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Location: Yavin 4
In-Game Name: Headquarters: Imperial Wild Space Command
Stronghold Type: Guild
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Nicohlas, Elym

Fort Marr


Welcome to your new assignment at Imperial Military Installation 5519, popularly known as Fort Marr!  This base, situated in a cliff-side above the swamps of Belkadan, is home to the headquarters and most units of the prestigious Imperial Wild Space Command.  Commanded by Moff Nicohlas Heermann, this sprawling Imperial fort rests approximately 10 kilometers outside the planetary capital city, perfectly located for off-duty soldiers looking for some liberty time.

Main Building

As Fort Marr sits on the edge of known space, unit commander Moff Heermann has made base security a top priority. Visitors will note a larger-than-normal presence of on-duty armed military personnel, and are encouraged to follow the directives of any IWSC personnel you may receive during your visit.

Most personnel entering Fort Marr will do so through the main entrance in the administration building.  Unit personnel and other cleared persons who possess the appropriate IWSC clearance and associated access card may present their card to the on-duty guard and enter the facility without going through additional security.  Visitors to Fort Marr are directed to pass through the visitor check-in station to confirm their visitation status and receive a day pass upon approval. (Note: Pre-arranging your visit to Fort Marr can significantly expedite the process of obtaining a day pass. Contact the IWSC Public Affairs Office for more information.)

Across from the visitor center is a comfortable press conference area where Moff Herrmann, IWSC spokesmen and occasionally officials of the Belkadan planetary government present news concerning unit or planetary developments.

Centered in the main hall, visitors will discover a holoprojector displaying planets, moons and other systems in the surrounding sector. Wild Space Command takes great pride in this display, which exhibits more-and-more previously uncharted systems as they are discovered by the IWSC Cartography Service.

Wild Space Command is a tight-knit military community whose veteran members have sweated and bled together on battlefields against the force of the Eternal Empire and Galactic Republic. Consequently, Moff Heermann has seen fit to establish a soldier's club that does not restrict access by either commissioned or enlisted personnel.

Walk of the Fallen

Personnel departing the main building from the second floor will note the prominent statue of Darth Marr, for whom the base is named. This is the gateway to one of Fort Marr's military parks known as the Walk of the Fallen. This park was commissioned by Moff Heermann as a solemn place of remembrance for IWSC personnel who gave their lives in valiant defense of the Sith Empire against the forces of Zakuul. Situated in the park on either side of a large Zakuulan fountain are holoprojectors that hourly cycle through images of the fallen heroes. The park is adorned with Zakuulan flora, a reminder of the victory bought by Imperial sacrifice.

Operations & Communications Command Center

From Fort Marr, IWSC deploys forces to patrol Wild Space, mop up remnants of the Eternal Empire, and oppose Galactic Republic military forces in the region. These operations are planned and monitored from Fort Marr's Operations and Communications Command Center (OCCC). OCCC staff employ state-of-the-art technology to keep unit commanders informed of operational progree as well as to transmit new orders to units in the field. Located in the south tower in the east compound, OCCC is the hub of Imperial Wild Space military operations.

Ziost Memorial Avenue

Another notable park on Fort Marr is the Ziost Memorial Avenue. Ask most IWSC personnel and they'll tell you, the destruction of Ziost played a profound impact on their decision to join the unit. Many unit personnel will suggest the lost of Ziost as the event that marked the beginning of what became open war with the Eternal Empire. This solemn area is frequented by many unit personnel and visitors, and is adorned with transplanted decayed flora from Ziost as a reminder to visitors of the Empire's tragic loss.

Planetary Government Office

Mission Staging Area

Fort Marr is the staging point for most Wild Space Command troop deployments. Whether deploying squads of commandos on small-scale precision strikes or entire battalions in large engagements, Fort Marr is fully outfitted to equip and transport military personnel to the battlefield. New unit personnel and visitors may note the presence of Imperial-contracted mercenary elements as well. Under the direction of Moff Heermann, the Mobile Extraordinary Reinforcement Corps, or MERC, augments IWSC military forces in the field, maximizing their effectiveness.

Welcome to your exciting new assignment at Wild Space Command! For the Empire!

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