Babbo the Hutt's Golden Palace  (Views: 1215)

Author Author: Toasty McGrath on 10/31/14, 01:56:47 PM
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Location: Nar Shaddaa
In-Game Name: Babbo's Market Cantina
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Publicly Listed

This is a PG-13 RP stronghold due to the potentially sensitive and suggestive subjects involved. It has a cyberpunk-tech noir gangster theme and is open to anyone who wants to RP in such a setting. It is meant to represent the public section of a Hutt mobster's sky palace. It has the following scenes for your use:

1. A curiosity shop set up on the entrance veranda meant to entice visitors into buying a dazzling array of fenced - or rather, "recently secured" - merchandise.
2. A high-class sabacc room for the wealthy and daring to show off their skills and luck... And just maybe make a hefty profit along the way. Currently used for Anti-Zakuul Alliance meetings most Wednesdays.
3. The Astro Lounge, a small, gaudy go-go bar. Perfect for stag parties and clandestine dealings alike.
4. A small, discrete menagerie. Perfect for relaxing and escaping the din of Nar Shaddaa.
5. A private holocinema, housing the finest high-def holoprojector money can buy.
6. Babbo's personal bounty tracking room, perfect for finding that special someone when they do not want to be found.
7. A patio grill and restaurant located outdoors on lovely Nar Shaddaa, with a steamy and (hopefully) sterilized jacuzzi.
8. An arms shop next to the bounty room, for those last-minute impulse buys.