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Moirae The Guild is "Removed"
« on: 11/18/20, 08:39:49 PM »
I just wanted to post this as a head's up to anyone who visits here and still is around in game =D.

For the last several years I've been guild leader of Moirae - both in the last few years this community was active and we had Rping members, as well as still being guild-leader in the 'defunct' years since.  Keeping the guild bank and decorated strongholds in the guild name to be used by those members and their alts and friends who still play and are interested in using any of it.

In that time, because myself as 'guild leader' was a FTP player, the guild was considered a "FTP" Guild and whatever limitations those were. (I have no idea I just know that's what the game menu said lol).

Unfortunately, that has now changed - and I have no idea why. 

Seraphie, one of the few active players (obviously) still logging in, logged in last week to discover her alt that had been in Moriae was now without a guild.  She PMed me here, let me know something was up, and so I logged in tonight to check and see what was going on.

Only to discover that I too am now guildless.

I have no idea if Moirae as a guild still exists in game, at all, or not.  I have no idea if something in the FTP/Ruleset about Guilds changed in the last few months with SWTOR and I got auto-replaced as guild leader to someone who did... something (?) - or if the guild got dissolved - or well - anything at all.

The people who were still listed as guild members were all players who had been active at the end of our more active community phase and/or former guild leaders/owners etc.  None of them, outside of Seraphie's alt, had I seen login in over the last year or so - so to my knowledge she was the only actual player besides me who was even in the game, ever.

I wanted to post to warn active community members  - in case they ran into anyone in game with the "Moirae" Guild tag over their name - that I have no idea who those people are; outside of guild stealers.  If they were former members who returned and decided they wanted to reactivate the guild or whatever - no contact was ever given to me in any format letting us know that.  They took it upon themselves to remove the only guild members on the roster who have actually logged in over the last three months - and gave no message or explanation as to why. 

And I wanted to post to warn any not-so-active or F2P guild members or guild leaders - that there may have been a not-so-obvious rule change that may have auto-changed the Guild Status and that the game leaves no message/email/notification that this will or would or has happened.   I know other games auto-disband guilds or auto-replace guild leaders after XYZ timelapse on accounts or at the requests of guild members after guild leaders have been absent for a certain length of time; but I was not aware Bioware had any such rules in place.  (To be fair - I certainly haven't been watching for any announcements, either!).

If I was still a more active player I'd probably attempt some leg work on my part to figure this out - but since I'm only here for the few of you guys who are still around on DP night I can't find the energy at this point in my life to care enough to pursue what's really happened.  I hate that we lost the guild assets that many of 'us' contributed to over the years - and I hate that /if/ this was a former guildmate who screwed us over that this is the way they chose to handle it.

So if "Moirae" actually still exists in game - and you see the guild tag around - "Buyer (Player) Beware".  This is a stolen guild and NOT the Moirae with a guild listing here, or with its former members who are still active here.

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Re: Moirae The Guild is "Removed"
« Reply #1 on: 11/25/20, 10:33:55 PM »
Thanks for the heads up Karmic. Just let us know what we can do to help restore what was. We might not be able to replace everything but we can probably help with things like putting a guild stronghold back together. :)
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Re: Moirae The Guild is "Removed"
« Reply #2 on: 11/26/20, 06:30:35 AM »
I sent Karmic a pm, but she hasn't been around yet to see it, but I will post a brief update here.

I put in a ticket with Customer Support, and while they couldn't do anything about the coup, they were at least able to let me know that there was no longer a guild in game by the name of Moirae. So whoever staged the coup either dissolved the guild or renamed it.

I have created a new guild named Moirae imp side and at the moment I am the only member. I'm just waiting for Karmic to be around to be able to talk to her about what she would like, whether she wants to recreate it, or if she'd rather just archive it - keep it so no one else can use the name, but not do anything with it. What was left of Moirae was very much her creation, so I want to respect her preference of what to do next.