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Location: Dromund Kaas
In-Game Name: Imperial Theatre Galactic Stronghold
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Mei'li, Ke'rii, Ekaterina Koshkova, Sergei Koshkov, Elisabeta Koshkova, Katia Koshkova

The Imperial Theatre, located east of Kaas City, is the premier location for the finest in Imperial art and expression. Experience the drama and music of the top performers from the critically acclaimed Koshkov School of Arts.


Main Hall

The Imperial Theatre has two proscenium stages. Stage One, the main stage, is located downstairs and can seat a large audience (max capacity: 35). This stage produces larger productions and features the company's more well-known performers. While the upstairs theatre is smaller (max capacity: 11), it is still equipped to handle full scale productions.

Theatre 1

Theatre 2

Seating Chart: Theatre 1
Seating Chart: Theatre 2

Dance, music, comedy and drama! The theatre offers something for everyone! We even have a newly remodeled snack bar and party room. Stop by today to view our list of upcoming productions at the ticket booth located in the main lobby.


Snack Bar



While The Imperial Theatre is proud to present top productions, the heart of what we do lies behind the scenes. The theatre is home to the Koshkov School of Arts Dance Academy. Stop by our main office and inquire today about our courses. We offer coursework in dance, drama, script writing and production engineering from construction to sound to lighting. Special travel permits, work and student visas may be required for non-Imperial citizens. Boarding is offered for students traveling from long distances.

Contact Director Sergei Koshkov or Ekaterina Koshkova for an appointment. For inquiries in the Republic, please contact Elisabeta Koshkova.

Administration Office

Dance Studio


Student Lounge

Behind the Scenes

((OOC: The theatre is mainly private or by key request, however when there is a production going on the stronghold will be listed publicly and will make every attempt to include Republic players (either by Imp-side alts, or me personally hopping to the Republic to let players in). While this is mainly for social events, anyone can RP there if they want to, just ask. Stronghold includes mailbox, gtn, cargo, legacy cargo, and guild bank. Primary contacts-- Imperial: Mei'li, Ke'rii, Ekaterina Koshkova, Sergei Koshkova ; Republic: Elisabeta Koshkova))