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Location: Nar Shaddaa
In-Game Name: Jessak's Stronghold
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Imazi, Seenine, Jessak

[The Roze Garden is a teahouse and public Botanical Garden owned by Jessak Roze. ICly customers set reservations for the teahouse rooms and anyone can stroll through the botanical garden free of charge. Silver keys are freely available upon request; this is a public venue. Click the pictures for the larger versions and click again to shrink them back down.]

The Roze Garden

The Entrance

     Whether visitors arrive in style or a taxi, they will be greeted by verdant display of real plants and elegant decorations. The Roze Garden stands out from its competitors by featuring actual, growing plants and not fancy imitations or simply holo images. Further, services for your convenience are present right at the door. No need to run off to retrieve necessary funds. Security of customers of the Roze Garden is a high priority so security measures are in place around the terminals to ensure your safety and ability to enjoy your visit.

The Teahouse

     Reservations can be called in or made with the hostess. Each tearoom is arranged to cater to certain group sizes. The room for two is perfect for couples on a romantic date or private meetings. The fountain and greenery provide gentle ambiance while contrasting with the excellent view of the cityscape outside the large windows. Enjoy exotic teas from around the sector while watching the comings and goings of the picturesque city line. [Actual reservations not necessary as long as everyone shares the rooms. :)]

     The other rooms have been arranged to accommodate medium and large groups. Whether you need to get together with friends you haven't seen in ages or need to hold an important business conference, there is tearoom suitable for your needs. Also featured in the large group tea room are the contributors' wall with holo plaques thanking the many people who helped to make the Roze Garden a reality. At the end of the lobby is Miss Roze's Office. Appointments can be made to speak with her regarding business deals. [As a suggestion, if you wish to use the tearooms for private meetings, use group chat to prevent it from being overheard oocly as ICly it would not be possible to hear what's going on inside a tearoom from outside of it.]

The Botanical Garden

     The Botanical gardens feature many interesting and exotic plants along with ample seating spaces. stroll through the garden on a slow day when the buzz and hustle of the malls and shopping venues is too busy or meet with friends to shake up your normal routine. The garden has a meditation and relaxation area along with concession stands, a full food court with several stalls, and a souvenir shop.  Make a day trip of your visit to the Roze garden.

     Help a good cause! A portion of the proceeds from the Roze Garden support the Have a Heart, Give a Heart Foundation. Centered in the Red Light district, the Have a Heart, Give a Heart Foundation provides replacement organs to those who have had internal organs stolen with a focus on emergency aid for those who have lost vital organs.

The Party Venue

     However, don't think The Roze Garden is just staring at plants and good causes. It's also the perfect party venue! Book your next blowout at the Roze Garden and leave people talking for years later. The party venue has a spacious dancefloor, ample seating, and even a state of the art Dj Booth. Dance and wiggle the night away to Nar Shaddaa's top 100 hits and party like their's no tomorrow. But, if you need a chance to cool off and take a breather, the party area has  balcony nooks where you can cool down, enjoy the view of the city, or chat more privately with friends. [The party venue is also open regardless of reservation OOCly and there is no need to reserve it unless you need a private party.]

But if that's not fashionable enough for you, just pay a little extra and you can hop a skiff over to the VIP lounge where the water's warm, the drinks are cold, and the beautiful people just keep coming. Hang out and watch the latest sports streams from around the galaxy on one of the high definition monitors or play a round of pool Huttball yourself! The party never ends at the Garden.

The Roze Garden is your Nar Shaddaa destination for a good time with minimial risk of injury or death!* Visit today!

*Ample security measures have been installed to ensure the safety of Roze Garden customers; however, no venue is 100% safe and customers are advised to be mindful of their surroundings and unfamiliar individuals at all times.