The Necare Kaas Tower Holdings  (Views: 730)

Author Author: Aylaa on 10/08/14, 01:59:47 PM
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Location: Dromund Kaas
In-Game Name: Headquarters: Darkest Hour
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Aylaa, Ilireth

This public space is sponsored by House Necare, a portion of their Dromund Kaas Estate holdings devoted to The Empire for the purpose of advancing Imperial interests. It is located in a Dromund Kaas skyscraper in a  fashionable part of Kaas City. Private Business interests make up the first fifty of so floors, giving way to luxury rentals and crowned by this multi-use space set aside for the Empire's finest to conduct business securely and in fitting elegance.

This luxurious public space boasts a robust logistical support area, a well-stocked library and a Mission Planning/Briefing/Debriefing center on the first floor. A richly appointed sanctuary in the upper floors gives all due respect to the Sith of the Empire and can serve as a meeting space for networking and discussing items of importance to the Empire. A trophy room gives way to office space and conference rooms as well as a secure data-processing center, an extension of the library and war-room spaces below. The Balcony has been turned into a magnificent starlit garden which overlooks Kaas City, a perfect spot for sampling the finest vintages and imports the Empire has to offer.

OOC info - please, use this space! The variety of rooms should serve well beyond the Wednesday evenings of the Imperial War Room. Some of the conference rooms will have additions as I can build them, but this stronghold is done and ready for RP!