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Author Author: SivWysan on 07/19/16, 11:41:50 AM
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Location: Nar Shaddaa
In-Game Name: The Fallen Angel (bug/will not post. See below invite)
Stronghold Type: Guild
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Caben, Maerin, Mooyo, Tellin Vormish, Jodhi, Edaera, Seraphie

The Mighty Flagship of the Wraiths Fleet, presently hidden in the Rim.  She is an Isotope 5 Experimental drive Valor Class flagship, heavily modified for stealth and covert warfare.  Although years of flying rogue have limited repairs, she still remains a formidable force and is escorted by 5 of her own fighter wings, two Covert light Carriers, 2 Thrantas (Escort Cruiser and Dwarf Corvette classes) and many support and privateer ships.  

Originally gifted to the Wraiths by the Republic Military, the Fallen Angel has become a guardian and rallying point for many carrying the fight to Zakuul or taking shelter from Republic corruption, including the survivors of the Grey Covenant Enclave and Commander Adera's rogue Corellian commandos.