Custodum Enclave Temple  (Views: 841)

Author Author: Iaera on 09/17/14, 03:21:07 AM
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Location: Coruscant
In-Game Name: Headquarters: Jedi Custodum
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Most Custodum members can invite!

The Jedi Custodum have established a small temple on Coruscant, returning a small Jedi presence to the Republic capital. It functions not only as a base of operations for the enclave and other Jedi who finds themselves in the Core, but also as an open place of learning and embassy for those who wish to contact the Jedi Knights.

Most of the temple is open to the public, though behaviour, dress, and etiquette should be kept to high standards during a visit. The operations room, medical bay, Council chamber, and adjoining antechamber behind the main lecture hall should be considered a "staff only" area. A special detachment of Republic security troopers as well as the enclave's Jedi Knights ensure hostile or unruly individuals are detained or ejected.

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