Ziost Avenger  (Views: 1897)

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Location: Yavin 4
In-Game Name: Ziost Avenger
Stronghold Type: Guild
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Nicohlas, Elym

Ziost Avenger

Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught

The Ziost Avenger is a Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught currently serving as the flagship of the Imperial Fourteenth Mobile Fleet of Imperial Wild Space Command.


The ship's bridge, from which all ship systems are centrally controlled, is fully modernized with the best Imperial technology available. As the ship is always deployed in what is considered 'hostile' territory, two shifts ensure continuous, uninterrupted operations of the vessel. New crew members and other visiting personnel are sure to note the presence of lifeless bud plants from Ziost; Moff Heermann has directed that this decayed flora shall be present on each ship deck to serve as a reminder to the crew and other unit personnel of the Empire's tragic loss, which we strive to prevent again.

Officer's Deck

A side corridor on the bridge leads to the ship's Officer's Deck. This area is outfitted with a small bar and seating for off-duty personnel to relax. Holomail and a GTN terminal are among the services provided on this deck.

Command Deck

Having previously been outfitted as a central hub for Sith Intelligence operations during the tenure of Acting Minister Heermann, the Ziost Avenger's command deck continues to function as a principal organ for planning and executing Wild Space Command operations. From the Operations Center, naval operations for the entire Fourteenth Fleet are planned, executed, and overseen. The old Sith Intelligence archives has been retained to house important military, cultural and navigational information uncovered by unit personnel since their arrival in Wild Space.

Crew Deck

The extensive crew deck houses all the amenities and areas typical to an Imperial dreadnaught destroyer and more. On this deck unit personnel will find a mess hall, crew barracks, medical bay, and detention brig. Also housed on this deck are offices of the Wild Space Department, a division of the Imperial Reclamation Service, and the Imperial Wild Space Astrography Service, which charts unknown space.

Hangar Deck

Our hangar deck is home to a briefing area for pilots about to embark on dangerous and adventurous missions. Multiple hangars house Imperial ships ready for deployment, and even include some Zakuulan craft for covert missions.

Engineering Deck

From the engineering deck, the ship's adept engineers keep all ship functions running at optimal capacity. It is here that the vessel's stores of Isotope-5 are securely stored.