The Temple of Introspection  (Views: 783)

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Location: Yavin 4
In-Game Name: Malagant's Temple of Light
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Private
Primary Key Holders: Malagant

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The Temple of Introspection is located in the jungles of Yavin Four, where it had stood for more than a millennium (with the exception of nearly a decade on the Imperial border world of Reydovan Prime) as just another Massassi temple, abandoned and forgotten. That would change in the period following the cataclysm on Ziost.

Having secured the loyalty of a tribe of feral Massassi, the Sith sorcerer Darth Malagant - after assuming control of Reydovan Prime from the "Sith democracy" that had taken hold there - used the confiscated wealth of the planet's Council of Nobles (all of whom were executed on Malagant's order) to finance the relocation of the temple, which he located in the jungle following the defeat of Revan. Up to that point, Malagant had resided in a palace of glass and crystal he called the "Temple of Introspection" in Illuminopolis, which he used during the governorships of Darth Cyanoculus and Moff Euphrati Velade; when he assumed control of the planet himself, Malagant decided to have a residence "more suited to a Sith", one that was relatively isolated and defensible. That would become the new Temple of Introspection. (The old one was used for a period after the Zakuulan invasion, but not on a regular basis.)

Following Malagant's departure in the wake of the Zakuulan invasion, the temple was taken over by Darth Insomnius, a former Jedi Archivist that Malagant had turned to the dark side. She declared herself Sith governor of Reydovan Prime in Malagant's place in the surrender to Zakuul, and moved into the temple. For the remainder of the Zakuulan occupation, it was probably the only place on Reydovan Prime not under active surveillance by skytrooper patrols or turret drones; Hedrath Jadre, the Exarch commanding the Star Fortress in orbit, amused himself by allowing Insomnius the illusion of freedom in her own home, even as he ruled the world she supposedly governed. Despite the figurative chains placed on her by Jadre, Insomnius ruled the planet for four years of relative peace, all the while chafing at the massive gun pointed at the planet's collective heads.

Upon Malagant's return five years after the Zakuulans arrived, he and Insomnius teamed together to destroy Jadre and his Star Fortress, removing the threat against the planet once and for all. After Jadre's death, Insomnius abandoned the temple and returned to Montagne Noire, the planetary capital; Malagant, working with a team of Imperial engineers, secretly re-relocated the temple back to Yavin Four, where it remains to this day.

The Main Temple

The main temple was the first structure to be taken off Yavin Four, and assembled as Malagant's central audience chamber. Fittingly, it is also the largest structure in the temple complex.

The large stone platform outside the main temple is the landing pad, where Malagant's personal Fury, the Shadowlight, rests while he is on-planet. The landing pad, like much of the main temple itself, is protected by a number of salvaged portable Zakuulan turrets, "acquired" by Malagant over the years since the Eternal Empire's invasion of the Core Worlds.

The Hall of Light: A feature of all of the residences used by Malagant is that its largest, most open room is always referred to as the "Hall of Light".

This room served as Malagant's throne room all throughout the temple's relocation to Reydovan Prime; when he was reported killed by the Eternal Empire, the throne was replaced by a carved statue of a throned, hooded Sith Lord as a memorial; Insomnius held court in one of the outlying temples. After a time, however, she moved back into the main hall, until she abandoned the temple to the elements following Malagant's re-emergence. Upon the temple's return to Yavin, it has again become Malagant's audience chamber.

The room is lined by statues of Rakata raising blades in tribute, found by Insomnius during an archaeological dig on the temple grounds on Reydovan Prime; they had originally been placed on the connecting bridge. Upon the temple's return to Yavin, Malagant installed them in the Hall of Light, believing them better placed lining the way to his throne.

Medical Bay/Detention Center: Malagant made this room, exposed to a waterfall running off the side of the mountain the temple is built into (both in its original location and on Reydovan Prime), into a medical bay and detention center. Insomnius was quite familiar with this particular room, as she spent a period in a kolto tank and tended to by a medical droid. Malagant himself was placed in recovery in this building after his costly victory over Hedrath Jadre, the Exarch of Reydovan Prime and commander of the Zakuulan Star Fortress in orbit. In addition to medical diagnostic beds, the medical bay contains Rakatan stasis chambers, cryogenic chambers, and a holding cell for live "subjects".

Shrine to Ziost: Malagant is one of the few people to have set foot on the Sith Emperor's former homeworld of Nathema and lived to tell the tale - and also bore witness to a repeat of that cataclysm on Ziost. This room, and the altar set on the balcony outside, is set up as a monument to this "lost jewel of the Empire".

Malagant's Office: Malagant's office is located on a lower level just off the Hall of Light. His desk is flanked by a pair of HK units - a 51 recovered from the wreck of the Fatality on Belsavis, and a 55 obtained on Dromund Kaas - and an ancient Sith lightsaber forge. In the center of the room is a holoprojection table.

The room also has an outdoor balcony lounge area for more informal interaction with guests, if so inclined.

The Gallery of Holocrons: On the upper level of the main temple, overlooking the Hall of Light, is the Gallery of Holocrons. Malagant has accumulated a considerable number of artifacts, some of which date back decades - some of which were taken from the personal archives of the late Jedi Master Saxtus Fayhan, others collected (and reclaimed from Insomnius) over the course of nearly thirty years. The Gallery also leads to the outside, connecting the main temple with the rest of the complex.

The Outer Structures

The Temple Bridge: The bridge connecting the main temple to the rest of the complex goes over a high gorge and waterfall, and is lined by statues of varying design - ancient monoliths depicting Naga Sadow, the great temple-builder of the age before the Emperor; a great obelisk similar to the one inside the main hall in the Sith Academy on Korriban; Jedi-style statues of robed figures standing vigil (originally in the Hall of Light); and decorative statues of a "noble beast" similar to the style found on Makeb.

On the ramparts of the main temple, accessable only by the bridge, are a pair of gazebos built in the style of formal gardens on Makeb.

The Archivum Malagantia: A hoarder of knowledge, Malagant has set aside one of the outer satellite temples as the "Archivum Malagantia", a repository of records as well as a number of other artifacts collected over decades, ever since he was an acolyte on Dromund Kaas and Korriban.

The structure contains a number of computer terminals and holodisc archives, as well as a variety of Zakuulan artifacts - mainly the armor and weaponry of Zakuul Knights, recovered from battles against them in the years since their invasion of the Core.

Malagant's Residence: The other satellite temple is Malagant's private residence.

Malagant admits that he has difficulty in figuring out how to fill such a large space. The room that serves as his bedchamber is large, and yet sparsely decorated; a bed of simple yet elegant design is directly in line with the door, with a great gold-embroidered red carpet in the middle of the room. A writing desk and high-backed chair of Voss design sits on one side.

The Temple Gardens: The great stone platform outside of the satellite temples has served as a garden of sorts both on Reydovan Prime and again back on Yavin 4. The garden includes plants and crystal formations from six different worlds: Ilum, Oricon, Yavin Four, Rishi, Makeb, and Ziost (before its destruction by the Emperor). A Makebian-style gazebo stands in its center, flanked by two more statues of Naga Sadow, and a pair of sacrifical blood pools based on the one located within the Sith Academy on Korriban.

Despite his personal antipathy for the "Alliance" that has risen up against Zakuul, Malagant agreed to a proposal by his former apprentice, Lord Lazhna Dai'lo, to construct a defensive fortification on the grounds of his temple, built in the style of the turrets defending the Alliance base on Odessen. The cannon has the capacity to fire on targets in orbit.

In addition to his personal Massassi warrior guard, Malagant also maintains a garrison of more than one thousand Imperial soldiers on the premises, most of them former soldiers of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force conscripted into the mainstream Imperial military or "un-defecting" back to the Empire when Reydovan Prime seceded under Insomnius' direction. The guards are posted on the watchtower near the defense turret, as well as patrolling the grounds of the temple itself.

Power Generator Caverns: A cavern in the mountainside into which the temple was built contains the temple's main power generator, kept in a place where it does not detract from the splendor of the rest of the temple, yet still easily accessable by the temple's maintenance crews.