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Re: News Channel Feeds
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BREAKING NEWS: New Bornalex and Imperial forces destroyed!

Imperial News Network

Breaking news happened Thursday night as feared reports of New Bornalex and it's military force going missing have come true. Reports from survivors indicate a Military backed rebellion dropped nuclear warheads and a quantum bomb had gone off in the area and has now rendered the space worthless  for the next thousand years. Intelligence and Darth Liquids himself have confirmed that this is true, scientists have reported it would be impossible for any life to survive such an attack or living matter. Bone, skin, any flesh would have been destroyed.

One last transmission from General Cobalt, the leader of the coup forces: "We do this not out of fear or a grab for power! We will not accept the new rules of the galaxy either under King Numar or Empiress Acina! For the late Emperor Vitiate! We do this for him!"

His words: " I had no idea the state of mind of so many were poor enough to do such an act, truly from the bottom of my heart and as a citizen of the Sith Empire, I am sorry for this loss of life. So many loyal citizens and soldiers did not need to lose their lives in such an act."

This creates an odd situation for the Empire and the Shardren sector as they now have a smaller border and part of their own routes are now effectively cut off for the next thousand years. Probes have been sent out to the region to try an survey the area but the radiation has prevented any form of signal to go back, it is deadly enough to melt and corrupt even bone. Citizens of the Empire are urged to stay away from the sector yet to keep the valor and loyalty either side showed in their minds as a reminder.

The only image taken had been of the first attack on one of the military outposts along New Bornalex's moon, Deathalax.

We will continue to update as the situation develops.

.. Is it off? Good, damn... They actually blew their selves up...

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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~ Shadren News Network ~ The Royal Armada has departed to bring order to the troubled Demetras Sector ~ Trade deal with the Tion Hegemony has been finalized ~ Undead Legions swell after recent invasion ~

An explosion was detected some time ago in the New Bornalex system. After some investigation there was confirmation of the destruction of New Bornalex. As of now the Shadren Hegemony is now the uncontested rulers of the Belsmuth Sector. The voice of the king is stated in saying that the king and queen are saddened at destruction of the system, they would not wish such a fate upon any one. Living or dead.

The king's voice went on to say that that the loss of the hyperlanes is a set back, it is not a giant loss. New hyperlanes will be charted and shared with our Imperial allies. He hopes no further acts of terrorism will come of this tragedy. Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of crazed zealots can only lead to more destruction.

As we report this, the defense fleets are already tightening security along the borders of the realm. It is advised to report anyone or anything that seems out of place to your local Order Chapter House.

In other news. Skeleton dye jobs are in right now. How can your improve your dead loved ones?

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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"Republic News Network, you give us five minutes, and we'll give you the galaxy!" The usual announcement began, before the image faded to showing the same bored reporter that had been the spokesperson for the Republic's official news site for the past five years.
"Footage on the Holonet has created a stir across the Republic, particularly with political groups opposed to the Jedi Order and it's previously close affiliation with the Republic's judicial and military branches of government." The female human said, shifting her hand to another page of flimsi.
"The video details an, as yet unidentified Jedi claiming statements that have been described as being entirely; 'Anti-Republic'. Furthermore; this Jedi seems to have been otherwise restrained and beaten to get these confessions, drawing dubious comments from observing individuals as to the validity of the content, but it has still brought about at least four troop formations refusing to fight until the Jedi responsible for these insensitive remarks is brought to justice." The reporter said, before pausing as though listening to someone, before continuing:
"We're going to show you the video that's caused such a stir now; however, viewer discretion is advised." 
An intermission screen appeared for a moment, before jumping into life.

A Zabrak Jedi, scarred and with his horns raggedly cut was set against a metal background. There was no noise for a moment, before he began speaking in patchy audio.
"... I don't mourn your men..." Static flashed across the screen for a moment before he carried on:
"...The Republic's dead..." Another static flash.
"Death and destruction is..." The audio cut out for a moment and the image went blurry partly before returning to normal. "The Force's will."
The camera angle changed, showing the Jedi laying flat on a table, the rough hewn walls of a cave behind him, as he muttered and twinged to the side every now and then.
Then it switched back to the nameless Jedi confessing on a metal background.
I was wrong..." The screen jumped, as though someone had moved the camera, but the audio remained. "...Prideful... Arrogant... Selfish."
The screen went black; before a single message written in white appeared.
'The Jedi have lied to us. It's time they paid for their treachery.'
Then the video ended.

"It remains unknown as to who made the video, who the Jedi is, and just what exactly their motives were; but it has certainly caused a stir among the masses." The reporter stated, glancing down at her desk's computer screen for a moment.
"Only time will tell as investigators begin searching out just where the video came from; but rumours persist that it was a rogue element within the Republic's own military which sought out the Jedi's confession."
Exephos; a haunted war-ravaged veteran.
Shad'ra; an indecisive ex-mandalorian.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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That's right! You read correctly! Bila Foresk, famous writer of "The Lost Apprentice", has returned to the public eye after an eight-year hiatus!

The last book published left readers on an extravagant cliff-hangar, when the main character Lord Tumult faced down his oldest enemy and former master, Lord Mirantus. And after the writer's sudden disappearance from Imperial high society, it was thought to be the last of its kind. Spin-offs, movies, even a few series took the liberty of creating their own ending for this delectable saga of betrayal and passion. But there is hope for all of Foresk's faithful readers! She comes bearing news of a new addition, possibly new additions, to her robe-tearing, bosom-heaving, glove-fanning series!

Our network grabbed an exclusive interview with Foresk herself, and in her very own home, to ask about her sudden return:

"I enjoyed writing the series, I really did," Foresk said.. "But at the time I felt I could go no further. I thought to myself: this is as good as it's going to get. Everything that I do from here will be something others have done before me. I felt there was nowhere for me to turn. The expectation was so high, and I was out of ideas."

For the first time in years, Foresk took time away from her job and toured the Imperial worlds, hoping to gain inspiration from what she observed. "But, the more I traveled, the less I wanted to return. I thought it would be nice to stop writing and live off of what I earned. After all, it was my life."

And so she dropped out of the public eye, going to those much-coveted vacation spots to find respite from colleagues and the press, until she was no more than a phantom to the public. But when Zakuul burst through the veritable door of the galaxy, life became tumultuous for the average Imperial citizen, and she returned to Dromund Kaas. This tumult inspired her to pick up her pen once more.

"I must confess, it was difficult for me to pull myself up by my bootstraps at first. After the death of my son against the Republic, who encouraged me to write in my spare time, I felt ill at ease. Writing reminded me of how he was no longer with me. But I saw how difficult it was for people around me to relax with such trouble on the horizon. That's what made me want to write again: to give even a few people a little something to be occupied with during these bleak times that is outside the realm of war and strife."

She began writing "The Lost Apprentice" soon after graduating from the Imperial Academy with a History major degree and Fine Arts in Writing minor degree. Her unique experience a historian and a preserver of traditional Imperial manuscripts inspired many of her first ideas, all of which congealed to form a hastily-typed script one rainy Thursday morning during her daily commute to work. "After that, it rather left my power," she said laughingly. "The characters leapt from my imagination and onto any keyboard or writing surface I could get my hands on."

Foresk, like her mother before her, was an accomplished writer even at her younger years, and very opinionated. Her opinions have made her the targets of critics, naysayers, and even an investigation. But loyalty has always shone through in her writing. From the faithful descriptions of Imperial worlds and traditions, to the realistic depictions of soldiers and sith found between the pages, she incorporates the salacious and ardent with the factual in a breathtaking manner.

"Our society is one of organization, almost to the point of being rigid. But it is also a place of fervent passion. There is ambition and intrigue and desire hidden under even the most reserved exteriors. We can be such an exciting people when we get past the stereotypes foisted upon us by outsiders and even ourselves! The difference between my books and real life is that my books are perhaps safer to participate in. I hoped, and still hope, to accurately portray that side of our people in my writing."

("The Lost Apprentice" follows Lord Tumult's journey of passion and hardship as he ascends from apprentice to title, and through years of vengeance, lovers, and constant battles with his enemy and sometimes ally, Lord Vex, the femme fatalé of the series.)

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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A subsidiary of

One Heermann Made Moff, Another Governor

Newly appointed governor Elym pins the moff insignia rank on her husband.

KAAS CITY—Earlier today at the Empress’ throne room in the Citadel, Under-Moff Nicohlas Heermann of Imperial Wild Space Command was promoted to full moff and granted permanent command of the frontier unit. Heermann, who previously served as acting Sith Intelligence Minister and military intelligence head in the War Ministry, established the unit in secret to covertly develop a military force to repel the occupying forces of the Eternal Empire.

Heermann’s efforts proved most fruitful at the Imperial liberation of Voss, spearheaded by none other than our own beloved Empress Acina. In recognition of his perceptive response to the Zakuulan threat, Heermann will now take permanent control of Wild Space Command, and is expected to shortly depart for a frontier system from which he will ensure a tragedy like the Eternal Empire’s invasion never threatens the known Galaxy again.

Also promoted was Elym Heermann, the former Public Affairs Chief of Imperial Wild Space Command, who will now serve as Belkadan's Governor. Governor Heermann stated her aim at the helm of Belkadan's Imperial administration is to establish a strong Imperial presence on the periphery to act as a hub for current holdings, as well as to bolster future acquisitions.

In her first official statement, Governor Heermann outlined her ambitious mandate, emphasizing the need to fully civilize the Imperial planet. As Belkadan will house Imperial Wild Space Command's headquarters, investments in logistics, security, and Imperial education will ensure all personnel stationed there can access all the benefits of Imperial civilization. Integrating the planet's existing population into the Imperial way of life is a top priority for the administration, which wishes to present Belkadan as an example of what can be achieved on the periphery.

Prior to her recent Imperial Wild Space Command posting, Governor Heermann served as Lieutenant-Governor of Imperial Zythia, as well as the Director of the Imperial Trade and Communications Bureau.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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Belkadan is Wild Space Command's New Home!               New Governor Has Arrived!               Republic Resistance Losing Heart at Arrival of New Forces!

Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Belkadan New Home of Imperial Frontier Forces!

IWSC Forces Drop Out of Hyperspace Over Belkadan

Fourteenth Fleet ships arrive over Belkadan.
(Holo courtesy of the Imperial Wild Space Command Public Affairs Office)

BELKADAN—Early this morning, the entirety of the Imperial Fourteenth Mobile Fleet dropped out of hyperspace over the system. Starfighters deployed immediately upon arrival and the fleet adopted formations similar to those used for planetary invasions. The overwhelming sight of Imperial naval power was part of Moff Nicohlas Heermann's plan to ensure operational security in light of previous media reporting that suggested Belkadan as Imperial Wild Space Command's new base of operations.*

A statement issued from the moff's office assured Belkadan's citizenry that the maneuver was employed in anticipation of any attack that might have been encouraged by the media leak. An IWSC spokesman offered, "Moff Heermann congratulates the citizens of Belkadan for the honor to host the Sith Empire's new unit for frontier defense. He is eager to work closely with incoming planetary government officials to improve the quality of life for residents and transform Belkadan into a new hub of Imperial innovation and prosperity."

Imperial Wild Space Command was established by Moff Heermann as the Sith Empire's covert military response to the occupation of the known Galaxy by the Eternal Empire. The unit served with distinction at such engagements as the Imperial Liberation of Voss. Heermann personally selected Belkadan to continue the unit's good work and take a more proactive stance in protecting the Empire from unknown threats that may emerge from Wild Space.

Moff Heermann doesn't intend to restrict his activities solely to his military responsibilities. The moff has spearheaded the establishment of the Wild Space Department, a new division of the prestigious Imperial Reclamation Service charged with historical, archaeological and other research and exploratory actions in Wild Space. He has also publicly stated his intention to develop the Empire's relationship with key civilizations on the fringe of known space, such as the Chiss and Gree. "Greater cooperation ensures greater security," the moff said at press conference earlier.

The staff of Belkadan on Edge welcomes Moff Heermann and his wife and incoming governor, Elym, to Belkadan. We look forward to the grand opportunities Wild Space Command's arrival and the appointment of a new governor bring for greater service from Belkadan's loyal Imperial citizenry.

For the Empire!

*Rumors that Belkadan was to be the new home of Wild Space Command first surfaced in the Kaas City Evening Post.

Incoming Administration Takes Helm

Governor Heermann.
(Holo courtesy of the Imperial Wild Space Command Public Affairs Office)

BELKADAN—In her first statement as Imperial Governor, Elym Heermann outlined the Empire's vision for Belkadan.

Invoking the presence of the amassed Fourteenth Fleet, Governor Heermann declared the Empire's intention to defend Belkadan so it can flourish as an Imperial civilization.

The Empire committed to building an Imperial world on the periphery that will not only be a beacon to other Outer Rim holdings, but rivals its brethren in the Seat of the Empire. Among the first institutions to be established will be a series of Imperial Academies, to foster the specialists Belkadan will need -- "its future leaders in the military as well as the arts and sciences," declared Governor Heermann.

Infrastructure projects to civilize the capital, including the construction of Imperial administration buildings, are slated to begin. "Imperial citizens of Belkadan who enlist to build our capital share in the glory of our strong and ever-expanding Empire," she stressed.

Belkadan's new governor also warned residents that interference with Imperial operations was not tolerated, and that any engaging in such disruption would face strict reprisals. "Following Imperial security protocols to the letter protects us all," the governor explained.

Given Belkadan's relative proximity to Chiss space, Governor Heermann stated the Empire has asked the Ascendancy to build an embassy. This would cement Belkadan's status as a regional capital.

Governor Heermann concluded by stating Belkadan's importance to Imperial civilization.

"Our program on Belkadan is ambitious, yes. By striving for greatness in the Outer Rim, we honour the sacrifice generations of Imperials have made to expand our Empire."

No Time Wasted on New IWSC Base Construction

Construction of Fort Marr already initiated.
(Holo courtesy of the Imperial Wild Space Command Public Affairs Office)

FORT MARR—Immediately following the arrival of Fourteenth Fleet ships over the system, starfighters and dropships swooped in to a deserted area approximately ten kilometers north-west of the capital city. Engineering crews immediately set to work on construction of Imperial Military Installation 5519, what IWSC is calling Fort Marr. A spokesman from the IWSC Public Affairs Office said Fort Marr, named after the Empire's great deceased hero and defender, will serve as the permanent headquarters and base of operations for Wild Space Command.

Construction of the new base brings prospective benefits to the capital city's local economy. IWSC officials have already reached out to the local government and businesses to consider contracting opportunities to expedite the base's construction and provide essential services afterward.

The IWSC Public Affairs Office also announced that a new center of higher learning is being established by Moff Heermann. The campus of the new Imperial Military Academy - Belkadan will be housed on Fort Marr. Military forces of Wild Space Command as well as local military forces will be permitted admission to the institute.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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Reydovan News Network - The Official Imperial News Service of Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Darth Metheius Named Sith Governor of Reydovan Sector - Metheius Indicates Rule from Dromund Kaas, Will Not Relocate to Reydovan Prime - Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4 Shut Down; Temple Garrison Ordered Back to Vaiken for Redeployment - Darth Malagant's Future Uncertain; Rumors of Exile to Frontier

After months of reconstruction on Dromund Kaas and a concerted effort to return to "business as usual", Her Imperial Majesty Empress Acina has officially named Darth Metheius as the Sith governor of the Reydovan Sector, an area of space that has been volatile in recent days.

New Sith Governor of the Reydovan Sector

Darth Metheius is a veteran of the Great War, the conflict with the Revanites, and the war with Zakuul, and had recently served as an advisor to the regime of the late Darth Insomnius before her treason against the Empire. He is also an accomplished archaeologist and historian.

As opposed to the prior administrations that have ruled the sector since it was brought into the Empire, Darth Metheius has indicated that he will not relocate to Reydovan Prime, instead maintaining his residency on Dromund Kaas. Day-to-day administration will instead be overseen by the military forces on planet under General Arik Daltyn, who will be promoted to the rank of Moff and named governor of Reydovan Prime itself. Lord Ammenkayn, Darth Metheius' former apprentice, will serve as Sith advisor to Moff Daltyn's administration, and as Darth Metheius' chosen representative to the governors of the other planets in the Reydovan sector.

With the war against Zakuul over, and concerns of the "Eternal Alliance" that now controls Zakuul's fleet rising, Darth Metheius has taken a "hard look" at the "frivolous and wasteful expenditures of troops and equipment" by the prior administrations of Darth Malagant and Darth Insomnius, focused on the aesthetic as opposed to the practical. A report from the Ministry of Logistics indicates that hundreds of millions of credits were confiscated from Reydovan Prime's Council of Nobles when Darth Malagant took power and disbanded the "Sith democracy" instituted by Revanite traitor Darth Cyanoculus; the money was then used for the relocation of the Massassi temple from the fourth moon of Yavin to Reydovan Prime, and then back to Yavin when Insomnius assumed control after Darth Malagant's presumed death. The report emphasizes that the confiscated properties belonged to the Empire, not to Darth Malagant personally, and should not have been "wasted on an egotistical whim".

To that end, Darth Metheius has spoken with both the Ministry of Logistics and the Ministry of War. They have ordered that the Imperial military hardware and artifacts within Darth Malagant's Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4 are to be delivered back to Dromund Kaas, the temple itself to be abandoned, and that Darth Malagant himself and his temple's garrison - numbering somewhere around one thousand, under the command of Imperial Army Colonel Menrim Tekan - are to return to Vaiken Spacedock to prepare for redeployment. Darth Metheius' office has indicated that the garrison (officially known as the 54th Imperial Light Reconnaissance Battalion, "Varan's Own") will possibly be reassigned to the Imperial Wild Space Command at its new headquarters on Belkadan. Darth Malagant is said to maintain a working relationship with Moff Nicohlas Heermann, the commander of the IWSC, and his wife Elym, the newly-appointed governor of Belkadan.

Rumors from Kaas City indicate that the decision to confiscate Darth Malagant's property and assign him to a frontier outpost is a form of "exile" for his actions, or rather perceived lack thereof, during the war with Zakuul. The anonymous source indicates that Darth Malagant was content to "rest upon his laurels" following the destruction of the Star Fortress orbiting Reydovan Prime during the war, and displayed "questionable judgment" in regards to the late Darth Insomnius, a former Jedi that Darth Malagant had turned and trained; at the height of the conflict with Zakuul, Insomnius initiated a crisis that nearly delivered the sector to the unnatural forces of the secessionist Shadren Hegemony. Darth Metheius' office denies any malice in the decision. "Our intention is simple," the statement read. "If Darth Malagant wishes to work with Moff Heermann, this offers him ample opportunity to do so without distraction." The statement also read that a communication has been sent to Moff Heermann's office to that effect.

Darth Malagant could not be reached for comment.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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First Stage of Fort Marr Construction Nearly Complete!               IWSC Receives New Forces!               Belkadan Military Academy to Open Soon!

Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Former Reydovan Forces Arrive to Bolster IWSC

FORT MARR—As part of a general restructuring of military forces previously belonging to Imperial authorities in the Reydovan Sector, Imperial Wild Space Command has assumed operational control of the 54th Light Reconnaissance Battalion, known as “Varan’s Own.” An IWSC spokesperson announced the unit, part of the power base of former Reydovan governor Darth Malagant, is already being processed to be fully integrated into the IWSC order of battle.

The entirety of the 54th Battalion arrived at Fort Marr a few days ago. Moff Heermann expressed his gratitude to Darth Metheius for considering Wild Space Command as the new parent organization for the recon battalion. “I appreciate the confidence Darth Metheius has expressed in our young organization and assure that these valued troops will be integrated into current operations as swiftly and efficiently as possible,” Heermann said at press conference yesterday.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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People's of the Republic Network
Bringing news to every corner of the Republic

Massive explosion in Republic supply and refugee convoys, thousands reported dead or missing. No culprits found, neither clues on whomever may have done this terrorist attack. Several ships contained VIP's who were leaving the former Zakuul occupation zones.

GALACTIC CITY, Coruscant.- Several ships, carrying supplies to and from the former Eternal Empire zones of occupation, mainly secured by the infamous Star Fortresses and tributary keypoints, have been exploding at random intervals during last week, killing hundreds of honorable service men, military personnel and refugees from across several planets.

The latest victim is the known Coruscant-born investor Jhennum Hkrak, a Neutolian famous for his loyal service to the Republic's rebuilt program, who also worked alongside the galactic conglomerate Outer Rim Companies, the former ORTC, in a program to help fund the massive expenses the war with the former Eternal Empire made, and rebuilt most of the planets that were destroyed.

The loss of Mr. Hkrak will put a halt to several relocation operations the joint alliance would have made by the end of the month, and have also placed a stranglehold in the amount of money at their disposal. The family has kept silent around the incident.

No clues or indicatives or whom may have been the culprit behind the attacks would be, nor the motives. Republic High Command has been unable to reach as of the writing of this article.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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~ Shadren News Network ~ Valefor forces withdraw from the Demetras Sector ~ Trade between the Tion and Shadren Hegemonies flourishes ~ The Undead Legions return to fortify Shadren V ~

“My husband is dead.”

On the holoscreen, Queen Vedriat Azaera stares down at the crowd below the dais from which she speaks. Pale hands adorned with rings and blood red nails grasp the podium behind which she stands. Even through the screen, her burnt orange eyes glint with the fierce light of Dark Side corruption. Cries erupt from the populous. A wave of grief, fear, and disbelief swells from the throats of the crowd—Vedriat raises a hand to demand silence. She mostly receives it.

“Or he may as well be,” she continues. “Our king has abandoned us for his own devices. As such,” she says, her voice and demeanour hardening as the crowd continues to make noise, and her strong, unwavering delivery elicits a greater silence. “I step into the role of your sole ruler. The Shadren that was is not the Shadren that is, and nor shall it be the Shadren to come. The galaxy is changing: through our efforts, we have cowed the uncowable enemy; we have claimed our independence, secured our birthright; we have defeated death itself!” A cheer, fuelled by the emotion of grief and channelled by the vigour of Vedriat’s speech, breaks from the crowd. “We shall not diminish with our king into the dark spaces between the stars!” she cries, leaning forward ever so slightly over the podium, moved to passion. A fist rises to punctuate her words. “We are a people who has survived through the ages when technology could barely sustain us. We are a people who stepped into progress unafraid and cast aside our meaningless shackles. We are a people before whom worlds have trembled, and who have claimed our birthright by force of will alone!” The crowd erupts once more. Hands reach to touch the sky. Voices, whistles, and applause clouds the air. The queen continues, each syllable rising far on the fanaticism of her people. Her voice takes on an unassailable quality that demands attention, even through the holoscreen. “We are the phoenix, rising from the ashes! We are the inheritors of the Force! Let not the death of a king nor the scorn of an empire nor the weakness of a republic sway us! We are the Hegemony. We are Shadren! And in this, as in death, we will prevail! FOR THE HEGEMONY! FOR SHADREN! FOR THE VALEFOR!!”

Jubilation sweeps the crowd. The people scream and cry as their queen stands before them, proud, chin raised, and her long, red hair like a cloak of flame about her shoulders. The holocamera pans the scene. As it begins to fade away, cries of “long live the queen! Long live Queen Vedriat!” rise tumultuous.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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The death of Lord Dzu Taral was confirmed earlier this morning by his former apprentice. The death apparently occurred some time ago, and his house reassured the press that the delay in informing the public was to conduct a thorough investigation. While Lord Taral was killed through violence, an examination suggested that failure of his cybernetic limb, earned accosting a looter on Korriban, may have contributed to his death. It remains to be seen if this was an act from within, by one of his rivals, or by enemies of the Empire. Lord Taral was best known for his sponsorship of civic events, maintaining stewardship over a modest part of the system whose name he carried, and his reputation for cooperation with and patronage of the Imperial military.

Lord Taral's trained only one apprentice, Zhekrazh, who later served as Lord Taral's personal Assassin. Zhekrazh has taken the helm of the investigation into his former master's death. When asked what action he would take, Lord Zhekrazh replied, "If the murderer proves to be an enemy of the Empire, from within or without, I will pursue them. If they turn out to be an internal weakness of my Lord, then failure does not deserve revenge." Rumor has it Sith Intelligence has been contacted to uncover the truth behind the murder, but of course they could not confirm one way or the other.
Zhekrazh has, by rumor, moved to Dromund Kaas to conduct his investigation, along with members of his family and a few of his lord's former retainers. Rumors this is a power play have gone unsubstantiated, with the Assassin commenting that, "Dromuund Kaas is the heart of the Empire, and from this heart I will have the best resources for my hunt. Should anyone know anything about the murder, they may contact me those details." Zhekrazh continues to owe his allegiance to other ranking Lords, notably those of his former master's house.

We will continue to keep you appraised of the situation, and this newcomer to Dromund Kaas's social scene, in future updates.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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It’s early morning, and I wait for Katia at The Roze Garden, a beautiful teahouse that she chose. I have heard that she is prompt to interviews, so when she arrives late, I worry. But I find her just outside politely trying to escape a crowd of adoring fans. She signs autographs, takes photos, and notices me. She gives me an apologetic smile, but treats her fans with care and attention. She has a charismatic smile, gorgeous blue eyes and an irresistible girl-next-door charm. It’s no wonder she attracts a crowd. And I kept help but think to myself… This is a girl who has it all.

Katia apologises as I lead her to the tearoom where we sit down.

“Fame happens,” I say to her, and she smiles, but I can see it the weight it puts on her shoulders. She orders her favorite, chamomile and lavender tea, and when the waitress brings her cup, she is very gracious in her thanks.

“Let’s be blunt,” I say, and ask: “The fame is great, but I can see it wears you down. Is it still worth it after all these years?”

Katia smiles and replies, “Of course it is,” her voice is soft, almost fragile, but there is strength in her eyes. “We have all been touched by the war, and if what I do can bring joy to others, there is nothing more rewarding than that.”

“Your family’s theatre, the Koshkov Theatre, was completely destroyed. How hard is it to come back after all these years?”

“Well of course it is difficult,” Katie stirs her tea as she speaks. “We were hit hard financially. Our home is gone, our academies were forced to close. It wasn't just us. The other dancers, the instructors, everyone involved had to be let go. We couldn't afford to keep them.”

“But you are coming back? I keep hearing rumors that you are rebuilding.”

“We are,” her eyes brighten. “We were approached by a very generous benefactor who has been an admirer of our work, Lady Mei’li Bluedark. She was a prominent figure in the Sith Empire for some time, so to be approached by her was just amazing. We are very thankful.”

“The Empire? I thought you primarily performed and operated in the Republic.”

“I perform without borders,” she smiles.

“Can you confirm for us that the new theatre is being built in the Empire?”

Katia nods as she sips her tea. “Yes, on Dromund Kaas. We're building at the edge of Kaas City. There's a lot of rebuilding going on after the war with Zakuul, so resources are slow, and the government has their priorities, but we are coming along.”

“That has to be a change from being based in the Republic. It’s no secret the Empire has… stricter rules to follow.”

“There are differences. Kaas City has certain requirements for construction, from materials to interior and exterior decor. It's nothing unusual or overly demanding. They have been very generous and helpful. We truly are blessed to have the Empire’s support.”

“Will this close your doors to other citizens of the Republic?”

“Of course not,” she doesn’t even miss a beat. “We have always, and will continue to, provide our art to the entire galaxy. It’s not always easy, but we are working to ensure that we remain open to everyone.”

“What can you tell us about the opening show?”

Katia smiles, a twinkle in her eye. She laughs, knowing I’m trying to get more than she’s allowed to release. “Well, the theatre is still being worked on and we are working on getting additional licenses and all that fun behind-the-scenes business. However, I am trying to organise a concert in the coming months. We have some talented people in our galaxy so I’m trying to bring as many of them together. Something to… lift our spirits and hearts.”

“Concert? As in music? Have you expanded music into your personal repertoire?”

“Yes. Music, like dance, has been a passion of mine, though not what I’m known for… yet. There are a couple songs I wrote, that are very meaningful to me. Thoughts and feelings that I felt back at the beginning of the war, which even to this day is still something that I know the citizens of this galaxy are dealing with--about being separated from the people you love. Families have been split. Husbands from their wives. Parents from their children. Brothers and sisters. We are rebuilding cities, but our hearts and minds must not be forgotten.”
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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Newscaster: "The entertainment world was shocked today at the announcement from renowned theatre director, Sergei Koshkov, that his theatre company will not be rebuilding on Coruscant. The Koshkov Theatre was demolished during the Zakuul attacks and the Company suffered severe financial hardship. But Koshkov stunned his allies with today's announcement when he revealed that the Koshkov Theatre and the Koshkov School of Arts would be rebuilding on Dromund Kaas. Koshkov fell under fire from his peers as his plan to relocate to the heart of Imperial space was released."

The report cuts to a male Zabrak performer. "You know, I always thought Koshkov was someone who was fair. But this is just... I feel like he's a traitor to us. I feel betrayed. It is safe to say that I've terminated my contract with the Company."

Another cut to a female Twi'lek. "I know there are a lot of people who are skeptical about this, but I've grown up with the Koshkov School of Arts. They made a career for me. My daughter dances with them. I truly believe that what Mr. Koshkov has decided is what is best in these circumstance. We're in a new age now..." the sound cuts out as the woman had more to say.

The news Anchor returns to the screen: "The Republic will continue to react, and we will continue to follow this story as it progresses." She turns to Camera B and smiles. "Today a couple of children were surprise when their father, who had been missing for nearly six years, returned home today..."
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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A subsidiary of

Theatre Royalty Rebuilding in Kaas City

Construction of The Imperial Theatre

KAAS CITY—Theatre director, Sergei Koshkov, announced today his plans to rebuild the Koshkov Theatre (formerly on Coruscant) here in Kaas City. The new theatre will be situated on the east side, and will now be known as, The Imperial Theatre. Koshkov cites Lady Mei’li Bluedark, Sith Lord, as his primary benefactor.

“Lady Bluedark has been very generous,” Koshkov told the Kaas City Daily. “We are actually rebuilding at the site of her former estate, which was bombed during the Zakuul conflict.”

Lady Bluedark was unavailable to comment.

Koshkov was confident that The Imperial Theatre would open its doors on schedule within the month.

“We are still rebuilding, but we have also been in the pre-production stages of our grand opening performance,” Koshkov informed.

He was unable to give specific details of what the first show would be, however, did state that his daughter, Ekaterina Koshkova (dancer, singer, actress), would be the headliner. She is expected to arrive in the city later this week.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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"Republic News Network, you give us five minutes and we'll give you the galaxy!" The intro boomed, before switching over to the usual female reporter behind the same desk that'd been used on the network for the past ten years.
"The offensive on Iokath continues today with a number of well known army units transferred into the sector, though the Republic's military command structure has been silent about any more details on the transfer or even the progress of the offensive. With letters to and from home barred in that deployment, only time will tell the victor of the engagement." She drawled on, while the screen behind her showed video footage of troops marching onto transports alongside lance walkers.
"In other news, a Republic colonel by name of 'Exephos' made a shocking statement before the Senate late last night, causing quite a stir among both the politicians and the public. We'll go ahead and show you that footage now."

The news program changed to a view of the Senate chamber as seen from a cam-droid, focusing on one of the platforms that had floated forwards. A rough, gnarled officer wearing the full dress uniform with the long coat and peaked cap was flanked by two armoured troopers carrying blaster rifles. Behind them, a human senator in a white dress was carefully watching him.
Then the officer began to speak:
I'm not going to tell you about material counts, percentages, or even the kriffing death ratios. I'm here to tell you about the war with the Sith Empire; not from the view of a desk, nor from a command post far behind friendly lines." He paused, moving his head to slowly scan across someone unseen.
"But the perspective of the war from the bloody front, and let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen; it's pretty kriffing grim." There was a pause, before he continued:
"You might take that statement and call that the end of it... But there's one little matter which makes that an advantage in the Republic's favour. The fact that it's been grim from the very beginning; and we're still here."
Silence filled the chamber for a moment.
"It's been hard these past damned years of war, but the Republic's slugged through them. Always has. Always will. You know why, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate?"He asked.
"It's not because you lot have argued these past fifty years; that's for kriffing sure. It's because of the hard-asses on the frontlines; all those soldiers out there that dig in their teeth and bear the entire weight of the Republic on their shoulders."
There was the sounds of outrage at that, though the cam-droid didn't show anyone else.
Eventually, it quieted down.
"Those soldiers out there? I've been among them; hell, I am one! We're not fixing to back down from a fight and stand by while our homes get burned down and our families get slaughtered by tyrants! That's the spirit carried by our troops!" The officer boomed across the chamber.
"And sooner, rather than later; the people of the Sith Empire are going to realize that they've been trying to crush the Republic for a long time now, and it's not bloody well working! That'll either mean surrender; or a mass desertion that'll break the Imperial military's back. I can already see the question some of you are asking. 'When can we expect victory?' Not today; probably not tomorrow. It may not be this year, or even the next. But I swear to you that victory will come; one day." The soldier promised.
"Everyone serving in the Republic's branches of government; be it the trooper on the front, the pilot in the skies, or the peacekeeper on the streets. All of them are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to carry on. Who's to tell them no, simply because someone wants to build more luxury palaces?" He finished, before the footage cut out.

"There's been a mixed reaction to the speech of this mystery officer; a large part of Senator Dremen's party are denouncing the speech as slanderous though some of our correspondents on the streets are saying that it's being positively received among some communities. One CSF officer was quoted as saying: 'It's about time we got a pragmatist that knows his stuff'." The reporter explained, pausing theatrically to cover the fact that someone was relaying information to her through an earpiece.
"However, some experts are asking questions about this officer. Reportedly, the records of his service have been difficult to track down and they're wondering just where he came from. Perhaps the question on everyone's minds is just who is this 'Colonel Exephos' and where did he come from?"
Exephos; a haunted war-ravaged veteran.
Shad'ra; an indecisive ex-mandalorian.
Gharzog; a happy-go-lucky gun for hire.