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Location: Coruscant
In-Game Name: Sun Oracle's Chamber of Truth
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Niarra (Pub), Derrad (Pub), Sun Oracle (Pub), Heizar (Imp)

The Oracle's Den is a combination resort and night club that caters to a high class of clientele. It features many amenities to serve and satisfy its patrons, including a lounge, a garden and spa, a beauty salon and massage parlor, a market, a club dance floor, and several private venues that can be booked for social or business meetings.

But the Den's most famous attraction is the Oracle herself: a mysterious and romantic figure who advises the well-connected and the wealthy by telling them what she sees of their destiny. Booking a session with the Oracle is not cheap, and her waiting list is often months long. Most who visit the Den never have a session with the Oracle, but even those who come only to dance the night away at the club might catch a glimpse of her occasionally, leaving an air of mystery in her silent wake.

Undesirables are weeded out at the entrance by the rather steep door fee. One need not be wealthy (strictly speaking) to get in, but one must still be willing to pay for a pricey night out - meaning that most folks at the Den are either comfortably monied, or willing to pay beyond their means for the privilege of hob-nobbing with the well-to-do. But as is the way of the world, door fees are often discreetly waived for those with the proper connections or the proper degree of fame.

All weapons are checked upon entrance, and any weapons purchased at the market can be collected only upon your departure. Security at the the Den is discreetly invisible, but nonetheless quite present and efficient; between the automated systems and the plain-clothes security staff mingling with the guests, incidents are very few and far between. Guests who cause trouble are dealt with severely, and never permitted to enter the establishment again.

The Oracle's Den is located on the planet Andros, a Mid Rim world located just inside the Republic line of the Treaty of Coruscant's border. It is not, however, currently a member world of the Republic, and the government's official stance is one of total neutrality. Imperial traffic is common, and the Republic has very little official presence anywhere in the system. Andros's history of the last few centuries is troubled: it was previously a Republic world that was conquered by the Sith during the Second Sith War, and was one of the last worlds to regain its independence from Sith remnant forces after the fall of the Star Forge; its economy took a long time to recover and Andros never rejoined the Republic afterwards. It has since struggled to establish itself as a world of note in the Mid Rim, championing the idea that their neutrality will make them an ideal hub for entrepeneurs who don't wish to have their hands tied by political red tape.

The Den is managed by a Cathar by the name of Heizar - an exceedingly large and exceedingly gregarious proprietor who prides himself on treating personally with all guests of significance to his establishment. He counts among his friends and connections many influential and wealthy figures. Any rumors that he comes from a criminal syndicate background are of course totally unsubstantiated, and in such troubled times one can't reasonably expect to keep all shady business dealings out of the establishment; after all, what private customers want to do with their privately rented rooms is their own business. Scandalous speculation and rumors are of course unfortunate, but do, after all, give a thrill to a certain breed of socialite party-goer...

((ICly, this stronghold is cross-faction. That being said, it is a Coruscant stronghold, which means it will never be able to be publicly listed for Imperial faction characters. However I am happy to get online with an Imperial alt and give silver keys to any Imperial players who might want one, allowing them to invite others as needed.))

((Special thanks to Imazi for helping me out with formatting tips to make a beautiful SH listing.))

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The Oracle's Den

Lobby and Foyer

Guests awaiting their turn to be welcomed and processed through security are able to relax in the pleasant entrance lobby, with complimentary refreshments provided. The gracious hostess will insure that the staff knows the purpose of your visit to be better prepared to anticipate your needs. Once all due process has been taken care of, guests check any weapons and pass through the security scanner before entering the club proper.

Public Areas - Lounge, Market & Salon

For dining, drinks, and some time at the gambling tables or slot machines, visit the Lounge. All guests receive a modest stack of complimentary gambling chips, which can be exchanged for a complimentary beverage of choice for those who do not wish to try their luck. Though the dining menu is limited to only a small selection of chef's daily specials, the food is excellent and sure to satisfy the sophisticated palette.

For those who'd like to experiment with the latest fashion trends or indulge in some pampering, the salon offers a wide variety of massage options, cosmetic treatments (including skin tinting), a quick-tanning platform, and hair styling services provided by the most cutting edge barber droids available on the market (guaranteed to style your hair to perfection in a fraction of the time an organic barber would need; get a fresh style in minutes before popping up to the dance floor).

The market of course offers any item you might need to enhance your evening out, but most of the vendors here cater to larger purchases to be delivered direct to guests at a later time, or collected upon departure. The newest and most popular in weapons, armor, droids, vehicles, and starships can be purchased here - all free of Republic or Imperial tax codes, of course.

Garden and Spa

The gardens and spa are open to all guests, but can be reserved for private parties. Relax and socialize here, enjoying services from the local bar, or book some time in the spa for the ultimate indulgence (pool side refreshment service and massage provided).

Dance Club and Oracle's Chamber

The Den's night club area is primarily a dance floor known as the Red Room (for obvious reasons). The music is loud (perfect sound-proofing protects the nearby rooms) and the atmosphere designed for maximum transcendental experience. Droids pass through to collect and deliver refreshment orders (and occasionally offer medical assistance to those who have partied a little too hard).

The Oracle's audience chamber is accessed through the Red Room, but dedicated staff and security insure that only those with proper appointments pass those doors. The audience chamber is organized to put full focus on the Oracle and her distinguished patron. All readings are done in total privacy (excepting for the Oracle's mute security), to insure confidentiality for her clients.

Private Rooms - Parlor, Business, Bedroom Suite

Beyond the Oracle's audience chamber are three private rooms that can be booked in advance (and always carefully scheduled around the Oracle's appointments) by patrons in good standing with the Den. These rooms include a parlor for social meetings, and a room fully furnished for business power meetings (including conference table and all the latest in holonet technologies). There is also a bedroom suite that can be booked for the right price, but only on days when the Oracle is not in residence; when she is, the bedroom suite is her personal sanctuary.

((This stronghold was designed with the express purpose of being available to the public for any and all RP needs, so please do not hesitate to ask for a key or for permission to host any events here; I can work with you to insure you have keys on all the characters you'd need to handle invites for your event.))