deserves good payment."

"And what if they bring more outsiders?"

"Outsiders already have been to Ialdon, Matriarch. This is not a tide we can stem indefinitely."

"By the grace of the Presence we will-"

"And what if the Presence meant for us to be found?" Shilee's half-yells this at the holocom. She catches herself and dips her head. "I'm sorry, Matriarch. That was not my place-"

"It's quite all right, Captain Rhees." The Matriarch of Culture smiles thinly. "But you are correct. On matters of the Presence's speaking... I think you should defer to the Matriarchs." She sighs. "Have you made sure they will not return to Ialdon?"

Shilee keeps her head down. "I have made sure to put all flights at high alert for their approach in the future."

"Very good. And the mountain people?"

"According to Commander Hale on the ground, they are marching down the mountain and skirmishing with the foothill communities, as per usual. But their indiscriminate violence will only turn the populace further against them."

"Good. Good." The Matriarch closes her eyes for a moment. "Very good. Well, that is all, Captain Rhees. You deserve a well-earned rest."

"Thank you, Matriarch." Shilee passes a hand before her eyes, pressing her palm to her chest, then she closes the link. With a sigh, she draws back her dark hood, allowing her full head of dreadlocks to spring into shape.

Shilee turns, watching her crew work. Her face is smooth but clenched with worry.

She walks up to a crew member. "Wipe the outsiders' registrations from the watch list. Place them instead on the trusted records." She continues walking, tapping the communications tech on the shoulder. She leans down and whispers in his ear. "Tell the Queen Bee that there are no suspicions. Her new drones are safe from scrutiny for now. And the worker bees will continue bringing nectar unseen."

Captain Shilee Rhees straightens, gazing out the viewport toward The Exodus, her capital ship, which approaches slowly as they fly.

She says in a louder voice so that all her crew can hear, "And now, we return to the ever-watchful defense of our Ialdon, which is the duty of this Navy. May the Presence always keep her safe..." She smiles wryly, "And keep her hidden from outside eyes..."

Outside Realm / Interpersonal Effectiveness
« on: 04/29/15, 06:29:25 PM »
Hi everyone, I decided to make this thread as a tool in interpersonal effectiveness for the community, particularly in light of our recent emphasis on open communication with one another in this community -- in order to make sure that we are understanding one another, showing empathy, appropriately making our individual thoughts and wishes known to one another, and in general helping the community be a welcoming and comforting place for those present.

As some of you may know, I am a physician by trade with particular emphasis on psychological well-being. Generally, I try to keep work as work, and leisure as leisure, and my role in this community has little to do with my work. However, I feel like if there was anything from my work that could help better the community that I am part of, my desires to have boundaries between work and leisure should not prevent me from providing tools to the community to assist in communication and interpersonal well-being.

The posts following this one will outline various skills and techniques that can be used to facilitate clear, assertive, yet non-aggressive communication between individuals. A good portion of it is drawn from the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy's interpersonal effectiveness module, and some portions are from other sources. Many of these resources are used across the US and the world to help people communicate with one another effectively. My hope is that they can also be tools in our interactions with one another in this community!

Without further ado, the tools in the following posts:

Events and Occasions / Jedi Enclave Round Table
« on: 04/26/15, 07:37:23 PM »
Given @Aolanni 's very brilliant idea for the upcoming Jedi Night at the Jedi Custodum Stronghold--that it be used for a round table for current issues including still open plots--I have created a sign up thread for those who would like to bring forward their issue/concerns!

Please note that there will likely be multiple people who will be bringing forward their concerns, so this sign up is not for someone who wishes to give a long lecture or do something that will take a long time. The issues will be problem-based. For those who have attended Imperial War Room, the round table discussion will be something akin to that in format, with the Custodum Masters as moderation.

The signup above is for those who are bringing forward issues for the round table. Once you sign up, please also make a post with a brief summary of what you're going to be talking about (you don't have to go into details, just give us an idea) and if there might be a time-consuming component please let us know as well.

I'm shooting for this starting around 7pm Server Time.

There may also be something that may or may not happen after the discussions are complete.

Thanks again, Aolanni, and hope this'll be fun!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / An Unexpected Delivery
« on: 04/15/15, 07:40:12 PM »
A large crate is delivered to Tython without return address and placed outside of Ilireth's cell. On the crate is written only the following:

To Darth Vex, for his enjoyment while imprisoned. Do be kind, will you?

On customs inspection, the crate is found to contain a number of paintings of the landscapes of various planets, including Taris, Dromund Kaas, Oricon, and Tatooine. The style is impressionistic. There are no other items.

(( @Bolas ))

Events and Occasions / Initiate/Padawan Tournament
« on: 03/19/15, 08:59:22 PM »
The Padawan/Initiate Tournament is now set for April 25th 2015! I am shooting for 5pm server time (PST). Please sign up if you would like to participate. This will occur in game!

Once you sign up, please make a post with some vital info on your character, by the format below:


Character Name:

Character Rank (Initiate or Padawan):

Master (If you have one):

IC Role (Sage, Guardian, Sentinel, Shadow, Other, None):


Quote from: Original Post
I know this idea has been thrown about for a while now since we had the first one a year and a half ago. If the Custodum held such an event, would there be Padawans or Initiates who would be interested in participating? No date set yet as it depends on interest and who's participating and their availability. Tentatively, given our packed RP docket so far, I'm predicting mid-April at earliest.

@Jedibehr, I know that you had wanted to do this again. I'm just bringing the idea on the table again.

Here is the description of Urso's first tournament, and I think the purpose would be something similar, if there are a lot of Padawans/Initiates seeking to pair up with a Knight, or just test their skills.

Quote from: Jedibehr
The Padawan Tournament is the traditional place where the Padawans would go to show off what they had learned in order to be paired with a master or knight for training.  I would propose a server wide Padawan tournament for those interested in finding a master for their RP padawans and what not.  I think this would be an excellent way to increase Jedi RP on the server and help some people who may want to RP this aspect of their characters.

Anyone interested, please post here.

Outside Realm / Vulnerability: a TED talk
« on: 03/18/15, 09:22:26 PM »
I saw an interesting TED talk today given by Brené Brown about Vulnerability, and I found it really interesting and helpful for me. The talk does not have anything directly to do with gaming or Star Wars, but I think the message can be helpful for everyone, and in some senses applies to the sense of vulnerability we feel sometimes when we put ourselves out there to roleplay, or just join any community in general, including this one.

Hope you enjoy! It's about 20 minutes long, and the woman is a wonderful speaker.

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