The 'Retribution'  (Views: 657)

Author Author: Aeorna on 09/23/14, 04:00:20 AM
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Location: Dromund Kaas
In-Game Name: The Retribution
Privacy: Publicly Listed
Primary Key Holders: Aeorna, Vakiri, Rix'reenao, Thay-nis

One of two ships operated by Task Force 'Vanguard'. The 'Retribution' serves as the Command Vessel of Darth Aeorna, and holds the bulk of 'Vanguard's' forces.

The ship is rarely seen at Vaiken Spacedock, and should it be, it is usually due to repairs being conducted to the ship, or resupplies. It is most commonly seen to be deployed at various locations throughout Imperial Space.

Entrance to the ship, and especially the Bridge, requires submitting to security checks, some routine, some spontaneous. Weapons are to remain unloaded, unless directed, and daily operations un-interfered with.

(Ship itself is naturally, a work in progress, fifteen rooms to unlock, lots of time to be consumed! Stronghold has been listed as Dromund Kaas, as Mr. Jawa Boss Person hasn't made a listing for Flagships ^_^)