Author Topic: Wraiths Night 5 pm EDT/8 PDT (Open RP for Any Guests)  (Read 46 times)

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In the Interest of reviving RP we're trying to publicize these a bit better.  We Meet 2-3 times a Month Sunday Evenings. RSVP appreciated, esp for Impside to coordinate meetup but folks wanting to join informally should message us on Republicooc as well. 

Hosted by the Wraiths and may cover a few time periods and character catchup, we have a few new members catching up to the Zakuul Era but planning some present stories as well. If you have interest we'll work you in however we can, and will try and post topic/Setting a bit more ahead of time for future weeks.

While hosted by us, we want to include as many guilds and players as have interest!