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Cantina / Re: Hiatus is the new Black
« on: 04/13/16, 07:03:01 PM »
*sends hugs and chocolate*

Outside Realm / Re: In a galaxy far, far away.
« on: 03/30/16, 11:46:29 AM »
Currently it's mostly blizzard stuff:
Heroes of the Storm (oh my god I loooooooooooooove Hots. it's all the stuff I liked about LoL and none of the stuff I hated. AND THE COMMUNITY IS LESS TOXIC.)
Overwatch (I am so bad at FPS games omg. slowly becoming a reasonable support)
Legion Alpha (demonhunter, so op right now. Also it's a little like watching a really weird episode of Critical Role)

I've been writing every day as a personal goal since December (so far successful!) and I have been trying to draw more so I've been enjoying playing more games that have match structure and finite duration

Outside Realm / Re: Game Master-ing
« on: 03/23/16, 07:45:12 PM »
Tips I have picked up from GMing and playing in games (including Edge which I LOVE)- some reiterated because I think they are important:

If you are going to have characters make speeches or announcements and you know it ahead of time have it pre-written out- then you have offloaded that portion of your brain and can focus on when players inevitably go off your rails. and you can hand it to the players!

If a quest or item is Very Important (tm) have this also written up and give it to the group. then THEY have to keep track of it and they can also refer to it as needed.

Don't split the party. This is not just because you made a combat encounter  thinking your high-damage char will be present and now the group is screwed when they aren't. If you are playing live and half the characters aren't there, that half of the table will go to their cellphones and check tumblr/facebook/neko atsume and be entirely uninvolved in your game. A little of this is okay, but it can be REALLY boring if half the group is making rolls and the other half isn't even present.

Relatedly, Side quests are fine so long as everyone can be involved somehow.

if part of the party is getting bogged down in details, MOVE THEM ALONG.

If there is a single strong voice that emerges, specifically give stuff to the other players to handle - they get a message for them, the contact is impressed with their record, it's their long-lost relative. Give them an easy way in to the action that necessitates them stepping forward - and hopefully results in Mr. Loud stepping back.
If you have one person consistently being loud, consult with the others one-on-one if they look uncomfy after. and also with MR loud - is Mr. Loud getting what he wants from the game? Are they imposing their will because they want something specific.

also, and this is big in avoiding a lot of conflicts: ASK YOUR PLAYERS WHAT THEY WANT OUT OF THE GAME BEFORE YOU START.
Are they Combat Wombats? Are they looking for deep Role Play interaction? Are they just interesting in playing X class? Are they looking to join up with the Rebel Alliance or are they trying to stay independent?

They might not know, but you can try to prompt them for answers with questions like these. If 3 of 4 players are in it for 5 gold and a party, then you're going to have to handle this difference of expectations somehow.

Asking BEFORE people roll characters allows you all to have the conversation before someone gets bored. They might get super excited about having goals counter to the rest of the party... or it might be a disaster in the making you can avoid by either gently redirecting or by making it work for you.


Having long term party goals is GREAT! but... don't abuse this. If the party spends too much time doing "Side Quests" because they know they have to bring the Ring to Mt. Doom but to do that they need to kill a lvl 12 Beholder and they're all lvl 2..... Then a) it feels like a slog. b) EVERY OTHER QUEST YOU GIVE WILL FEEL LIKE A SIDE QUEST


You have a quest that requires the players to be lvl 10. cool. On the way you give them fun and exciting twists and turns that send them to Sigil and Hell - this is totally to make them level up so that they can take on the Big bad!

but it fucking sucks to play if they're sent on too many miraculous twists.

It's like the story where the players want a cow. the farmer will give them one if they bring an axe. so they go to the blacksmith for an axe. well he'll give them an axe if they get him a date with the town barmaid. So they go to the Inn and the barmaid will go on a date with the blacksmith if you get her sister a date too with the town's bookish doctor. So you go to the doctor and he needs herbs form the hedge witch in the vale. So you go to the witch, but there is an ogre in the way. So you kill the ogre and talk to the witch. She also wants a date but it's with the sexy succubus who lives in the next town over. Which is on the other side of an impossible to pass ravine guarded by a flock of Harpies who will let the players pass if they answer three questions and bring them 10 boar livers.....

The players just want to get the fucking cow from the fucking farmer. Stop someplace around getting a date for the barmaid and you'll be fine.

This may POSSIBLY be a pain point for me in my fifth ed game right now.

Events and Occasions / Re: War Room Closure
« on: 02/18/16, 11:25:59 AM »
Thank you for your service to the community, Aylaa. War Room has been a place of good times for everyone. So, thank you.

Though I must ask- Why not someone put together a similar weekly event? There is still a Republic-specific community event; shouldn't Imperials have similar during the week?

As I said in my original post - I think the need for my event as it stood is gone.

There is plenty of room for someone to make an imperial imperial event or a cross faction event or an independant-but-we-play-imperial faction event.

If you wanna make one either a one-off or a recurring or a monthly or bi-annual gala, then there's the calendar! Go for it!

I'm just not going to be hosting the weekly War Room. I don't have the time or the energy to reformat my weekly thing into something else. Too much baggage on what it was and I am certain there are other individuals with interesting ideas and more time than I have to devote to curating and maintaining things.

Go build something new. Make it your own thing. I will not be approving any War Room 2.0 schemes. that was what I did. go create something all your own!

Locking thread at Brintte's request.

Events and Occasions / War Room Closure
« on: 02/16/16, 07:09:14 PM »
As a community changes and evolves, events rise to fill certain needs, scratch RP itches and provide coordination and interest. As time passes, the need for such events may cease and the events themselves may even become something detrimental to the community. So too do interests and life circumstances change.

When I started The War Room with Bolas I saw a need for it. As the community has grown and expanded, the need for it has lessened and finally with all the upheaval of KOTFE, I feel the time has passed.

Additionally I have real-life professional commitments that make the scheduled time very hard to attend, as you have no doubt noticed over the last few months. I do not have the ability to attend and manage my own event as I would like. I feel this is a disservice to the community and to the folks I have tapped to stand in, in my stead and work rather than play. I am essentially squatting on an evening when it could be put to better use, and that's not something I want to do.

For these reasons among others I've decided to end the event.

I am not looking for someone to take this event over or to adopt it and continue running it on their own. This is a non-negotiable point for me. Instead, I encourage taking this opportunity to try something new and to expand your horizons! There is a ton of great stuff post KOTFE to explore. Go forth and explore it!

I look forward to seeing what folks might invent and look forward to participation as a player.

I thank the folks who assisted me in sending out invites during the time when I was unavailable, and for everyone who attended over the past few years. I also thank my guild for donating and contributing time, credits and decos to the play spaces we have. The SH looks awesome! I look forward to running stuff with you folks in there without the pressures and limitations of hosting a public-facing event.


Outside Realm / Re: Hiatus
« on: 02/16/16, 03:15:06 PM »
Good luck! :D

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) New to SWTOR RP!
« on: 01/11/16, 05:24:11 PM »
Hello and welcome! (PvE Silver Hand Alliance represent!)

Dropping into the site's chat here is also a great way to start meeting folks on the server :D

Cantina / Re: Holo-net Page requests!
« on: 01/03/16, 01:37:51 PM »
You can upload images yourself and then link to it using the wiki markup :) is where you go to upload and that page also displays what the wiki markup for displaying images is. Try to stick to the 200px wide display guideline if you can :) The maximum file size of any given image is 2mb

Roleplay Workshop / Re: Wikki Question - Pre/Post KOTFE
« on: 12/29/15, 11:03:53 AM »
I would say write it as if it were current. Stuff that happened prior to KOTFE would still be there - that is part of the character's history rather than current.

So if your character got a scar over the timeskip that was very noticible, then I would write it as "Darth Darthydarth earned a scar across his face during the brief war with the Zempire. As a result he now wears a helmet into battle, having learned a lesson."

If you have a lot of changes then you could add a Post- Zakuul Invasion paragraph with a smaller heading and give it it's own section. Like if your character got into a fight on mustafar and became a cyborg or something big like that, and you wish to describe the changes.

Stepping in with a reminder for people to be tolerant of the viewpoints of others. While you may not agree with a given topic, aspect or preference it is required that discussion be conducted in a respectful way towards other members of this site. Reminders to do this, and warnings if need be, will be issued to those who forget.

There was a report made on a post on this thread already and that issue was handled by the arbitration team days ago when the report was made. Any questions regarding that issue can be directed to the arbiters in a PM. Let's not derail the thread here :)

Please remain polite and respectful to one another as we continue the thread. Thank you!

I'm pretty sure that agreeing to kill Han is the only way they got Ford to sign on for FA. He's not a fan of the franchise and as has been mentioned, has been lobbying to kill Han off for years.

I loved it.

Pacing felt wonky in places.

It felt the most Star Wars with the new cast rather than the old ones. This is a good thing.

What the hell was up with the "let us focus on a random dude in the conference about the Starkiller base for too long and hardly give Fisher any lines" ? Seriously. Am I supposed to know or recognize anyone? Did these people win a contest to get a speaking role or something? I Did not and do no care about any of them and the pacing in that scene was...slow and choppy. Meh.

I figured Han Solo was a dead man walking but they did surprise me with the bait and switch of Finn and Rey because No Way would they EVER, EVER give us a competent and awesome female character who was ALSO a Jedi. I figured we'd been given Ahsoka and should be glad of it because of COURSE a male minority Jedi before a female of any sort - besides, it's a kids show and therefore doesn't count in marketing land.

Fuck you marketing. Who the hell says Women and minorities don't bring in crowds at the box office? *flips off hollywood marketing with glee*


BB-88. oh man. He was great. He wasn't Jar Jar. He's totes the heir of Artoo. I loved it.

Poe! Oh maaaaaan The scene where he shoots everything down and we're all watching form Finn's perspective? AND HE NAMES FINN.

FINN! He has all the emotions. Ahhhhhhhhh <3<3<3<3 oh my word. I loved Fin.

REY. OH MY GOD REY. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I could hardly contain my absolute sheer glee over Rey.

Also my reactions were as thus:
me) Oh neat! She's awesome!
me) She's a Techie! Cool! That's exactly how I play Zarasmina! :D
me) Man, she doesn't people too good. But I love her.
me) o_o fuck. it's zarasmina. -_- damnit now there will be a billion rey clones

loved the subtle tech updates.

Cannot wait for Phasma to return and be Finn's nemesis.

loved the imagery and costume choices

Rey's probably luke's kid because Starwars is all about the legacy and keeping it in the family. Meh. I wish they'd let her stand on her own? but I don't know they will given all the everything and the general meta themes of the property.

Introductions / Re: Trying it again - Hey there!
« on: 12/02/15, 07:46:43 PM »
Hello and welcome! On a dinner break at work so I've gotta make this quick!

Welcome to the site! If you haven't yet, join the custom channels! If you're looking for pickup RP, hollering in there is the best way to get some started.

Imperial side:
/cjoin imperialooc
/cjoin rp

Republic side:
/cjoin republicooc
/cjoin rp

We have a calendar of events on the sidebar as well.  Primetime is usually west coast 6pm-10pm but people are on all the time. I would absolutely encourage you to check out the Dancer's Palace event on Friday. it's well attended and on Nar Shaddaa so a bounty hunter should be able to  roll in easy peasy!

@Vating you sound hurt but let's try to stick to positive experiences and good places you have found to get RP or people and groups you've Rpd with, and not derail someone's intro thread with "Don't talk to (insert group name)", Kay?

Guild Recruiting / Re: Returning Shadow.
« on: 11/29/15, 03:35:28 PM »
((*waves* hello! If you are able to do so, check out the Weekly Jedi Enclave Rp event. it is held on Thursdays server time on the Jedi Custodum's Guild ship. /Cjoin Republicooc and you can get a direct invite, or the ship is listed publicly on fleet. The event is in the middle of transitioning to the post KOTFE storyline but there will be many Jedi there for you to chat with. You might find a mentor there! Welcome to the site :) ))

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