Alderaanian Jedi Enclave Praxeum  (Views: 738)

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Location: Yavin 4
In-Game Name: Maeiv's Stronghold
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Seraphie - Stell'ange (pub), Minnette (pub), Maeiv (pub), Vilionne (imp), Echino (imp) .... and many more

The Alderaanian Enclave is hosted on the north rim of Paisvallia, a large plateau city near Alderaan's equator, across the sea from Organa's alpine holdings. Paisvallia is the capital of an important agricultural, mining and shipbuilding region co-ruled by two allied Lesser Houses, House Tshardeim and House Vel-Korr. The plateau's defensibility, combined with the regions vast biological and mineral resources make it a strategically vital region to the entire planet, and its rule carries great prestige as well as risk. The heavy fighting in the last Great War has still left its mark on the region, including the destruction of a once thriving Jedi Agricultural Corps Institute and the temple ruins that would become the smaller, humbler Enclave.

The Regency contains a large central plateau marked with spaceports, mines and Skyhooks, and ringed along the North with a rich network of rivers and cloud and rainforests leading to the sea. The Enclave is located in a North-eastern facing bowl-shaped valley that looks out across the forests, with its well-concealed advanced raised terrace-gardens and biodiversity research stations. It gives a measure of solitude from the towering skyhooks and spaceports to the South, which can only be visible from the tallest monastic structures.

The Enclave Praxeum, its educational arm continues in the teaching tradition of the great Master Lien-Tsai Quel-Droma and her own circle of disciples, teaching students to balance, as she did the embrace of the Jedi Way with the fullness of one's humanity while seeking mutual-accountability and assistance in keeping family attachments from leading one astray. Master Mer-Darma, having retired from the Enclave Council for several years serves as its Praxium Master Emeritus. Weaker Force sensitives, and even non-Force sensitives are welcome to apply, learning meditation, physical health and basic martial arts, and other skills like diplomacy and counseling.

The school complex is built within the remaining buildings, as well as rebuilt buildings of what was once a very ancient Jedi Temple. Some of the relics found suggest that there may have been a temple at that spot even pre-dating the Jedi. The grounds and buildings show the typical signs of multi-millenia re-use, as the ruins were previously re-settled for other purposes a number of times. Thus, some of the artefacts found at various times and in various parts of the grounds, sometimes vary widely in origin and time period.

The school is centred around a main ancient temple building that houses the main teaching room, a meditation room, a library, a small lounge and, in the lower level, the chambers used by the three governing Circles for their meetings. The outside of the building includes gardens, a crystal garden, a number of quiet seating areas, for Master-Padawan lessons, quiet conversations or simply meditation and reflection. Around this building there is, in separate smaller buildings, a healing centre, for both treatment and education, a number of padawan and initiate dorms and a few family dwellings. The buildings, however, lend themselves better to dorms, and most families live in the Enclave towers, higher up, above the valley.

Beyond the buildings, the school grounds include combat training sites and a number of spread out research sites.

The school also teaches piloting, following Alderaanian military traditions, and maintains a squadron of fighters and scouts on the rooftop of the school.