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Re: News Channel Feeds
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<< Voice of Iridonia >>


The holocam hovers over the chambers of the High Council of Iridonia in the capital city of Malidris, a vaulted, circular building with rosy stained glass and ancient gothic metalwork.

A dark-skinned, silver-haired Zabrak in ornate robes stands between two armored guards wielding ceremonial zhaboka. The scars mapping the man's skin and callouses on his blaster hands indicate that they are more for ceremony than for actual protection.

He stands addressing a host of similarly-attired councilors, his gestures both entreating and emphatic:

"My friends and colleagues, months ago you asked me to address rumors regarding Clan Noth and our patronage of the Jedi enclave in our walls. I am here now to address those rumors and seek justice against those who have wronged my people.

"By now you have no doubt seen the broadcast from the Republic Senate and heard the words of Colonel Exephos regarding the Iokath campaign. Iridonia has long stood by the Republic, since their aid in the Great Sith War and the devastation of the Mandalorian Crusades, and we are not strangers to war and technological advancement. However, I beg you, as you look towards Iokath's horizon, not to accept the appointment of Colonel Exephos as its herald!"

The councilor brings up a holo, which on some channels replaces the image of the Council chamber entirely. The proud face of a middle-aged Zabrak in a militia uniform in the colors of Clan Noth, the clan's elegant jato arcing across his face, flickers in the image. Beside it, the same man, surrounded by a woman in traditional robes and two teenaged girls.

"This man is Jeth Noth, formerly the captain of my clan's Iridonian militia. Captain Jeth served nobly and honorably for his entire career, assuring the safety of our home and the temple we have long guarded. Several months ago, he was found brutally murdered, his body placed on display outside the quarters of a Jedi Knight who was under the protection of Clan Noth."

The holo switches. There is a brief warning for graphic content, after which is is replaced by a still from the video that once haunted the holonet, a Zabrak Jedi bloodied and mutilated, his jato indistinguishable beneath missing patches of skin and cross-crossing lines of blood.

As the image comes up, angry murmurs spread through the gathered chieftains.

"Many of you will recognize this video. Jedi Knight Bren Akket was under the protection of Clan Noth when he was captured and subjected to horrifying torture. When he was rescued, he and his padawan revealed that both the murder and the torture were the acts of Colonel Exephos and others rogue former members of the Republic military.

"It would be enough to know that this man - whom the Republic brings forth as a war hero - infiltrated the security of Tira'Noth's walls and murdered a distinguished clansman without justice! And yet! My fellow Iridonians! Surely you recognize this torture as one of the oldest and cruelest calls to war under our planet's laws! To skin a jhere and send him back to his clan! While our name may not be Akket, Clan Noth has long held a hospitable relationship with the Jedi who serve this planet and its colonies. Knight Akket was, himself, born on Iridonian soil. Exephos's actions violated the Law of Hospitality, and so Clan Noth demands justice be met in kind."

The holo-image disappears, revealing chaos among the Zabrak in the room. Several are standing, some have reached for the fragile, ceremonial weapons shared by their guards, and arguing has broken out across the chamber. The arguing dies down as another holo-image projects into the room.

The image is a very short video, playing on loop. A younger Knight Akket pushes back an Imperial offensive, yellow saberstaff glowing like a sunbeam on a darkened battlefield as he raises a hand to topple a small walker with a powerful Force-push. A Mandalorian soldier hovers nearby as a clear and objective shadowy enemy. The image is from old holonews footage, but the framing is undeniably heroic.

"Do not forget that the Jedi have long stood against the Sith, just as the Republic military has. Do not forget that it was the Jedi who helped push the Mandalorians off of Iridonia!"

The holo changes. The image of Jeth and his family returns.

"Do not forget our honored dead! Do not forget that honor demands action in return for blood. We have kept silent on this as a clan matter for too long. If the Republic raises those who commit crimes against the people of Iridonia to the position of heroes, then Iridonia must ask itself why the Republic chooses to ignore our friendship and question it in kind."

The holoimager shuts off, and Varooth gives a stately bow to the gathered leaders.


The image switches to a pair of Zabraki newscasters, who look like they are trying very hard to maintain cool, professional faces.

"After this startling speech to the Council, we decided to ask Clan Noth's contingent on the colony world of Iridia what their thoughts were on this announcement, and whether or not they knew of these accusations beforehand."


The screen flickers to show a stern-faced Zabrak in a pilot's uniform, a blue-ish tinge to his skin and hair, his jato nearly identical to those of Edar Varooth and Captain Jeth. At the bottom of the screen the words 'ALOOR NOTH, NOBLE OF CLAN NOTH'S IRIDIAN COLONY' can be clearly seen.

"Of course we will support our siblings on Iridonia if they ask for it. We may be of different worlds, but we are all Zabrak, and we are all Clan Noth. We were warned shortly after the incident, but as the colonies are separate entities from Iridonia and we don't share our Iridonian cousins' alliance with the Jedi, we were not concerned that there was any danger. However, we will observe honor if and when we are called upon."


The image returns to the newscasters.

"There has been no news yet on if action will be taken, and if so, what. We await you with any updates on the situation or the Republic's response."
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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A subsidiary of

The Empire’s Newest Star Arrives

Ekaterina Koshkova arrives at Dromund Kaas spaceport.

KAAS CITY—Earlier this morning, Ekaterina Koshkova, famous theatre star, arrived at the Dromund Kaas spaceport. Despite the overwhelming media presence, she was all smiles and high spirits. Koshkova is a well known performing artist, whose talents are not just limited to dancing, but also include singing and acting.

“I am so excited to be here,” Koshkova told reporters. “I was so young the last time I was here, it’s like seeing the city with new eyes.”

The Koshkov Company was last on Dromund Kaas in 8 ATC, Koshkova was only five years old.

“I'm definitely looking forward to a new home, a new culture and new people. I’ve read so much about Kaas City, and finally I’ll be able to see it with my own eyes,” the artist gushed. “There’s so much to do here, to see… the Sevellis Building, The Dark Temple, Heermann Tower, and of course the Citadel. It would be amazing to even catch a glimpse of Empress Acina.”

For being born and raised in the Republic, the Alderaanian born Koshkova surprised reporters with her knowledge of our Imperial military.

“Well, my brother served with the Empire during the war with Zakuul,” she informed reporters. “I know the names, the triumphs... and I used to daydream about being a secret agent when I was a child. It’s just so exciting to be where the heart of Imperial Intelligence remains a strong presence.”

When asked if she had any military idols, the young artist blushed and replied. “Moff Nicohlas Heermann; I think what’s he done for the Empire is very admirable. He’s such an amazing strategist. And his push to bring the Chiss into Imperial society was such a forward move, and also very romantic,” she referenced Heermann’s marriage to Elym Heermann, Governor of Belkadan. “And of course Empress Acina. She’s an amazing figure and role model for young women all across the galaxy.”

Ekaterina Koshkova will be performing at the new Imperial Theatre, which is scheduled to have its grand opening in the coming month.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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(printed publication—available in the Republic
and {rare} in the Empire)




COVER: CENTER STAGE special edition



The Return of Koshkov

The theatre world was stunned when the Koshkov Theatre was bombed during the Zakuul war. For most, the loss left a void in their hearts. All that remained of the renowned theatre was rubble. Now the company is rebuilding, but not without stirring a bit of controversy.

I had the honor to sit down and speak to the director himself, Sergei Koshkov, about the issue.

Center Stage: “You must know what others are saying and thinking about your decision to rebuild and reestablish the Koshkov name in the Empire and not the Republic.”

Sergei Koshkov: “I stand by my decision,” he states, his tone is decisive and stern. If you knew nothing about him, you might think he were a military general. “We were approached by Lady Bluedark, an admirer of the the company and the school and talks were very open. We are rebuilding on Dromund Kaas, but we are not shutting our doors on the Republic. We have, and always will, be fair and equal to all in the galaxy. I can't stress that enough.”

CS: “What are you doing to ensure safety to those who will attempt to attend the theatre, not just as a spectator, but as an employee or student? It is no secret the stricter laws that govern the Empire actually exclude and mistreat several of your dancers and workers.”

SK: “The Empire is changing. People are living in the past and remembering the old ways of the Empire. I am working closely with the Ministry of Immigration to ensure that employees and students will not have any problems. War changes the galaxy, and I'm not saying visitors will be free of risk, but they will be safe when visiting The Imperial Theatre.”

CS: “The Imperial Theatre, the name itself has left some skeptical that the Koshkov School of Arts is losing the essence of who they are. How much influence is the Empire having over your company.”

SK: “None. There are laws to follow, of course, but it's not like they are sitting in our production meetings telling us what we can and cannot do. The productions we do have been performed for ages. They are classics, and the Empire is not rewriting them. We are not a propaganda outlet.”

CS: “Does it bother you that some of your investors and fellow artists are calling you a traitor?”

SK: “No, and I can't change their thinking. Back when I first started the Company, we were a small traveling show on Alderaan. I received several complaints from all the noble houses that we weren't exclusive to them. I didn't need a single house's financial assistance, and that remains true today. Investors come and go. There is always another. And always, there is the public who support us.”

CS: “What can you tell us about the new Imperial Theatre?”

SK: “I estimate the theatre will open its doors in a standard month. Rebuilding has been properly delegated among other essential buildings in Kaas City. Most of the new government buildings have taken priority, which is understandable, and they get the majority of all the new construction materials. The Imperial Theatre is built with new and pre-existing materials. The location itself actually stands where Lady Bluedark’s prior estate used to stand. We are actually using some of the old structure that survived the invasion.”

CS: “And what, if any, future does the old technical campus in Nar Shaddaa have?”

SK: “I am not at liberty to discuss the Nar Shaddaa campus. What I can tell you is that I have had several meetings with the Hutts. It's a work in progress.”

After my conversation with Mr. Koshkov I was given a tour of the new theatre. It is clear Koshkov’s dedication and passion are stronger than ever. His vision of performance and art have not diminished from the strains of war. Whether you embrace the change or see it as a controversial move, this is an exciting time for the world of fine arts.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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The death of Lord Dzu Taral was confirmed earlier this morning by his former apprentice. The death apparently occurred some time ago, and his house reassured the press that the delay in informing the public was to conduct a thorough investigation. While Lord Taral was killed through violence, an examination suggested that failure of his cybernetic limb, earned accosting a looter on Korriban, may have contributed to his death. It remains to be seen if this was an act from within, by one of his rivals, or by enemies of the Empire. Lord Taral was best known for his sponsorship of civic events, maintaining stewardship over a modest part of the system whose name he carried, and his reputation for cooperation with and patronage of the Imperial military.

Lord Taral's trained only one apprentice, Zhekrazh, who later served as Lord Taral's personal Assassin. Zhekrazh has taken the helm of the investigation into his former master's death. When asked what action he would take, Lord Zhekrazh replied, "If the murderer proves to be an enemy of the Empire, from within or without, I will pursue them. If they turn out to be an internal weakness of my Lord, then failure does not deserve revenge." Rumor has it Sith Intelligence has been contacted to uncover the truth behind the murder, but of course they could not confirm one way or the other.
Zhekrazh has, by rumor, moved to Dromund Kaas to conduct his investigation, along with members of his family and a few of his lord's former retainers. Rumors this is a power play have gone unsubstantiated, with the Assassin commenting that, "Dromuund Kaas is the heart of the Empire, and from this heart I will have the best resources for my hunt. Should anyone know anything about the murder, they may contact me those details." Zhekrazh continues to owe his allegiance to other ranking Lords, notably those of his former master's house.

We will continue to keep you appraised of the situation, and this newcomer to Dromund Kaas's social scene, in future updates.

(( Modified / updated this post after the conversation about Sith society to better reflect the RP I am hoping to do with this. This is an open plot, and if you want to become involved or have one of your characters be responsible, let me know and I am happy to include others! I have a plan but it is very loose and open to changing. ))
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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-     Imperial News Network:     Bringing you the news of the Empire.     -     The Koshkov Theatre on Bluedark Estate continues construction on schedule.     -     Restlessness on outer rim territories draws diplomatic attention.     -     

A series of documents detailing the late Moff Hannibal Trakal’s granting of the Belsmuth Sector to the Shadren Hegemony have been made available to Imperial authorities and the public. Moff Trakal, under the auspices of his position and facing increased pressure from Zakuul at the onset of the Eternal Empire’s invasion several years ago, negotiated the sector’s endowment to the Hegemony in exchange for increased Hegemony tribute to the Empire, increased production of military ships for the Empire’s use, and internal policing and protection of the sector against Imperial enemies. The Hegemony, leveraging its alliance with the alien Killiks, met these demands throughout Zakuul’s invasion and occupation. (The Hegemony’s alliance with the Killiks terminated four years ago when the aliens perished of an unknown sickness that ravaged the sector.) Moff Trakal himself was killed in action against Zakuul five months after his signing over of the sector.

In addition, Queen Vedriat Azaera of the Hegemony has released copies of the Empire’s acknowledgement of the Numair family’s sovereignty. Although Queen Vedriat is a Numair only through marriage, her children, Prince Trestin and Princess Zaria of Shadren, are the biological heirs to the state. Acknowledgement of the Numair family’s sovereignty hinges on several clauses, including deference to the Emperor and the Empire, non-hostility, and the submission of Force sensitives to the Sith Academy on Korriban. King Dorian Numair completed his Sith training under Darth Lethash in acquiescence to this latter clause previous to his coronation nearly eight years ago. There has been no official response on the status of the prince and princess, whose Force sensitivity was confirmed last year.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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Luxurious Hotel Marked As Bounty Target

THE PROMENADE—Late last night, the luxurious Starlight Hotel fell under assault when an unknown, armoured bounty hunter was spotted entering the hotel. Eyewitnesses report the assailant appeared to be heading towards one of the suits known to be occupied by prominent politicians and celebrities. The bounty hunter and his target caused extensive damage to the hotel. The hotel’s staff refuse to comment on who was staying in the room. However, other guest of the hotel claim dancer/singer, Ekaterina Koshkova, had been occupying the room. The young performer has been seen around certain locations on the Smuggler’s Moon this week, however could not be found for a comment. It is reported that both the bounty hunter and his intended target walked away from the incident. Their identities are still unknown at this time.

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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"Republic News Network, you give us five minutes and we'll give you the galaxy!" The intro boomed, before swapping over to the same old reporter that hadn't changed one bit since the last broadcast, or perhaps even the ones from years ago.
"Iokath continues to remain quiet today with no new information coming from elements of the Republic military as to just what is happening on that mysterious world. In other news, the overnight famous Colonel, Exephos, personally foiled an assassination attempt directed at him during a private public relations panel. After answering some questions regarding the situation with Iridonia, a Zabrak individual whose identity is being withheld attempted to close in and shoot him with a blaster. We have footage of the attempt which we'll show you now." She lengthily explained, before it cut over.

It showed a view of a hall, lined with chairs filled with various personages facing Colonel Exephos who was in the process of answering a question, directed towards a standing Zabrak.
"I don't know him either." He responded calmly, eyes just barely visible beneath a low-brimmed officer's cap.
"Your guilty of crimes against the gal-" The Zabrak he was addressing started to say before two troopers entered the shot from either sides. After a moment, he was escorted out between the two wordlessly.
Exephos turned his gaze to the side towards a reporter, and the camera zoomed in on her for a moment as she spoke:
"Colonel, you mentioned the Iokath campaign, what can you-"
Screams broke out and the cam shook before zooming in on Exephos and a Zabrak wielding a large blaster.
Exephos lunged forwards, grabbing the assailant by the neck, before slamming him into the ground a moment before the view was obstructed by a wall of senate guardsmen.
The footage cut out there.

The reporter, unfazed by anything as usual, carried on:
"Both the Zabrak senator and the assailant were both detained and remain anonymous to the general public, though representatives of the Republic Military assure us that closure on who they are will be released eventually, after a course of investigations are held."
There was a slight pause as she shifted some flimsi to the side to read what was beneath the sheet.
"The full details of the public relations panel have yet to be released to the public in the interests of security as investigators go over the footage to ensure that there are no queues or indications as to who's behind this act. One thing remains certain however, this colonel's past remains as mysterious as before leaving many to wonder just where he came from, and what he's doing here."

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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<< Voice of Iridonia >>


A pair of Zabraki newscasters--one looking frazzled but with a gleam of excitement in her eye, the other looking tired and like he's on his third cup of caf--appear on the holoscreen.

"Breaking news from Malidris and the Core worlds!" the chipper newswoman announces. "Many of you will remember Clan Chieftain Varooth Noth's stirring address to the High Council some weeks ago, in which he accused the Republic military leader, Colonel Exephos, of crimes including the murder of a clansman and the kidnapping, torture, and skinning of a Jedi Knight under his proection. While the Senate has yet to respond to these accusations, we bring news from the press rooms of the Republic military. Rosh?"

The sleep newsman sits straighter as he speaks:

"Word has it that an unknown assassin has attacked Colonel Exephos during a press conference earlier today. The assassination attempt failed, with Colonel Exephos fending off his attacker. We have footage of that now--"

The holoscreen shows, in the corner, the previously aired footage of a Zabrak assassin coming after Exephos in the press room, and a white-robed Zabrak being escorted out by Republic troopers.

"--which shows the Colonel responding very efficiently to the attack. The robed Senator has been identified as Senator Kai Ush, who is reportedly being held by the Republic military on unclear charges. The assassin has not yet been named, but footage of the incident shows him clearly holding a Tystel MK-III. We had the chance to speak to Tystel Blaster Manufacturers for their response..."

The corner window changes, this time showing a pale-skinned Zabrak with a high-collared businesswoman's tunic. She nods.

"Thank you for allowing us to speak on your show, Vos i'Iridonia. We would like to declaim any rumors of Tystel Blaster Manufacturers in arming assassins. We contract exclusively with the Zabrak Army, and do not supply weapons to private buyers. As you know, however, Tystel blasters are in great demand on the black market. I suggest you bring your muckraking quest there."

The window cuts out, and the sleepy newsman nods.

"Well, there you have it. Zash?"

The chipper newswoman grins and nods, continuing:

"Thus far there has been no word from either Senator Ush or the Republic military regarding his condition. Rumors are flying wildly, of course, but we only report the truth here, and will update you as soon as we get word."

She taps her holocards, reshuffling them in front of her, then continues:

"In related news, we've just received word that Councillor Varooth Noth has been spotted emerging from the High Temple on Malidris, with some new cuts and bruises! Could he have been summoned for a duel by the High Council, or the Stewards of the Temple? And if so, what was his crime? Is there a connection to this mysterious assassin? Words from the press room say that the assassin was shouting about the Blood Hunt as he was dragged away. Could Clan Akket or Clan Noth have begun one? We will update you soon with new information..."

Sleepy newscaster muffles his mic, as the two argue quietly:

"Kriff, Zash, where'd you hear that?"

"I have a friend on the Coruscant news floor, you know."

"But what about--"

The scene changes abruptly to a commercial break, showing an ad for donations to the Zabrak Army sponsored by Tystel Blaster Manufacturers.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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The status of the Jedi has come under question multiple times in the past year, from traitors to saviors of the people. Yet the divde and the confusion has not quite settled, with many calling into question with whom the loyalties of the Jedi actually lie. Themselves, to the survival of the galaxy, to even their nebulous concept of the 'greater good'. The senate seems as equally divided, with senators that favor the Jedi winning the last ruling on the subject just slightly over those who view them with more suspicion.

To muddle matters, are those who are loosely affiliated seen in the same light? It appears not, with their status as traitors not being revoked due to their status. The topic has gained traction when it was reveled to the senates that at least one former Jedi is being held as a traitor to the Republic, pending military trial. No details on who or how many the Republic are holding over the state of being are available, nor are the details of the person or charges this Jedi. All that is confirmed at the time that the charges that are being levied is treason, at most punishable by death.

The Republic nor the Jedi have responded for comment on neither the case, or the potential fact that a force user may be put to death by the Republic.
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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<< Voice of Iridonia >>


The holocom opens on Zash, minus her usual sleepy co-anchor, standing with her typically excitable expression on the steps outside the High Council building in Malidris, her clothes blown by a light wind and a field microphone curled around one ear.

"Volks Iridonia! It's a lovely day here in Malidris, only a light wind to tousel clothes... and hair for those who have it!" She makes a gesture towards her own shaved, horned head with a charming smile to the camera. "But we're not here to talk about fashion choices! We are here to discuss the happenings on the Council floor. Chieftain Varooth Noth, whose accusations against Republic military leader Colonel Exephos last standard month began the arguing which continues among the chieftains even to this day, has startled the elders once again with his announcement that he intends to both take full responsibility for the crimes commited against his clansman and the Jedi under his care. I am in the field to give you an interview with the man himself -- oh, here he comes now."

Varooth and two zhaboka-wielding attendants emerge from the building doors to be promptly ambushed by Zash and her camera droid. He glares at them irritably before stopping and folding his hands, staring directly into the camera.

"Zash Aytel, was it not?" he says dryly, as the woman holds a small mic out towards him.

"Juz Noth, are you really dropping your suit against Exephos? What prompted this decision?"

"I am not dropping my suit," he answers. "I have instead accepted full responsibility for the debt incrued by Exephos against my clan as my own debt. I met with the Temple Speakers some weeks ago to answer for my failure to protect Knight Akket, and will be passing my failure to protect my murdered clansman to the king, as is tradition."

"For those listening in outside Iridonian starspace who may not be familiar with the details of these laws, how does that process work?"

 "It is an assumption of Kal'dralu Selenor. When the leaders of an accused's clan--in this case, Colonel Exephos and the Republic--cannot or will not punish him for his crimes, responsibility to avenge that debt lies with the parties wronged. Failing to do so violates my responsibilities as chieftain, and so I am to answer for the crime as if I were responsible for it. Since I am a clan leader, and cannot challenge myself to lessen my sentence, I will be answering to the king of Iridonia himself."

"When we last spoke, you had fought a Protector of the Temple yourself for the first of those crimes. In this duel, you plan to elect a proxy. What was the reason for that choice?"

"I feel that my focus has been drawn away from my other duties, both as chieftain of Clan Noth and as a member of the Iridonian High Council. My attention must be drawn back to my home planet and the work I do here. King Ayrak is trained as a jath, and a Jedi was harmed in the crimes for which I answer, therefore it felt appropriate to request and accept Jedi aid. I would, additionally, like to show the Republic that those Iridonians who reject their ideals and friendship in successsion are the exception, not the rule."

"Juz Noth, you've spoken of your failure to protect your guest and the murder of your clansman, but there is an additional rumor that you may have hired the assassin who assaulted Colonel Exephos some weeks ago. Have you heard it?"

"I have."

"What do you make of this accusation?"

"I know little more about the assassin than you do. My answer to my clan's wounds is one which is fought in public view and which abides by both the laws of the Republic and Iridonia. Shadowy assassins are not part of my agenda. I settle my own matters with self-reliance and in open light." He pauses to stare down the camera droid, before moving away, his entourage blocking further questions. "Now, I have responsibilities to my clan which must be seen to..."

As Varooth leaves, Zash smiles into the camera again. "There you have it, people! The words of Varooth Noth on this recent turn. Now, we have a special treat coming to you from the Iridonian Jedi enclave--an interview with the man who will be taking Varooth's place on the dueling mat! Rosh, back to you."


The camera switches back to Rosh, sitting against a backdrop of holocrons and datastacks, Iridonian landscape seen through windows behind them. Beside him sits a broad-shouldered Kiffar Jedi who seems perfectly at home in the interview location.

"Thank you, Zash! I am here in the Jedi enclave at Tira'Noth, speaking with Jedi Master Maryck Vos, who has stepped up to serve as proxy for Chieftain Varooth." He turns directly to the Jedi. "So, to start with my questions... Master Vos, how are you attached to the Tira'Noth Enclave? What is your connection to Varooth Noth?

Maryck nods to the first question. "I'm helping undertake Watchman duties in the sector. Tira'Noth has been kind enough to give me a place to stay. Edar Varooth is one of the Enclave's closest allies, so we've been working together closely to keep the peace and maintain order while this secession crisis is ongoing."

"To what extent are the Jedi involved in resolving conflicts here on Iridonia? Can we expect to see more of a Jedi presence in clan affairs after this?

"Jedi are keepers of the peace." He recites, folding his hands in his lap. "I'm here with the intention of doing just that. It's not Jedi custom to meddle too strongly in system's political affairs. The goal is to guide conflict to a peaceful, satisfying conclusion, and then move on. That goal is mine."

"What do you make of the accusations Varooth has levied against Colonel Exephos? Is this duel a matter of friendship, duty to the Republic, or is it a matter of personal honor for the Jedi?

"The Edar's accusations aren't baseless," Maryck admits neutrally. "Regardless of the total truth of the situation, the Colonel event has brought the Republic and Iridonia to a dangerous crossroads. During the Second Galactic War, I served as both a Jedi Knight and a commander in the Republic military. This duel is a matter of a Jedi's duty to keeping the peace, and showing Iridonia's people the Republic's deep commitment to seeing this conflict resolved." He briefly turns his eyes directly to the camera, before sobering and regarding the interviewer again.

Rosh nods. "Thank you for your time, Master Jedi. Finally, one last question: We couldn't help but notice your fine Iridonian field boots!" He gestures to Maryck's boots with a gentle laugh, which the camera now zooms in on briefly. They are, indeed, very finely made and very sturdy. "How do you feel they hold up on your Jedi missions? Is there a preferred brand that you'd like to endorse to our viewers?

The Jedi finally cracks a grin, glancing down to his boots. "Good eye. I can't speak to endorsements, but these things have lasted me for at least half a decade." He leaves the subject there, but the winning smile remains. "Thank you for having me." He inclines his head neatly. "I hope this has been somewhat helpful in understanding what my place in all of this is."

"Indeed it has. Again, thank you so much for your time." Rosh returns the nod with a formal one of his own, then looks to the camera as it zooms to focus on just the reporter. He ends with:

"That's about it. When we come to you next with this story, we will have an interview with King Ayrak Malid and news on the results of the duel. Daynas, Iridonia, na oen'mai'ul!"
The Jedi: Bren (Archaeologist), Iirim (Healer), Zorru (Recruiter), Orans (Master), Aybekk (Padawan)
The Politicians: Varooth (Senator), Seirion (Aide/Spy), Ayrak (King)
The Mandos: Urziya (Rallymaster), Terr (Chieftain)
The Outlaws: Telen (Slicer), Majia (Pirate/Smuggler)
The Imperials: Athuuna (Agent), Zhekrazh (Lord), Z'ridia (Apprentice)

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Fact versus Fiction: A Legend Becomes Reality
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-- Imperial News Network: Bringing you the news of the Empire. -- BREAKING NEWS: Legend becomes reality! The tomb of Mortivanta found!!! -- Team headed by archivist Darth Varinas discovers ancient tomb and brings evidence proving Mortivanta's existence. Extensive studies to follow. -- Sith Academy on Korriban to consolidate resources for public displays of history of Sith of the Empire later this month. Display locations undecided. -- According to latest crime trends, crime rates have fallen below the threshold of the last seven years. -- Imperial history professor Isanis Felars of Dromund Kaas Military Academy dies at 75 of natural causes after more than 50 years of service. Funeral to take place on campus later this week. -- Professor Felars is known best for his biographies of important military figures. His book about Moff Eithe Ducalan's life was to be published later this year. -- For more information, updates, and live news, please visit the INN official site. --
Imperial News Network

News of a sensational kind has broken far and wide across the Empire. The legend of Mortivanta has ascended to the realm of fact!

A few weeks ago, chief archivist Darth Sarhasal Varinas was sent with a team to DKMFA to take inventory of the eponymous painting, which had been stolen merely a few months before. It was just one of many studies in her goal to consolidate the history of the sith scattered across the Empire. Little did she and her team know it would lead to the discovery of a lifetime. Though it is not yet clear how exactly the location of the tomb was found, it was reported to have a connection to the painting's 96-rune frame.

Evidence gathered led back to the heart of sith culture: Korriban. She and her team descended into the bowels of a tomb there, where they found a garden variety of traps and treasures befitting an ancient and powerful sith. But what awaited them at the very end of the imposing construct was more than they could have ever hoped for: a weapon, a set of battle armor, and perhaps most importantly, a sith holocron. These ancient artifacts are currently being examined while a more extensive team handpicked by Darth Varinas herself scours the tomb for any and every piece of history they can grasp.

Many in the Academy are calling this a "miraculous discovery" and "an unequivocal victory"; a convenient find amidst a time of rebuilding and lowered morale. But some are calling it almost too convenient. Some of Darth Varinas' colleagues claim that while they are thrilled at this find, they are skeptical of whether the existence of the tomb and artifacts themselves alone prove the ancient fighter's existence. Darth Tumult, a fellow archivist, made a statement earlier this week on the subject:

"Naturally, we at the Academy are thrilled to hear of any new discovery. But it is my belief that the release of this discovery was a premature one. We will not know for certain whether this tomb was Mortivanta's until every last corner has been scoured, every last centimeter of the holocron explored, and all chance of illusions dispelled." Darth Tumult went on to stress the importance of peer-review and solid history to back up the discovery.

In the face of such a discovery there is naturally doubt, and even some disbelief. Some sith of tenure claim that this information had been known by Darth Varinas beforehand and withheld until a time fitting for her reputation. But such doubts beg many questions of themselves.

Such doubts, however, could not allay the more overwhelmingly positive reaction of the public and majority of the Academy. For many, the report of Darth Varinas' encounter with the phantom of Mortivanta and accompanying holograms of the tomb have been enough. Darth Varinas made the following statement:

"I would like to thank my colleagues, firstly, for starting me on this investigation. This discovery could not have been made if I had not been allowed the time for it. They are people of science, so naturally they will approach this with skepticism, as should we all. But it is my firm belief that the existence of Mortivanta has, without a doubt, been proven to be more than fiction. What that existence entails remains to be seen, of course. Time will tell how history measures up to the accounts we've speculated over in the past. But it is my hope and fervent wish that the sith holocron found in her tomb will reveal everything we need to know, and elevate this great fighter to the status she deserves." A list of all pertinent team members from the investigation and expedition were listed in the interview, and are attached to this article.

The Dromund Kaas Opera House was rumored to have put the opera "Mortivanta" back into circulation following the painting's return. Every since the discovery came into light, however, a public statement of the opera's return has been announced, and is projected to once again grace the stage in a few months time.

"Mortivanta: The Opera" details the fall and rise of a Sith Pureblood brought low by the foolishness of her family, and bolstered by her own pursuit of power and freedom. It is known best for it's arrangement of acts; each act explores one aspect of the sith code. With hundreds of supporting cast and over 1,500 costumes, this bright and powerful opera has many anticipating the turn of the season. The lead role is rumored to be filled by famous Sith Pureblood opera singer Avante Callus, but no such news has escaped on the status of other roles. Casting calls for roles not yet filled will be posted at the appropriate time.
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Vashya'ati: 34, Togruta Jedi Sage, small-time archaeologist
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Re: News Channel Feeds
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(( Sorry @Maryck for not grabbing you for a second interview, maybe we can do that later! I wanted to move the plot ahead a bit. ))

<< Voice of Iridonia >>


Anchorwoman Zash smiles into the camera and begins to speak:

"Exciting news from Malidris! A Jedi delegation, including Master Maryck Vos and chieftain Varooth Noth of Clan Noth, visited the stronghold of Clan Malid some days ago, and have been staying at the hospitality of King Ayrak Malid. Today, we received word that the duel, which Edar Varooth was summoned to and which Jedi Master Vos would serve as proxy to, has been completed, in the favor of Juz Noth. We were able to get a clip of that for you now..."

The screen shows video of a very relieved Varooth Noth, taking a moment to speak with Zash.

"I am very grateful," he begins, "to Master Vos for his aid, and to Kal'Edar Ayrak for taking on my burden. I have every faith in our king, and am content to drop my accusations against Colonel Exephos at this time. I will redirect my attentions to seeing to the needs of my clan and looking forward to the future."

"What of the spot left behind by Senator Kai Ush?" Zash's voice comes back, over the recording. "While he remains detained, there is a rumor that you will be filling his place. What can you tell us about that?"

"If the High Council wishes to put me in such a position, then I will follow the Council's wishes. For now, I merely wish to enjoy returning to my clan."

The screen returns to Zash.

"Word has it that King Ayrak has assembled a delegation of chieftains to address the recent schisming in the High Council. In his words to the Council, he said:"

Here, the screen shows the written words of Ayrak in the background as Zash reads them.

"'Each Zabrak, and each clan, is strong enough alone. That strength can tear us apart, as in the wars of our past, or it can turn outwards in unity and make us whole. In taking on the concerns of Clan Noth, I also take on the concerns of Iridonia. As my ancestors did when they founded Malidris, so I will bring the strongest of you to speak with the people of the Republic. We will show that the Zabrak of Iridonia are not a divided people, and they will hear your words.'

"Whether the Kal'Edar intends to appear before the Senate, or to merely speak with friends in higher offices, was not answered, but a delegation is reportedly headed to the Core Worlds, including..." Zash begins to list a series of clans, from many locations around the planet and its colonies. When she is done, she seems a little more sober than usual.

"Vos i'Iridonia wishes Kal'Edar Ayrak and the other chieftains traveling with him the very best of travels. Oen'maiul'en, Kal'Edar na Iridonia."
The Jedi: Bren (Archaeologist), Iirim (Healer), Zorru (Recruiter), Orans (Master), Aybekk (Padawan)
The Politicians: Varooth (Senator), Seirion (Aide/Spy), Ayrak (King)
The Mandos: Urziya (Rallymaster), Terr (Chieftain)
The Outlaws: Telen (Slicer), Majia (Pirate/Smuggler)
The Imperials: Athuuna (Agent), Zhekrazh (Lord), Z'ridia (Apprentice)

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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Fourteenth Fleet Achieves First Victory Over Iokath!               Wild Space Command Troops Land on the Artificial Sphere!               Governor Heermann Makes Overtures to Chiss House Nuruodo!             Republic Sympathizer Cell Crushed, Brought in for Questioning          Belkadan at the Heart of the Imperial War Effort in Wild Space   

Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Imperial Forces Apprehend Seditionist Cell -- Republic Sympathizers Interrogated and Sentenced

Belkadan News Desk

Investigation by Belkadan's security forces proved fruitful, as a cell of militant seditionists sympathetic to the Republic was infiltrated and neutralized earlier this week. The cell, which styled itself Continuity, confessed to raiding an Imperial military camp, as well as issuing threats to Imperial leadership on Belkadan. Their capture, interrogation, and sentencing is but the first victory in a concerted effort to root out criminal elements in Belkadan's more remote areas.

Belkadan on Edge will continue to report on the findings of the Imperial inquiry into their activities as information becomes public.

In an official statement, Governor Elym Heermann declared "The capture and punishment of these seditionists sends a strong message to those who threaten the security of Belkadan. Any threats to order and public safety will be dealt with swiftly and justly. The efficiency and professionalism of our security forces here on Belkadan are respected and appreciated, not only by Imperial leadership in the core, but by the citizens of Belkadan, grateful our Empire affords them protection they can count on."

Republic officials declined to comment on the crimes committed by these terrorists.

Imperial-Chiss Relations and Shared Interests on the Galactic Frontier


Moff Nicohlas Heermann
Commander, Imperial Wild Space Command

Penning this article from my command center on the recently discovered “world” of Iokath, I find myself confronted with memories of the events that led the Sith Empire to this artificial sphere.  Nearly six years ago, the Empire was threatened by a hidden enemy of tremendous strength that held it and the galaxy hostage for six years.  The invasion and occupation of the galaxy by the since defeated Eternal Empire presents the Sith Empire and its allies with some of the hardest lessons learned since reinitiating hostilities with the Republic over fifty years ago.

     If anything is to be learned from these lessons, it’s that recent events mandate closer cooperation, particularly of a military nature, between the Sith Empire and Chiss Ascendancy in Wild Space and the Unknown Regions.  The first thing to consider from the Zakuulan invasion is, what could have been done to prevent it or give more adequate warning?  This concern has since been addressed, since it was I who established Wild Space Command to be the Sith Empire’s eyes and ears on the galactic frontier. But our mission in the wild regions of space would be prone to greater success if bolstered by a closer cooperation with Chiss forces in the area.

     The prolonged campaign against Arcann and Vaylin’s forces put a logistical and diplomatic strain on both the Empire and Ascendancy, as well.  Both our civilizations were required for years to pay a crippling tribute to Zakuul, and the presence of the Eternal Fleet severely hindered travel and between Imperial and Chiss space.  With Valkorian’s children fallen, now is the time for our governments to reaffirm our old commitments to one another.  Undertaking joint military and exploration missions in Wild Space is one way we may accomplish this.

     It is noteworthy that by simple fact of astrography, the Chiss Ascendancy, sitting in the midst of Wild Space and the more ominous Unknown Regions, would benefit tremendously by closer joint cooperation with Sith military forces.  The establishment of Wild Space Command and our greater presence on the frontier has already facilitated the ability of Imperial forces to respond to threats emerging from the Wild Space and Unknown Regions.

     In the interest of propelling the discussion of closer cooperation more quickly, I will lay out here some specific considerations for the Imperial and Chiss governments to examine.

•   Establish Joint Naval Patrols in Wild Space and the Unknown Regions.  Joint exploration missions reduce risk, accelerate mission completion time, and open opportunities for colonization by both civilizations.  Belkadan is a prime base of operations for such ventures due to its astrographical position and its tactical insignificance to the Republic.  Such factors mitigate risk to Imperial and Chiss forces.

•   Establish a Chiss Consulate on Belkadan.  A Chiss presence on Belkadan will better secure the lines of communication between Imperial and Chiss space.

•   Arrange for Chiss Visiting Professors to Teach at the Imperial Military Academy – Belkadan.  It is important to note that our civilizations benefit not only from military cooperation, but have many other cultural strengths to offer one another as well.

     While closer Imperial-Chiss cooperation in Wild Space offers many obvious benefits, our ultimate goal is mutually assured security against common enemies.  Neither of our civilizations can again afford to be blindsided by unknown enemies of considerable strength.  Let us learn from the horrors of the last six years, and implement the effective and measured safeguards to defend ourselves in the future.

Moff Nicohlas Heermann is the commander of Belkadan-based Imperial Wild Space Command.  He is currently leading IWSC elements in the Sith Empire’s glorious offensive campaign on Iokath in Wild Space.  He is the author of A treatise concerning The Existing Reality of Chiss Equality and the Necessity for Their Integration into Imperial Society.

Ceremony at the new Academy grounds will kick off a week of Imperial celebration

Belkadan News Desk

Citizens of Belkadan are getting ready to converge on the newly-completed Admiral Ranken Hall at our Imperial Military Academy for the first event of Empire Week -- a celebration honouring Belkadan's support of the war effort on Iokath. This will be the first official ceremony held on Academy grounds, featuring performances by the Imperial Military Band and the Belkadan Opera, as well as statements from military and planetary leadership.

Though the impetus of the celebration is to acknowledge and affirm the sacrifice made by the people of Belkadan in the service of the Empire, it also serves as a testament to our world's contribution to Imperial culture and civilization. Though Belkadan finds itself on the frontier by virtue of its position at the fringes of known space, it is not merely a frontier world in the physical sense. As our people seek victory on the front lines, expanding our glorious Empire's reach, those at home pursue other triumphs. Every day, the people of Belkadan further the Imperial cause, lifting our civilization to greater military, scientific, and artistic heights.

Admission to festival events is open to all Imperial citizens in good standing.

Credit for the second article goes to @Nicohlas

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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Official Communication from Darth Haar, Sith Lord Commanding Forces in the Wild Space front.

From: Darth Haar, Dark Lord of the Sith in command of special operations group in Wild Space.

"My Ladies and Lords of the Sith, today, I speak to you not as a respected commander or fellow Dark Lord, but a representative of the Empire, who has seen what I had deemed impossible on a point in time. I witnessed the Sith uniting under one banner, one cause, warriors from two different sides band together in brotherhood and loyalty against the usurping Republic and their wretched soldiers. The faction, formerly known as the Valefor, now the Shadren Hegemony, has become an aid in our efforts to drive back the Republic into their corrupted core worlds. Their Queen has seen the light, and her actions had now provided the Empire with strength and support to keep fighting in multiple planets, continents, isles, cities and streets with old allies and friends. I shed light into this for all of us Sith, to know that the Shadren Hegemony is no longer safe paradise for heretics and traitors, but a proud land of patriots, friends and allies to be cherished and respected in this dark times. The Empress herself, I'm sure, would support my words and claims to open direct embassies in our homeworlds, while our military forces continue to cooperate in this long war.

Without further comments, I bid you farewell, my fellow Sith and Imperials.

Glory to the Empire, and the Shadren Hegemony.

Darth Haar, Wild Space Command.

There are many ways to serve the Empire

"I'm willing to burn half the galaxy if I save the other half in the process."

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Re: News Channel Feeds
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Reydovan News Network - The Official Imperial News Service of Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Darth Metheius Issues Rebuttal to Darth Haar Regarding Shadren Regime - Metheius Rejects Shadren's Continued Autonomy: "There Can Be No Kings and Queens in the Empire" - Metheius Threatens to Recommend Military Action Against Shadren Sector
From the dreadnought Warspite in orbit of Iokath, Darth Metheius has issued the following statement in rebuttal to the public statement by Darth Haar of the Imperial Wild Space Command:

I am disturbed by the statement by my esteemed colleague that speaks so glowingly of the "patriotism" of the so-called Shadren Hegemony, and wish to remind him that the regime there is nothing more than a secessionist movement that flies a flag other than that of the Sith Empire, while still claiming to be Sith and still claiming - and exploiting - Imperial resources.  The fact that these seditionists are upheld as being "patriots" and being lauded for their spirit of "unity" is a most serious slander to those who have remained loyal to the Empire. This is not acceptable.

Upon her announcement of attaining control of Shadren from the traitor Dorian Numair, I urged the self-styled Queen, Lord Vedriat Azeara, to give up this pretense of monarchy and accept the title granted her by the Sith Empire, rather than that taken as part of a traitorous regime. The fact that the regime continues to exist, as well as the fact that it has now received the well-intentioned but ill-advised endorsement of a veteran Sith commander, is evidence that this advice has been rejected.

I wish to remind all present that the Shadren regime has influenced treasonous actions against the Sith Empire in the Bornalex and Reydovan sectors at a time when we were still dealing with the so-called Eternal Empire of Zakuul, and sanctioned or committed murder against loyal Sith and soldiers of the Empire. No matter that Numair appears to be either dead or otherwise "indisposed", the regime that supported this treason remains intact, claiming to be beyond the authority of our Empress and her ministers. I say again, this is not acceptable.

I do not question Darth Haar's dedication to the Empire; his record speaks volumes to his courage and loyalty. I do, however, question his motivation for his statement in support of the Shadren regime. There can be no Kings and Queens in the Empire. I have broken a number of Sith who have felt they could act otherwise, including a colleague of Darth Haar's who fights on the front line on Iokath rather than sit on a throne in a temple, wasting Imperial resources and squandering the careers of Imperial soldiers.

I again urge Lord Vedriat to disband the Shadren Hegemony and act as a proper Sith, and to return the space claimed by this so-called Hegemony to the Empire, as a properly governed Imperial sector - putting an end to any questions as to the loyalty of the Shadren worlds. If not, then I will transmit my recommendation to the Empress and the Ministry of War that more drastic options be taken to return the Shadren sector to the Imperial fold, and put an end to this matter once and for all.

Glory to the Empire. And ONLY the Empire.
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