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Location: Tatooine
In-Game Name: Lastagir's Trade Emporium
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Keys Offered
Primary Key Holders: Lastagir, Pehn, Ran-del, Hyse

Mos Elsewhere is open for business!

The Free Port of Mos Elsewhere is a community nestled in the western cliffs of the Great Mesra Plateau.  Settlement started five years ago, when the Mantellian moisture farmer Reen Ruunsai set up the first adobe.  Convinced that the interstices of the plateau had the potential to condense the sweetest water on the planet, Reen entreated an old comrade of hers, Pehn Qardaak, to enlist investors to set up a settlement.  When Dawn Star Shipping was in need of a new headquarters after the destruction of their Anchorhead offices, Reen sold the rights to construct a cliffside compound to Dawn Star.

[Circa September of 2015]: With Dawn Star's recent power struggles, and the outlaw status of Pehn Qardaak, Dawn Star's cliffside headquarters has been ransacked and abandoned by the loyalist members of the shipping company.  The premises were sold to the Mandalorian bounty hunter Lastagir, who has set up shop within.  Despite this, the town's tenor has changed, after all, abhors a vacuum.

Along with the spaceport, Mos Elsewhere boasts reinforced dwelling spaces, top-of-the-line defenses, and some of the most advanced and finely-tuned vaporators in the Outer Rim.  With the shipping business in place, and caravans bearing Elsewhere water all across the Dune Sea, word of the settlement has spread across the arid sands.  Traders, mercenaries, tourists, Jedi, Sith, Jawa...all manner of person has come to Mos Elsewhere to engage in commerce, intrigue, and adventure!


Lastagir's Lodge

Formerly the headquarters of Dawn Star Shipping Company, this well-defended cliffside compound contains the planetside office and home of the famous Mandalorian skip-tracer Lastagir.  Those seeking to hire the bounty hunter can make an appointment here, or long as they can evade or survive the cannons installed to keep out the unwanted.

Astroport and Speeder Pad

A speeder station stands across from Mos Elsewhere's full-service ship hangar and warehouse.  Additionally, Mnek's Scavengarium is set up near the entrance to Lastagir's lodge, buying and trading oddities from across Tatooine and the Outer Rim.

Open Bazaar

An open-air bazaar where craftspeople and merchants are 'free' (with a license from Mayor Ruunsai!) to set up shop and offer their wares.  The sole restriction requested is that chattel slavery and the sale of indentured servants be kept out of town limits.

Vendetta Square

Catering to skip tracers, manhunters, and bounty killers, this area bears a secured connection to numerous bounty organizations.  Approved bounties are collectible in Imperial and Republic credits, as well as nova crystals and Hutt Cartel monies.

Albedo Noir

Relocated from Dawn Star's headquarters, this rough-and-tumble cantina now requires that all visitors stow their weaponry in the locker near the door.  Otherwise, all are welcome to come and wet their whistle with the delicious local moisture, as well as a fully-stocked bar including a (now dwindling) supply of vysint.

Jeeky For Hire

Who is she?  Where does she come from?  What does she want?  Well, we can answer one of these questions: she wants money!  The mysterious arboreal mercenary known as 'Jeeky' offers her trade here.  Hunting, demolitions, herblore, survivalism...this warrior and healer offers her expertise to anyone who can pay!

Shuttles and Stabling

Local dune pilots offer transport, for a fee, via a series of modified Rendaran-class shuttles to all points on Tatooine.  Additionally, stabling and refreshment is offered by the locals for all manner of mount and steed...caravaneers can receive a discount rate!

Tunnel Concourse and Marketplace

Public access to the Galactic Trade Network is offered in this shady retreat.  Relax amongst music and friends!  Offer worship and center yourself at our non-denominational religious center!  Or trade with the local Stato's General Store, now selling Contraband Chips and access to a Contraband Resale Corporation Jackpot Machine!

Constable's Office

To soothe Mayor Ruunsai's worries over the chaotic takeover, Lastagir has agreed to serve as 'sheriff' in Mos Elsewhere, though he only steps in for the most serious threats.  Clearing out an old warehouse, a series of force-cages and carbon-freeze units were installed to serve as a jailhouse for the region.  Staffed by Saurin deputy Shog Haambel, the lockup also serves as a depot for bounty hunter targets, held for pick-up and mid-transport.


Clean, sterile, and medical treatment from our expert staff!  Need cybernetic enhancement?  We can do that, too!  Or perhaps you've got a pressing need to change your identity?  No questions asked!

Izzek's Chuckcrawler

Interested in culinary adventure?  Looking to prove your courage?  Not particularly picky?  Chef Izzek has scavenged the most edible foodstuffs from as far away as the Mospics and the Pit of Carkoon!  Jawanese food may not be for the faint of heart, but you never know...maybe you'll find a treasure for the senses!  Izzek ALSO asks that we remind visitors that he is always looking to purchase interesting provender.  Don't know what you killed?  Lug it in, and he'll give you a fair price!


Mos Elsewhere is a neutral port, open to roleplay and friendly to all!  Don't want to use it as 'Mos Elsewhere'?  Feel free to use it as whatever you like (as long as you're not impinging on someone else's RP)!  But, feel free to use the lore as established, as well as make use of the utilities.

As a free port, there is no overwhelming security force in place.  Neither Republic nor Imperial law holds sway in Elsewhere...but, if you cause trouble, please remember the copious cameras, turrets and mercenaries...and remember that frontier justice is swift and, occasionally, accurate.

Mos Elsewhere is open as Lastagir's Trade Emporium.  Keys can be procured from Lastagir Impside and any Qardaak Repside (Pehn, Ran-del, Hyse).  Come on down, grab a cup of water, and watch the suns set from Mos Elsewhere!