The Fury of Sin  (Views: 602)

Author Author: SquigglyV on 07/31/16, 08:20:32 AM
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Location: Dromund Kaas
In-Game Name: Concordat
Stronghold Type: Guild
Privacy: Private
Primary Key Holders: Malaji (i is alt+0237)

Pride of the Imperial Third Mobile Fleet, the Fury of Sin is an ancient Harrower-class dreadnought currently serving as the mobile temple and fortress of Darth Vaal. Its exterior is heavily scarred from decades of service, yet it remains as strong as ever in spite of the Sith Order's countless enemies.

It is easily identified by the red stripes on its right frontal prong, and it is almost always accompanied by two or three Terminus-class destroyers with the same distinctive markings. When not travelling across the galaxy, it can usually be found in orbit over Dromund Kaas or undergoing maintenance at one of the Empire's many spacedocks.

Access to the Fury of Sin is sparsely granted to those outside of Darth Vaal's power base, though lately it has been seeing an increase in visits from Sith and other high-ranking Imperial officials.

The Fury is open for RP! I'm not sure how to lend out keys for a guild ship but i'm always happy to log on and invite people if they want.