Jorre Trhan's Clinic  (Views: 712)

Author Author: Vai on 09/18/14, 10:17:32 AM
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Location: Nar Shaddaa
In-Game Name: Jorre's Galactic Stronghold
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Rin'sane, Aitome, Alec'temar

A free clinic open to any and all on Nar Shaddaa (and those with a holocom and the good doctor's frequency), Trhan's clinic was opened with one thing in mind: Helping the Helpless. No charge is ever given to a patient, and if they can't come to him, he will gladly go to them.

Assisting the doc in stock and operation are Rin'sane and Jedi Aitome Da'boda, along with her trainee Padawan Alec Temar.