Va'ara Kelsin-Qardaak Memorial Wayport  (Views: 774)

Author Author: Alumar on 09/17/14, 06:42:49 PM
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Location: Coruscant
In-Game Name: Va'ara's Galactic Stronghold
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Smuggler's Coalition Members

Somewhere far on the fringes of known space, orbiting a little known barely habitable world, and tucked behind the natural glow of an expansive, brilliant orange nebula, and the dark haze of a nearby asteroid field, lies a simple, sizable wayport owned exclusively by the valiant and motley members of the well known Smuggler's Coalition.

Originally known as 'Harriet's Hill,' after the original owner who still resides aboard and serves the best damn home-cooked meals, the station was liberated by members of Smug-Co nearly a year ago from a band of local pirates an roughians. Since, the organization has moved in and turned the station around into a thriving fringe port, and well appointed warehouse and wayport, marking the first way-stop in the long route from known space to their secret colony of refugees and rescued slaves in the deep fringe.

The station itself is sizable enough to harbor nearly the full Coalition fleet, and boasts a phenomenal docking system & repair bay, as well as ample accommodation for the weary pilots and travelers passing through to stretch and relax. It also has ample freshwater, foods and produce in trade from the basic though sizable farming settlement on the uncharted planet below, who have a steady trade deal with the Coalition in exchange for protection.

The core of the station is what people see when entering the stronghold. It features a memorial foyer with tree, conference room with extensive holo-com connections for the widely sprawled Coalition fleet, control room, sizable warehouse, living quarters for Coalition pilots, med bay, and Executive suite & office. And of course, the jewel of the station, 'The Air-Lock' cantina, where many a pilot can let off steam, dance on the stage, and dither their paychecks away at the tables.

(Of side note- the warehouse is also home to the last animal the Coalition ever transported before changing policy, a sizable Bantha named 'Bo', that came as a side payment from an insistent Jawa. Harriet refuses to give up the beast and has adopted it as her personal pet. Much to many a pilot's chagrin, as it's spittle range is astounding.)

IC- the stronghold as a whole stands as this private Smug-Co 'Port-Nowhere' type station. OOC- it is a gift to the Smuggler's Coalition to use as they need, and they are free to invite any they choose and re-purpose the richly decorated rooms for misc. sets as they see fit, for whatever plots they choose.

Additional keys for Smug-Co members are available by appointment.