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Location: Nar Shaddaa
In-Game Name: The Orchestra
Stronghold Type: Guild
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Meagan, Alexandra, Medley, Sariyah, Consonance

The Republic Naval Service ''Orchestra'' is a ''Valor''-class heavy cruiser that has undergone extensive modifications and operates as a non-militarized hospital ship. While she has retained most of her weaponry, they are strictly for defensive purposes, and may not be used in combat unless given direct orders from Republic Fleet Command.

While she operates under the order of the Republic, the ''Orchestra'' is officially part of the Free Spacers Fleet, the result of a diplomatic outreach mission to maintain the historic relationship between the two Fleets, and to further her image as a neutral, non-combatant vessel.

The ''Orchestra'' is also the port-of-call for the Republic Air Wing ''[[Song Squadron]]'', acting as the carrier and base of operations for the five ships. The Squadron not only supports the ''Orchestra'' defensively, its presence serves as a further deterrent against any would-be attackers. Song Squadron also supports starship emergency recovery operations, with its two ''Warcarrier''-class bombers providing field repairs to disabled or damaged ships, while its starfighters provide supporting air cover.

== History ==

The ''Orchestra'' was originally commissioned as the Republic warship ''Varactyl'', and was deployed in various skirmishes against the Empire during the Galactic Cold War. It saw limited combat during those times, and was generally used to defend the Core Worlds against the potential of attack.

When the Eternal Empire began its campaign to subjugate the entire galaxy, the ''Varactyl'' was pressed into regular combat. While her crew was trained to Republic standards, their lack of battle experience proved near-fatal. During the war for Alderaan, the cruiser was nearly destroyed. Her crew abandoned ship, and the ''Varactyl'' was set adrift, where it remained lifeless.

Several years after the defeat of the Eternal Empire, she was discovered by the Free Spacers Fleet, which was on a routine supply mission to Balmorra. Captain Vash Qu'or of the Free Spacers command vessel ''Hydian Breaker'' had the derelict ship towed to Corellia, but rather than return it to the Republic, as per protocols governing ship salvage, he had her docked at a neutral, hidden ship yard on the outskirts of Coronet City, unsure of what to do with it, but potentially seeking profit.

The ''Varactyl'' remained in dry dock on Corellia for close to two years, until Vash revealed her presence to his niece, [[Meagan Elariel]]. It was star-sent. Meagan had been desperately searching for a new port-of-call for ''Song Squadron'', as well as a home for her and her sisters, [[Alexandra Elariel]] and [[Medley Elariel]], free from the influence and control of the Jedi Council. Meagan, along with Arin Xaan, began to raise the necessary funding to undertake repairs to the ship, determined to make her space-worthy again.

However, a substantial obstacle laid in her path: the cruiser was technically illegal salvage, and while the Free Spacers Fleet could easily disavow any knowledge of the ship, there remained a risk that the Republic Fleet would seize the vessel. Meagan and Alexandra worked on a plan: give the Republic a compelling reason to allow the cruiser to serve alongside the Free Spacers Fleet.

== Conversion to a Hospital Ship ==

Up until that point, Meagan had been bound to service delivering medical and food supplies to the Jedi Council on Tython, while simultaneously leading Song Squadron against incursions by the Sith Empire. With the galaxy virtually depleted of life-sustaining resources, and war again escalating across the galaxy against the Empire, the Republic had three simultaneous and pressing needs: (1) a reliable and steady supply of medical provisions; (2) a mobile medical treatment facility that could be rapidly deployed to "hot zones" such as Iokath; and (3) a quick-response starfighter squadron that could be launched with little preparation in defense of Republic interests from Imperial attacks.

Meagan's plan fulfilled all three needs, and while she leveraged her contacts within the Republic Fleet, Alexandra pleaded their case with the Jedi Council. While they initially met considerable resistance from both groups, they could not deny the merit of the plan, and reluctantly agreed. Meagan was given provisional approval to take command of the cruiser, but both the Fleet and Council placed several stringent conditions on that approval.

Repairs and modifications began that very day, and within a month, the cruised was towed from dry dock on Corellia and joined the Free Spacers Fleet, where the full conversion from a battleship to hospital ship began. Once she was spaceworthy and deemed safe for her crew, the cruiser welcomed Song Squadron and her medical staff.

With all of the crew aboard, they held a commissioning party on the bridge of the ship. It was during this gathering that Medley Elariel christened her, the ''Orchestra''.

== Crew ==

=== Command Staff ===
* Commanding Officer: Admiral [[Meagan Elariel]]
* 1st Captain and Chief Medical Officer: Master [[Alexandra Elariel]]
* 2nd Captain and Chief of Flight Operations: Master [[Medley Elariel]]

=== Bridge Personnel ===
* Commander: Captain Vash Qu'or
* Navigation Officer: Lieutenant Garea
* Communications Officer: Ensign Libretta
* Sensor and Weapons Operations: Sariyah Ti

=== Ship and Hospital Management Personnel ===
* Manager, Ship Operations and Supplies: Lieutenant Arin Xaan
* Manager, Hospital Operations and Archives: Consonance
* Chief Nursing Officer: Fathania
* Commanding Officer, Republic Garrison: Major Evany

== Medical Operations ==

The ''Orchestra'' is a fully-equipped critical care facility. Medical operations are led by Master Alexandra Elariel, an experienced trauma care physician who previously worked in the Emergency Room at Coruscant General Hospital. She is complimented by a full team of nurses, radiologists, medical droids, and other medical support personnel.

The specifics of medical services provided are:

=== Patient Capacity ===
* Inpatient and Recovery Room beds: 75
* Intensive and Trauma Care beds: 12
* Operating Room beds: 5
* Total patient capacity: 92

=== Departments and Facilities ===
* Intensive Care Unit
* Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
* Medical Laboratory
* Emergency and Intermediate Surgery
* Infectious Disease Containment and Treatment
* Morgue and Medical Pathology
* Sterile Surgical Processing

Additional, more specific medical services can be added depending on the requirements of specific missions.

== Flight Operations ==
There are three flight wings assigned to the ''Orchestra'':

* '''Song Squadron''': provides ship defense for the ''Orchestra'', emergency space repairs for damaged or disabled ships, and starfighter support for the Republic Fleet
* '''Liberty Squadron''': four ships on loan from the Free Spacers Fleet and composed entirely of ''Clarion''-class starfighters, provides enhanced sensor capabilities and battlefield command-and-control
* '''Mercy Squadron''': ten ''Fortitude''-class shuttles, converted to emergency medical transports, these ships provide ambulance support for the ''Orchestra''

== Additional Services ==

The ''Orchestra'' also offers access to holomail, the Galactic Trade Network, banking and financial services, and various vendors that have been deemed necessary to support regular ship operations. There is also a combination library/archive modelled after the Jedi Archives on Tython, and a secondary hangar for receiving visiting ships.