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OOC - Hello There
« on: 06/28/19, 09:55:34 AM »
Most of you probably don't recognize me, I was only active for a few months from 2015-16 before life got uprooted and dramatically changed (for the better, I might add). Now I'm here and I'm looking around, wondering how things have been going. I understand it's been slow of late, and that a number of people have hopped over to Star Forge. But I'd like to see what's going on still.

I'm currently playing around on Star Forge with a friend, so I'm not that active of Satele Shan right now, but that character is not RP oriented and it's just PvE content, so it's not like I'm tied up or anything over there at the moment.

Anyways, hi everyone. How are things?

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Re: OOC - Hello There
« Reply #1 on: 06/28/19, 07:26:17 PM »
YO! You came back just in time. We're just two months away from the next expansion: Onslaught.