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Sith and music
« on: 11/19/19, 09:40:49 PM »
Are there any bits of lore about the Sith and music, or their thoughts on music? I've never actually heard any references to a Sith playing instruments or singing, not even stuff like melodic ritual chants and hymns.

I can totally see some Sith taking a stance against music because it can evoke unintended emotions, or because it's a petty waste of time compared to getting swole. I can also see the opposite tho, because freedom is (at least in theory) a big part of Sith philosophy and presumably that doesn't just mean exercising their radical freedom to buy fancy overpriced perfumes.

I don't really need an excuse to give my Darth a lyra, she is totally a lawful evil bard and was originally a Jedi anyway, but i'm curious to hear if anyone else has thought about in-universe Sith music. Or even Jedi music for that matter.

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Re: Sith and music
« Reply #1 on: 11/24/19, 04:24:04 PM »
I've contemplated Jedi music, at least a little. I am also of the head canon that Ithorians set the pace for that on the Jedi/Republic side.

Going from that heroic on Tython where you can preserve the history of the darkside ruler, I would say that the arts are a focus of creative dark side users that haven't become obsessed yet. However, it probably still follows the dark side tradition of everything serves me.

I would assume music for the dark side is going to serve one of several purposes:
  • Promote me and how great I am
  • Disparage my enemies
  • Impress someone greater than me
  • Help me woo the target of the moment my affections
  • Soothe my soul as I plot revenge
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Re: Sith and music
« Reply #2 on: 12/05/19, 08:25:00 AM »
I've always imagined that the Sith basically have Klingon opera. Deep vocals singing about power and crushing one's enemies.
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