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Events and Occasions / War Room Closure
« on: 02/16/16, 07:09:14 PM »
As a community changes and evolves, events rise to fill certain needs, scratch RP itches and provide coordination and interest. As time passes, the need for such events may cease and the events themselves may even become something detrimental to the community. So too do interests and life circumstances change.

When I started The War Room with Bolas I saw a need for it. As the community has grown and expanded, the need for it has lessened and finally with all the upheaval of KOTFE, I feel the time has passed.

Additionally I have real-life professional commitments that make the scheduled time very hard to attend, as you have no doubt noticed over the last few months. I do not have the ability to attend and manage my own event as I would like. I feel this is a disservice to the community and to the folks I have tapped to stand in, in my stead and work rather than play. I am essentially squatting on an evening when it could be put to better use, and that's not something I want to do.

For these reasons among others I've decided to end the event.

I am not looking for someone to take this event over or to adopt it and continue running it on their own. This is a non-negotiable point for me. Instead, I encourage taking this opportunity to try something new and to expand your horizons! There is a ton of great stuff post KOTFE to explore. Go forth and explore it!

I look forward to seeing what folks might invent and look forward to participation as a player.

I thank the folks who assisted me in sending out invites during the time when I was unavailable, and for everyone who attended over the past few years. I also thank my guild for donating and contributing time, credits and decos to the play spaces we have. The SH looks awesome! I look forward to running stuff with you folks in there without the pressures and limitations of hosting a public-facing event.


Storyboards / Royal "Diplomacy" (Closed)
« on: 11/09/15, 11:55:47 PM »
((Some weeks ago at the Dancer's Palace the  "Dark Princess" and the "Light Princess" ended in a conversation with many revelations and exchanged barbs. It was all exceptionally polite. Exactingly, perhaps. In the end, the two parted ways without blowing anything up. Some days later, Darth Aylaa sent a small missive to Princess Shaantil, which began an exchange of notes.))

To: Princess Shaantil
From: Darth Aylaa

I hope you have noted I have not spread word of your news to all corners of the galaxy. It would be appreciated if you responded in kind.


Ps: Did having a snack before getting up help?

Imperial War Room
Darkest hour Stronghold
Will be set during the timeskip

Spoiler: show

this will be set just as the Zempire is beginning to make bold attacks on the Empire and is beginning to blockade planets

Events and Occasions / BC RP - Jedi Open Enclave [730pm PST]
« on: 11/04/15, 12:40:20 PM »
Jedi Open Enclave - Jedi Custodum Stronghold - 730pm PST

Events and Occasions / BC RP - Jedi Open Enclave [730pm PST]
« on: 11/04/15, 12:39:53 PM »
Jedi Open Enclave - Jedi Custodum Stronghold - 730pm PST

Imperial War Room - Darkest Hour Stronghold - 730 pm PST

Spoiler: show

this will be set 2.5 years after the invasion by the Zempire. The Empire is effectively a client state of the Zempire. A new Empress has taken charge,.

Events and Occasions / BC RP - Imperial War Room [730pm PST]
« on: 11/04/15, 12:35:15 PM »
Imperial War Room - Darkest Hour Stronghold - 730pm PST

Note: This event is still set Pre-KOTFE. Please be polite and avoid spoilers.

Events and Occasions / BC RP - Imperial War Room [8pm PST]
« on: 11/04/15, 12:33:17 PM »
Imperial War Room - Darkest Hour Stronghold - 8pm PST

Note: This event is still set Pre-KOTFE. Please be polite and avoid spoilers.

Darth Salacious, purveyor of fine good and services, invites you to attend a fĂȘte on Vaiken Spacedock in celebration of our Glorious Empire. Wear your finest attire or the minimum required by society! Darth Salacious doesn't care! Partake in exotic nibbles and delectable drinks at the free bar. Hobnob with The Who's Who of the Empire. Transportation will be provided form all major Imperial ports of call.

This is a drop-in, drop-out event where you are free to come and go as you please. Mingle. See and be seen. Drop your cares, worries and duties at the door. Take a moment to indulge the senses!

About our Host: Darth Salacious is an entrepreneur of the senses who has devoted considerable time, effort and credits into the pursuit of the finest hedonistic delights. The Darth's first entry into the field was the Darth Seksi series of holonovels which has spawned into a multi-media entity and one of the most popular holonet products seen in a hundred years. Darth Salacious maintains self-exclusivity and is rarely seen in public, but delights in the revels of others. The soiree's thrown by our host are legendary not only in upper level Imperial Circles but are renown among the Hutts.

(( ooc- Moving War room to Vaiken for an evening since it is KotFE+1 and I'd like to start having this event in public on occasion (here as well as DK and Korriban ) so it is a more visible contributor to the community. Eventually It will likely be to the tune of once a month, but given the xpac it might be more loosey-goosey public for a little bit.

Everyone Imperial or Imperial related is invited. The theme is a party held by a somewhat eccentric Darth NPC I just made up, who has devoted themselves to the various sense-related pursuits. Expect the finest of wines and food served by exceptionally beautiful men and women dressed in high fashion. All of Vaiken has been "claimed" for the evening and even the servants and slaves are being treated to small treats. This was approved because it was proposed as a morale boost and the bill was being footed by someone else.

The intent is to have RP on Vaiken so that we might bring our higher quality RP there, be visible, and have a low-key event for people who might want to drop in between doing the new KOTFE content.

I ask that you all refrain from public spoilers and sort-of...handwave timeline for now. The new content is not available to all so please be considerate of others who are present in the scene or who might be watching casually. If you wish to RP most KOTFE stuff, then please mutually agree and take it into a private /ops or /w or head to a private stronghold.

Go ahead and spread out around Vaiken - we have the cartel area which is full of lots of character, as well as the VIP lounge if you have access there, and the GSF launch area and the departure locations among others. If you find the trolls unbearable, the Necare Estate is open to you as always, and the cantina on the Ziost Shadow is around as well. Mingle. Chat. Talk to people you might not know. Drop in for a bit then go back to KotFE if you like.

This is intended to have little structure but get us actively RPing someplace public to advertise awesome, quality RP.

I acknowledge this event might not be for everyone. That's cool.  no hard feelings! But given the influx of new and returning people I wanted to put us in a public location for a bit.

Alternatively, head to Korriban and do Sithy things!))

My raid has lost out 8th member to Real Life so we are looking for another Imperial toon who is willing to join us for Fun and profit! (but mostly fun)

We are looking for a Healer or Tank to fill the last role. We'd prefer someone who knows how to play their class and who can show up consistently to play with the team. The minimum gear we're looking for is "Have you made it through Zoist?" We are willing to help gear someone new up if they are the type who is willing to commit to joining us and who knows how to play their role.

The current schedule is Fridays 7-10pm (server) and Sundays, 6pm-9pm (server). Obviously if RL things pop up and you need to beg off every so often, that's cool. RL does come first.

We like killing big things and taking their loot. We like progressing the team but we're not the bleeding edge of raiding progression. We don't believe in slavishly hitting our heads against something if it isn't working that evening - we'll go kill something else and try it again the next time :) Currently we are doing HM ToS and Rav.

Imperial raiding team needs 8th member
Tank or Healer preferred
Fridays 7pm-10pm
Sundays 6pm-9pm
Must be able to listen in on teamspeak even if you don't talk.

If you are interested please ping me here!
Tell your friends!

Events and Occasions / [War Room] For The Empire!
« on: 08/27/15, 05:05:17 PM »
This evening, bring your plots! Specifically, bring the plots you would like to recruit other players into!

Very often we get into the mode of only presenting our current evil plans, or updating ongoing operations. It's fantastic to see what everyone is doing!  But it isn't always obvious if the folks presenting want more people to join in their nefarious schemes, so let's do something about that!

Specifically this week, bring the plots you'd like to recruit for!

If you care to do so, leave a short note here stating what sorts of characters might be most interested in your plot, so those with potentially interested characters can be sure to drop in and check it out!

I will be the member of the Moderation team collecting feedback on the site's updated format.

Please send me a PM with the Heading [Site Feedback] and keep the following in mind:

Please refrain from using insulting or unproductive language.
Try to explain why you feel the way you do about a particular thing - good or bad.
Please avoid making demands.
Please try to be succinct.
Please read up on the currently Known Issues.
Please try to send One PM.
Please use bullet points.

Feedback itself can be good or bad. Please try to give good feedback.

Good Example: "It used to take me five screens to get to the information I want! Now it only takes two. That's awesome. I use this feature all the time though, can we make it one?"

Bad example: "This site sucks. change it back."

Good example: "I would appreciate having access to my PMs be a direct link I always have access to, because I use that feature all the time. I feel the current implementation isn't as efficient."

Bad example: "You need to put PMs back on the main page."

Bad example: "PMs belong on the main page. They should automatically pop up in a window on the corner of the screen as soon as I get a new one, and you should have a floating utilities bar that follows you from page to page that sits at the bottom of the screen and also I can customize it's color because that would be awesome."

If you have suggestions, please state those at the bottom of the PM, and not with the feedback.
Use bullet points where possible.
Please try to be succinct.
Please avoid demands.
please realize these are suggestions, not a shopping list
Please also realize some things are just not possible for various and sundry reasons, rather than being an aesthetic choice.

This information will be collected then presented to the rest of the moderation team, and will be discussed with the appropriate parties concerning the implementation of the website.

Tentative date for Conquest of Bandomeer event. will be in the PST evening at 8pm PDT,  and will be RP-centric with minimal rolling. 

I will be limiting this to a smaller group due to time constraints. I will be cutting us off at 12am sharp.

Expected RP: ground combat, some puzzle solving

I know this conflicts with Jedi stuffs but I really didn't want to put it off another week. You should be able to hit up the earlier parts of Jedi night if you like :)

Tentative date for the space portion of this event.

Imperial Forces will be assaulting the world of Bandomeer as part of Darth Aylaa's conquest of the Meerian Sector.

3PM PDT (server)

Small craft!

Outside Realm / I built a thing
« on: 07/13/15, 11:31:09 PM »

Holocron for Cosplay that I took with me to Celebration in April. Holocron 1.0 turned out well I think.

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