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Author Author: SivWysan on 09/29/14, 11:06:22 PM
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Location: Tatooine
In-Game Name: Gorvan-Kremmel's Tatooine Smuggler's Haven
Stronghold Type: Personal
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Caben, Maerin, Minnette have Silver keys- others available on request.

One of the most notorious underworld dive-cantinas on Tatooine, at the edge of the Dune Sea in the
canyons of the Outlaws' Den.  Semi-retired crime lord Gorvan Kremmel's "nice little place," its
known for hosting some of the most dangerous people in the Galaxy, but still keeping it classy.  Recently
renovated with the help of junior partner and old smuggling buddy, Caben Wysan.  

The sort of place where ANYONE could meet- assuming they respect the premises.  

Am SUPER generous with keys, bronze or silver depending how often you'd like to make use of it, just ask!  
This place is intended to have a monthly underworld-meeting event, but is open 24/7 for RP's, meetings and intrigue.
Also BIG thanks to Minnette for finding, and donating the perfect title!

(Full Bio here, I'll improve this soon but wanted to get up per popular question)
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