Yavin 4 Base: Omicron  (Views: 790)

Author Author: Mourne on 10/22/17, 01:52:55 AM
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Location: Yavin 4
In-Game Name: Ferrex's Galactic Stronghold
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Publicly Listed

While he considers his ship to be his first home, these old temple ruins and the surrounding land was gifted to Ferrex by Darth Marr for his instrumental role in the battle on Yavin 4 to stop Revan. What started as a retreat - a home away from home - the entire complex was eventually converted into a base that serves as a staging area for military operations supporting his ally, Darth Mourne. The result of his affiliation with the Empire, the development was mutually agreed upon and provides the added benefits of extremely high security and privacy that he now enjoys.

To put it bluntly, the base is a fortress, and is protected from orbital bombardments by a shield dome powered by a Rakata generator. It also includes an anti-aircraft turbo laser defense system that precludes anything less than an air assault by a full wing, and anti-vehicle/anti-personnel weapon batteries that would make any ground assault almost too costly to contemplate. In addition to the platoon of Imperial troops garrisoned here comprised of both infantry and mechanized units, the base is also guarded and patrolled by squads of Mandalorian Clan Lok shock troops loyal to Ferrex. Finally, you'll find a small contingent of Revanites and Massassi maintaining a small camp on the outskirts of the base; a handful of surviving remnants from Revan's army who swore fealty to Darth Mourne rather than face execution. If that's not enough reason to avoid this place, an Annihilation Droid is stationed on the base as a final "scorched earth" measure to ensure the base never falls into enemy hands.

Although this beautiful, sprawling complex is positioned on a mountain with a majestic view of the landscape below, the base itself offers little in the form of comfort, aside from the generous personal quarters set aside for Ferrex and Darth Mourne for whenever either of them decide to visit. Part of the original retrofit design, the main temple complex houses a galactic trade hub that includes bounty terminals for both the Republic and the Empire. In fact, many of the accent decorations there reflect the mercenary nature of a Bounty Hunter. Additionally, the complex offers a cozy cantina where the troops often relax when off duty. Sharing the parade grounds with the military formations are representatives from the Jawa Trade Federation, offering their wares to the discerning customers amongst those stationed or visiting the base, but expect no discounts from those shrewd, little scoundrels!

Compliments of a close, personal friend in Imperial Intelligence, the base is not registered with Imperial Logistics so as to maintain its relative secrecy and autonomy. In the unlikely event that the base is discovered and overrun or destroyed, a medical complex lies hidden in an easily defended secret cave. At the opposite end of the cave system, a single Corellian Stardrive (Stealth model) patiently awaits, prepared as an emergency escape plan.