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The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« on: 05/12/18, 08:42:10 AM »
Hey Begeren Colony! After reading recoveringgeek's Roll Call thread (This right 'chere:, I realized that while people may very much be plotting out stories for their characters and close friends, a lot of it is being done in a vacuum.

"I need a Jedi Knight to serve as a looming pursuer for my smuggler's next heist!" Most of us around here, I think, create that Jedi Knight NPC ourselves. "I need an Imperial officer to get a mission from for this storyline!" Again, I would bet that many of us just build that officer from the ground up and speak for them. While an immense amount of self-fulfillment can be engaged, one might miss out on what otherwise may be an interesting sort of life breathed into their story via other players, even if that player is only serving as an agreed-upon NPC.

Ergo, my epiphany!

I've created this thread as a sort of log for the NPC roles people's characters might be able to play and accompanying story hooks (At their discretion, of course). Template non-specific, but something similar to the following:

Maryck Vos, Kiffar, Late 20s: Maryck is Jedi Master of the more active persuasions. For fellow Jedi he can serve as an instructor, an accompanying mission partner per his specializations, a mission giver, as well as a consultant. For military sort characters, his background and service as a military commander might put he and the PC on a similar spectrum, as a strike force member, a strategic consultant, or a combat pilot. For the more fringe-type PCs, Maryck can serve as an incidental antagonist (Perhaps they're trying to steal Jedi artifacts?)

Please post your characters you'd be willing to NPC, and please, please viewers, do not hesitate to PM one another (Or me) to kickstart something. All it takes is one step to bring that galaxy far far away a little closer. :)
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Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Reply #1 on: 05/12/18, 11:54:31 AM »
This is a good idea I think! I never know what to do myself, but I can offer up a wide variety of obsessively lore-friendly characters to use in other people's obsessively lore-friendly stories.

edit: except Zakuul things, if it involves Zakuul to any degree don't ask me lol.


Special Agent Serama Lirus: SIS spy and master of sass. Could work as a quest giver, a very well-informed contact, a tactical advisor, an arms dealer/quartermaster, or even a strike team member for any sort of pro-Republic spies, police officers, anti-Imperial rebels, and military strategists.

Master Qelian Saida: A Jedi diplomat. If anyone wants to do Jedi stuff that isn't related to fighting the Empire, she can certainly give missions to help out locals in various ways. Like training the militia on Tatooine or helping stop gang warfare on Coruscant.


Darth Nefret: A spooky sorceress obsessed with force-sensitive artifacts and forbidden knowledge. Would definitely work as a sithy quest giver for anything involving evil power, or she could loan out some artifacts/knowledge to other characters if anyone happens to be in need of scary dreadful artifacts/knowledge for a story.

Moff Csa'lir'idi and Lieutenant Colonel Vasilla Alo: A Moff with a little bit of everything under her command and a Darth's favourite special forces officer. They could both give quests to military characters, help a Sith Lord with planning something big, or coordinate joint operations with other Moffs/Sith, among other things.

Captain Kiriaan Camille: A Medical Corps doctor. She could work as a medical vendor pretty much anything where a doctor might be helpful, primarily in a military context but elsewhere would work too! Especially treating wounded people, that is a very doctor thing.

Captain Kiriona Aki, Alonni Lumiere, and Lord Zamara: An ISF trooper and two Inquisitors. They can all act as strike team members, quest givers, etc in anything relating to traitors, heretical Sith, Jedi infiltrators, quarantined planets, or pretty much anything else where a Sithy police force would fit in.

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Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Reply #2 on: 05/12/18, 12:34:22 PM »
An excellent idea!

Jedi Master Telline
An expert lorekeeper, master Shadow, and one of the Masters of the Custodum Enclave, Telline works well as a quest giver or spout of knowledge, particularly for Jedi and especially for those in the Jedi Custodum. She is also a spymaster, and her NPC minions are excellent fodder for anyone within or without the Republic who threaten its ideals (particularly Imperials).

Aurena Durane, Republic Associated Press
As an investigative reporter, Aurena is perfect for anyone outside of the Sith Empire who wants to be interviewed, or needs a story reported on the holonet stations.

Captain Paric Aradenn, Imperial Navy
As captain of the Harrower-class dreadnought Devastation of Hope, Aradenn can provide support to clandestine or overt Imperial operations. He could also serve as an antagonist for any fringers or pubs on the run from Imperials.

Captain Zaron Fel, SIS Section Chief
As the commander of SIS operations on the Custodian's Watch, Fel works well as a boss or quest giver for any SIS character. He also works well as a spymaster antagonist for any Jedi (particularly in the Jedi Custodum) who seek to act without the SIS's knowledge. Naturally he also works well as an antagonist to any Imperials.

Initiate Karia Zent
An initiate in the Custodum Enclave, Zaria is of limited use. But if anyone needs to mention a student or fellow learner, feel free to name Karia!
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Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Reply #3 on: 05/12/18, 12:55:19 PM »
<cracks knuckles> Oh, boy! Do I have a post for you! (And great idea, Maryck.)

Doz Jalth, Zabrak, 80s.
The Jedi Order, Espionage, History, Connections
Spoiler: show
Doz is a retired Jedi Shadow and Master of the Jedi Order. She sits on the Custodum Enclave council as a senior member. Blunt and gruff, she could serve as an excellent antagonist for a young Jedi trying to earn their stripes (“dour Master Jalth doesn’t like me!”), or anyone going against the aims of the Jedi or the Republic. Her advanced age and storied career gives her ample opportunity to know the right person, have the right insight, or to have been a thorn in the right Imperial’s side for the past forty years (or whatever strikes your fancy!). While Doz, generally speaking, no longer attends to missions herself, she can certainly serve as a quest-giver, informant, guide, and behind-the-scenes antagonist (although, with the right motivation, she could also be persuaded into the field).

Dassalya Nasadee, Mirialan, late 30s/early 40s.
The Jedi Order, Healer, Compassionate Do-Gooder
Spoiler: show
A healer in the Jedi Order, Dassalya can serve as a nexus point for anything medical related. Nasty plague somewhere? Dass can help. Going on a dangerous mission? Always bring a healer. Want to release a nasty plague somewhere? Dass will be there to stop you! She also has relatively strong connections to her homeworld of Mirial and can provide information, through her family, on the political, sociological, and economic status of that area of the galaxy—which happens to be right near the border between Empire and Republic space. She’s also a general “do-gooder” and can easily be worked in doing Jedi do-gooder things wherever needed. She is a compassionate person who will likely give anyone an opportunity to surrender or change their ways. Due to “oh no there’s been an accident I can’t go”-ness, Dassalya may also serve as a quest-giver to other Jedi (and those trusted by the Jedi).

Tamminick Nasadee, Mirialan, early/mid 30s.
The Republic, Slicing, Bounty Hunting, Senatorial Politics
Spoiler: show
Originally a failed student, Tamminick joined the Republic navy as an electronic warfare specialist in his early twenties. After suffering a debilitating injury affecting his memory, he was honourably discharged and became a two-bit bounty hunter. Now he serves as an aid in the Zeltron delegation of the Republic Senate under Senator Dreikan. As such, he has a wide net of individuals with whom he may have, or have had, positive or antagonistic encounters. He’s currently focused on not jeopardizing his career in government, but can certainly serve as a point of information for those seeking non-critical gossip on politics, connections to the senate or other Republic political entities, some bounty hunters, slicing, and outdated military workings. Given the right circumstances, he could be convinced to assist in a cause or come out of the woodwork to serve as an antagonist. He can also direct folks to his sister, Dassalya Nasadee, or Dr. Kyri Orell for medical-related issues.

Brinla Ruun, Twi’lek, early 30s.
The Republic, Republic Military, Political Activism, Visual Arts
Spoiler: show
Brinla is an art student from one of Coruscant’s universities, but joined up with the military shortly after graduation. She served for three years before the Republic honourably discharged her in accordance with Zakuul’s de-armament demands. Brinla has a few art pieces around Coruscant galleries, but her artistic career has yet to take off. Anyone looking for a touchstone in the artistic community of Coruscant, survivors of the bombings of Galactic City (both at the end of the Great Galactic War and by the Eternal Fleet), or the political/social environment of Coruscant’s mid-levels should seek her out. Additionally, individuals seeking to squash social unrest or commentary on Republic political policy or criminals who are taking advantage of Coruscant’s desperate middle- and lower-class citizens could find her to be an antagonist.

Nulaa Ulair, Twi’lek, mid 30s.
Independent, Smuggling, Criminal, Anti-Slavery, Connections, Information
Spoiler: show
Nulaa Ulair is the person you go to if you have a questionably or less-than-legal job you want done. Arising from a smuggling background, Nulaa has an extensive network of contacts and can generally set you up with whoever you need to meet if she doesn’t assist you personally. She’s closely tied to Phalanx Station and can often be found there. While anti-Imperial and anti-Sith, Nulaa has been known to work with such individuals under certain conditions. She is staunchly anti-slavery and can easily be persuaded to go out of her way to make trouble for anyone associated with the trade; however, she also has a reputation for ruthlessness and, depending on who you speak to, has quite the list of assaults and murders to her name. Characters seeking to make contact with the underworld, purchase information, or learn about the smuggling trade will find her to be an excellent individual to seek out… as long as they’re willing to pay and/or can ingratiate themselves to her. She will be an enthusiastic ally to anti-slavers and a dogged antagonist for anyone trying to capitalize on any of her several bounties, foul her schemes, or assist in the slave trade. She can easily serve (and has served!) as a quest-giver.

Quenlyn Dorran, Human (Cybernetic Enhancements), late 30s.
Independent, Hutt Space, Criminal, Slicing
Spoiler: show
A (former?) associate of Nulaa’s, Quenlyn “Queenie” Dorran is a savant slicer. Before signing on with Nulaa during the Galactic War, she ran with a pirate gang in the Mid-Rim. Consummately bored, Quenlyn can be enticed into a job by the promise of challenge or by a hefty paycheque. She is a native of Hutt space and can often be found on Nar Shaddaa working for various criminal elements. Those seeking to overturn a Hutt’s powerbase or running up against Nulaa Ulair may find her to be a worthy antagonist. Those working with Nulaa, seeking an independant slicer, or who is friendly with the Hutts may see her as an ally.


Drat, I have been waylaid by life! I shall return to finish adding all my independant and Imperial types to the list.
Republic: Brinla Ruun|Dassalya Nasadee|Mihzarwi Taan|Nulaa Ulair|Tamminick Nasadee|Doz Jalth
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Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Reply #4 on: 05/12/18, 01:08:05 PM »
Rivoso Varnheim, Human, Early 40s.
Both an elusive and enigmatic figure, more often than not he will be encountered when he wishes it to be so. Rivoso is both an outlaw and a pariah to his former Empire, maintaining his loyalties despite his designation as an AWOL asset. Acting as both an independent contractor and an information broker in wild space, he often haunts cantinas throughout Nar Shaddaa, Hutta, and on rare occasion, even as far as the Rishii maze. Wherever intrigue and mystery reside, it is a safe bet that Rivoso is not far behind, if not already involved in some degree. Ruthless, clever, tenacious, with a side of unorthodox, he makes for a useful ally and a dangerous foe. Should he take part in a quest, or offer one, rest assured that he certainly has an angle that would prove beneficial for him and by extension, his Empire.

(I've got a few other active characters should the need arise, but that will come at a later date.)
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Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Reply #5 on: 05/12/18, 02:54:02 PM »
...yeah, I like this idea :).

Colonel Lien Orell

Description: Part of strategic planning for the defense of the Republic Core systems, connections in Republic Military, Special Forces, Intelligence, some smugglers. Former Special Forces.

Best Used For: Sending military support for other operations, being a good, but not brilliant, commander of naval forces.

Doctor Kyri Orell

Description: Doctor, owner and head of the Orell Medical Clinic, organizer of a number of free clinics set up in the lower sections of Coruscant. Formerly a member of the Dawnstar Shipping Company, a front for a collection of smuggling and other less-than-legal adventurer operations. Also formerly an anti-Zakuulan terrorist, and former member of the Odessan Alliance. Currently more associated with assisting the Jedi Order. She's had a weird life.

Best Used For: She's a doctor with a ship, and talent for getting to where she needs to go. She'd treat those in need gladly, although not for free if you can afford it.

Quarasha Ahnshal

Description: Sith, formerly of the Empire, former organizer of the Gray Alliance, currently making her trade as an venture capitalist on Nar Shaddaa and an information broker.

Best Used For: She invests in a number of businesses in Hutt Space (and, through less than legitimate methods, in Republic and Imperial space). While her terms aren't as generous as a bank loan, she's much less exploitative than the Hutts and has something of a grudging reputation as holding to fair deals. She also, through aliases, will buy, sell and trade information to individuals and spy agencies.
Character List:

Pub side: Lien Orell, Kyri Orell, Shaantil (possibly Dumas), Norland, Everen (bank alt ATM), Quarashaa (Pub version of the real Quarasha), Merrant

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Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Reply #6 on: 05/12/18, 05:46:51 PM »
My availability is a limiting factor as work takes up most of my time and energy, but I can do cameos here and there.


CLA-C98 - Droid - Age: Not Found
C9 is a free droid that is currently seeking to find her place in the galaxy. She does not quite fit in with free droids who shun all contact with organics, but her disdain for large portions of organic behavior keep her from quite fitting in with organics. One thing is for certain, however she is defined, C9 is highly opinionated, and will act if she deems it necessary.

Overall, C9's aim is to try to define her existence while not behaving in a viral manner as she sees many organics doing. She abhors using her combat protocols as much as she abhors using her dancing protocols. One way or another, She is quick to let anyone in earshot know how displeased she is, whatever the circumstance.

Primary Function: Steward
Secondary Functions: Combat, Dancing
Good For: Relaying information found on the holonet or observed by other droids; looking after small animals and children.... kinda.
Bad For: Combat situations, diplomacy, dealing with emotional conflicts, conflict resolution
Alignment: Mostly Lawful Good, she has rigid ideal about how a droid should conduct themselves.
Stronghold Access: [WIP] Coruscant Stronghold(stand in planet): Free Droid Enclave

Quick Tags: droid, free, sentient, opinionated, pacifist, stubborn


XN-???? - Droid - Age: 7
(There can be as many instances of XN's across RPs as needed although he is a limited run model, so limit one per RP. :grin: )

The XN model utility droid was originally slated to become a flagship model for GSI before the war with Zakuul came and terminated XN manufacture in favor of combat specific models. A small amount of them made it into production and can be found irregularly throughout the galaxy.

This line is unique from other droids in that it can be configured to run functions ranging from combat to host. It is completely customizable in terms of looks and programming and comes with a limited warranty if configured through a GSI authorized dealer.

Primary Function: User Defined
Secondary Functions: User Defined
Good For: Dependent on loaded behavioral modules
Bad For:   Dependent on loaded behavioral modules
Alignment: Neutral: "We stay neutral so you don't have to."

Quick Tags: droid, customizable, non-sentient, multi-function


Jessak Roze - Human - Age: 30

Jessak is a humbled, Nar Shaddaa socialite and heiress currently keeping a low profile since the Paradise Barge incident. She achieved minor celebrity status for drunken shenanigans enabled by her father's money, but has since attempted to keep out of the spotlight for fear of accruing anymore embarrassing or negative press.

Currently, Jessak works in the company business, Roze Industries, as a Project Manager. Currently the company functions as a mining company that also sources raw materials on behalf of the Hutt Cartel. It is a Cartel Sanctioned business whose Patron is Nimodda the Hutt, a minor player within Cartel Politics.

Since the introduction of Arcann's Tribute, Roze Industries, like other companies within their industries, struggles to meet the demand for raw resources and, at times, turns to less than savory means of meeting quotas.

Jessak also has her own side business, The Roze Garden. This venue serves as a botanical garden and Teahouse, despite Jessak's extreme aversion to plant life. The Teahouse is a suitable for meeting up and tea rooms can be set up to allow discreet conversations if requested during reservation. In addition to the ability to sip tea over conversation and stroll among the exotic foliage, the Roze Garden also sports a Party Venue which can be reserved like the tea rooms.

Personality: Social, buoyant when things are well, pessimistic when things are not going well, talkative, emotional, kind when nothing is on the line, ruthless when there is something important on the line, cautious in uncertainty
Good For: Upper level information on the goings on of Nar Shaddaa and the Cartel, social activities, commentary on the goings on of Nar Shaddaa's social/ celebrity scene, business opportunities on a company level or arranging and facilitating meetings between third parties for a price.
Bad For: Ground level information on the goings on of Nar Shaddaa, combat situations, scenes in natural settings, Republic or Empire specific situations.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, she will try to be good but not if it costs her too much or crosses the Hutts.
Stronghold Access: Nar Shaddaa Stronghold: The Roze Garden - Neutral Ground

Quick Tags: Human, female, Hutt Cartel, Nar Shaddaa, business, minor celebrity
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Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Reply #7 on: 05/12/18, 10:52:36 PM »
This is a very interesting offering, Maryck, and it's great to see people responding enthusiastically. I'll throw my two bits in.

I love playing NPCs. Truth be told, if anyone is looking for an NPC for an event they are running, I am much more likely to be able to help by creating NPCs on demand specific to your needs. That is something I have done in the past, and will likely do again. I enjoy the experience of serving the story that is unfolding, and one of the benefits of an NPC made specifically for an event is they can be as completely expendable, foolish, nasty, irredeemable, tragic, etc, as you need or want them to be.

So, if you are running a story/event, and have an NPC in mind that you might want an actual player to steer for a one-shot thing (not talking an ongoing serial), I might be able to help. I haven't got all those countless character slots and Collections outfit unlocks for nothing!

That being said, a couple of my own characters might be able to fill in some blanks in certain kinds of stories. I'm only including a small number here, because many are deep in their own stories and not suitable (and also because I like to keep a fairly stark divide between NPC and PC), but here are a few hooks/roles I could offer:

Niarra Reymark, Jedi Master and Diplomat. Mirialan, female, mid-to-late 40s. In an NPC role, Niarra is the quintessential quest-giver for any Jedi, and also for many with political ties to the Senate, or even to some extent Republic military ties (as a Master in her forties she fought in the Great War before the Cold War, and older military types would have cause to know her). She has in her career served as an official Republic Ambassador, and is still an active mediator and deeply involved in Republic politics; she has a fairly high public profile in this regard, having been involved in news-making hearings and negotiations. As a Jedi she is a healer and a scholar, and has frequently in the past been the Master to organize Jedi missions of all stripes, sending allies out among the stars to do heroic things while she holds down the homefront and attends committee meetings. If your plot involves any confluence of Jedi and politics, it's almost certain Niarra would know about it, and have an interest in it. If you need a diplomat, an ally with political connections, or basically any sort of "official" bridge to such worlds or to Jedi business, Niarra can probably be that bridge, facilitating a meeting and then letting you get about your business.

Caustrin Neyvor, Crime Boss. Miralukan, male, mid-to-late 30s. This guy barely qualifies as a PC, being at least 50% (if not more) pure NPC material. He is an Exchange boss, and one of the shadow players behind the operation of Phalanx Station. If your character has serious ties to the underworld they might know Caustrin has a reputation for being particularly ruthless, but also particularly pater familias in taking care of his own people. Make no mistake, though: this is not a scoundrel with a secret heart of gold, no matter how suave he might seem at times. In an NPC role he can serve as an antagonist, or as competition, for anyone trying to make inroads or land a score in the underworld. Alternatively he could be an "in" for someone looking to get started in that scene. He's not suitable as someone to ultimately take down (so not gonna be anyone's nemesis destined for defeat) because as a pseudo NPC he serves an ongoing role for my events, but if you need a crime boss fixture to play off of, especially one of the more ruthless variety, he might be a good fit.

Moff Ezline. Human, female, early 40s. Daara Ezline is another PC that is 50% or more NPC material, and also not expendable due to her intended use in ongoing events. But as a powerful and influential Moff she is also very good material for one of those staple "Imperial power player" background characters. Moff Ezline took over Imperial Wild Space Command after Moff Heerman's reassignment, but she's been running extensive operations of her own even before that. She is a staunch Imperial loyalist, a canny and ruthless political player and military officer, and a passionate hater of the Republic (and of Jedi in particular). If you're running an anti-Republic or anti-Jedi plot and want to say you're getting funding or assistance from Imperial power players, Ezline is a safe bet. Want to say that your agent or up-and-coming Sith has official sanction to be mucking things up in risky missions across the border? Ezline is a safe bet for having facilitated such shenanigans. She has already been an antagonist for my past Jedi-themed events, and will likely continue to be so. Whether or not I ever find the time to cook up Imperial side events I just don't know, but in the spirit of this thread, if you think you could user her as an NPC for one of your own events, just drop me a line!

Jheva, Jedi Padawan. Pureblood, female, mid 20s. Anyone who's contended with Jheva knows she isn't exactly a social character, and not one to be involved in events much outside of her personal sphere. The only reason I'm including her here at all is in the event you want to tell a story that specifically involves any variety of Seer-oriented powers within the Jedi Order, as this is a very specific niche that Jheva fills. Her abilities are only known to the few even among the Order who know her well, so if you need a Jedi Seer to play any part in your plot the connection would need to be made through other Jedi characters of your characters' acquaintance.
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Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Reply #8 on: 05/19/18, 03:17:32 PM »
I'm semi-retired (which I'm sure I will explain in the other thread when i get around to it). So here are the characters that are most active for me, which are also actively useful to other plotlines should you need one:

Selina Kavel/Freya Merril: SIS field agent, has been all over the place, even in the empire. Veteran and well connected, she could be the SIS hook your Republic affiliated/former Republic affiliates need. She could pose as a troublemaker for the other side too.

Silivia Fenir: A rather innocent smuggler always on the lookout for jobs. She's pretty good at flying, but pretty bad under social situations. Excitable, and somehow always finding herself in trouble.

If you need something more from them, let me know and I can figure it out. I know I have far more characters in my description, but they tend to be under used, so let me know if you want one of them.
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                                                    Freya Merril (?, ???)