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Location: Yavin 4
In-Game Name: Niarra's Jedi Academy
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Niarra, Derrad

This Jedi sanctuary on the planet Talravin is maintained by Jedi Master Niarra Reymark, and is an echo, a small preserved bubble, of the peace and elegance of less troubled times. Originally intended to be a retreat for training, meditation, and healing, in the aftermath of the Eternal Empire's invasion it has become a sanctuary for any and all Jedi who may need not only training or healing, but a home of any kind. Niarra hopes that word of its location will filter through Jedi and their trusted allies, but it is impressed upon all that its efficacy as a sanctuary depends on its being kept secret from agents of Zakuul and the Sith Empire both.

((This SH will be publicly listed off and on, depending on how it may be being used for RP purposes, and to keep the area more private to preserve a safe space for RP. I may change that policy if it proves too detrimental to making it accessible to the RP community, but in the meantime I will happily give out Silver Keys to any fellow RPer who would like to use the space. ICly the sanctuary is open to all Jedi at any time. To request a key please feel free to PM me here or send me a whisper if you see me in game - although if you notice my location in game is a FP, Operation, or Warzone, it's a safe bet I will miss your whisper, and I'd recommend a PM or trying again at a later time if I don't immediately respond.))

((Special thanks to Imazi for helping me out with formatting tips to make a beautiful SH listing.))

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Talravin Jedi Sanctuary

Exterior Approach and Main Hall

Multiple nearby glades large enough for transports allow visitors to the Talravin sanctuary to make safe landing and approach the complex of revitalized ancient buildings. Visitors not planning to stay long can temporarily store items and wash off the grime of their travels by the entrance, and everyone can take advantage of the small resupply depot (manned by a few trusted droids and regularly restocked), with all supplies provided free of charge. The nearest landing pad is utilized as a starfighter repair and resupply station, where Jedi and allied starfighter pilots can take advantage of fuel, parts, diagnostic stations and astromechs to get their ships in top condition and prepare for their next mission.

Inside the Main Hall is a well furnished social area, equipped for casual or serious conversation, dining, and refreshment. A peaceful space in which to connect with one's fellows, to feel comfortable and safe, can have great healing power in difficult times.

Main Hall Peripheries - Library, Galactic Affairs, Hall of Remembrance

The Library is stocked for both recreational reading and structured study. The waterfall flowing through the room creates a peaceful atmosphere and keeps students in touch with the living energies of the Force as they study or meditate.

The Galactic Affairs room contains several computer terminals, databanks, and working stations, along with multiple galactic mapping displays regularly updated with the latest astrogation data and political information. Data gathering is facilitated by sophisticated Gree technologies, which are also employed to help encrypt and keep secure the sanctuary's networks and connections. The room also features facilities for mercantile exchange, and an attached balcony area provides additional space for socializing or private discussion.

Exiting the Main Hall via the ascending stairway will lead through the Hall of Remembrance. Here, wall-mounted holo-portraits cycle through images of the Order's fallen. On the rear wall is a display dedicated to the concept of redemption and hope, featuring images of Revan and a descendant of Yuthura Ban - two fallen Jedi who proved that the hold of the Dark Side can be broken and that the Order will always be waiting.

Rooftop Classroom and Exterior Areas

On the roof of the Main Hall is the sanctuary's outdoor classroom, with ample room for large lectures against a stunning backdrop. Lessons can be given by the resident caretaker of the sanctuary or by any visiting Knights or Masters. Energy fields protect the area in the event of inclement weather.

Flanking the outdoor classroom are rooftop gardens, allowing many nooks for privacy and quiet, all surrounded by lovely views. Beneath one of the nearby waterfalls the sanctuary's resident medics cultivate medicinal fungi gathered from many worlds for their unique biochemical properties.

A massive bridge, featuring a crystal formation recovered from an Ilum battlefield, leads to the rear halls of the complex.

Meditation Chamber and Lightsaber Forge

Exiting the Main Hall via the descending stairs will lead to the Meditation Chamber, providing facilities for meditation and for contemplation of multiple datacrons and holocrons stored here.

On the balcony attached to this room is a lightsaber forge, where students can craft their first weapons and all Jedi can perform maintenance on their lightsabers.

Rear Halls - Padawan Dormitory and Masters' Audience Hall

A statue of Satele Shan stands within view of the Padawan Dormitory, to provide students with the image of a Jedi role model. Within the dormitory can be found beds and storage, basic computer and library facilities, and a station for students to work on building and maintaining sparring equipment. An upper level provides overflow living area, with an outdoor patio for socializing on the rooftop.

Outside the Masters' Audience Hall stands a statue of Revan, to remind Jedi Masters of the dangers of pride and the wisdom of remembering one's limits. Within the Hall is an area for group discussions, which can double as a lecture hall or a place to mediate disputes. The sanctuary's resident caretaker has a living area tucked away in this Hall, and the upper level provides overflow living area for visiting Knights and Masters. A peaceful gazebo on the rooftop allows for socializing and privacy.

Sanctuary Grounds

Beyond the Rear Halls lie the sanctuary's open grounds. Here, on an ancient plaza, Jedi relics can be contemplated and private or public councils can be held. There is also a sparring arena for combat practice, and a nearby balcony with modest gaming facilities overlooks the varactyl glade where these loyal mounts are trained and cared for.

Baskets with feed for the local wildlife and some domesticated friends are scattered around the grounds, along with multiple canopied areas tucked away by various streams to allow for private relaxation, discussion, and contemplation of nature.

There is also a small area where students can practice using the Force to levitate objects, centered around crystal formations and unique training devices.

Tucked away deep within the nearby caves are artifacts of other Force traditions, stored here either for safekeeping (a potent Sith holocron is kept under careful guard and containment) or for study. The cave is generally restricted to those Knights and Masters with the experience to both unravel the mysteries of, and in some cases resist the influence of, these potent artifacts.