Trading Emporium, Sector H-37, "Besh Cresh"  (Views: 565)

Author Author: Teska on 02/07/16, 02:58:19 AM
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Location: Coruscant
In-Game Name: Dilapidated's Trade Emporium
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Teska

Located in a sector on Coruscant that was hit particularly hard during the Sacking, Trade Emporium H-37 was condemned by inspectors three times on account of the state it was in. One such inspector quipped that the place had as many holes as Byss Cheese. Such was its moniker until, after years of these reports being shuffled through the bureaucratic process and no action ever coming of it, the locals simplified it further into "Besh Cresh' as the large tenement took on a local-legend sort of status.

Squatters were all but inevitable and it was not long until some enterprising individuals made some rudimentary repairs and set up shop (although their legitimacy highly questionable to say the least). Ownership was decided primarily on a 'might makes right' basis and the sector, once dedicated toward research, devolved into yet another den for the criminal elements of Coruscant to congregate and squabble over.

((Basically, the in-game name is what is it. There's a wrecked machinist's workshop, an abandoned horticultural lab whose containment has failed , a functioning cantina, a semi-operational trading floor upstairs and an abandoned restaurant. There's also a sneaky little hidey-hole in the back, but a girl's got to have some secrets, no? Everything else is open to the public, and keys available upon request. I'll post pictures eventually. Maybe.))