The Fallacy of War  (Views: 268)

Author Author: SquigglyV on 09/15/18, 12:46:22 PM
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Location: Yavin 4
In-Game Name: Qelian Saida's Republic Sanctuary
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Lyara Idros, Serama

The Fallacy of War is a civilian Griffon-class patrol cruiser upgraded with military-grade equipment and used as an unmarked spy vessel by the Republic Navy. It serves as a mobile listening post and staging ground for covert operatives working outside Republic space, able to insert and extract troops undetected due to its appearance as a generic patrol craft rather than a conspicuous Republic military ship.

The vessel's internal space is mostly taken up by a large hangar, with a landing pad on the top which can be retracted and shielded to safely stow away ships during interstellar travel. Rooms necessary for conducting military operations such as the bridge, operations room, and armoury are clustered near the front of the ship on the upper levels, while areas such as bunks and the mess hall are on the decks directly below.

The Fallacy is based out of a civilian port on Mantessa near one of the planet's small cities. A recent naval battle has left deep scars and scattered shipwrecks across the surrounding area, so scavengers and explorers are a common sight outside of the port's restricted zones. Republic military personnel in the area are expected to keep a low profile so as to prevent drawing attention towards the vessel.

This stronghold is unfinished, but I can still hand out keys if anyone wants to look or use the few finished rooms for RP!