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The Eos Library
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Located a short shuttle ride from the Holy City of NiJedha, the Eos library is a small but immensely important reliquary of knowledge for the Jedi Order. It was carved into sandstone cliffs, in the center of the settlement of Jed'nais, and provides most of the income for the small village through tourist revenue. Jedi, Disciples of the Whills, and many other Force-worshiping orders throughout the Galaxy consider the library sacred, and visitors of all stripes can be seen perusing its halls. All are welcome in the Eos Library, should they only come in peace.

Eos the Defender

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The Library takes its name from a Jedi Knight who sacrificed her life to save an ancient order of scholars and preserve their years of studies. Although the battle was lost to history, a statue of Eos Nayal marks the Library for visitors, her lightsaber lifted as a beacon of learning.

Statue of Abadesh

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Equally important to the Library is the statue of Abadesh, the Jedi Master who oversaw its construction. In gratitude for his aid in founding the Library, the Disciples of the Whills erected a statue of him on its first centennial. Master Abadesh's grandchildren were among those who attended the celebration.

The Library

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Thousands of years old, the Eos Library holds some of the most ancient knowledge in the Galaxy. Lectures and Force demonstrations are frequently held in its large courtyard, while dignitaries often meet in its the safety of its grounds. While most useful to those of the Force orders, the Library also contains some texts valued by secular travelers, from ancient treaties to recent compositions from obscure poets. While it lacks the resources of a research university, the Library is also home to a team of biologists studying desert farming techniques.

The Village

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Jed'nais is a quiet community consisting primarily of low-scale farmers and groundskeepers for the Library of Eos. Its humble market square is frequently used to hold festivals, and the Fountain of Eos brings forth free water for all to drink.

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