Author Topic: The Revas Order: Where is the clone?  (Read 800 times)

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The Revas Order: Where is the clone?
« on: 10/02/17, 09:32:39 PM »
So I have an rp idea that need some help from other rp groups. The time table is still being prepped but we need a variety of roles for an rp event I am working on.

Basic roles needed:
Geneticist who may or not be ok with cloning
Imperial military or operatives
Zakuulian sympathizers
Bounty hunters 
Shady characters who know stuff sometimes misleading sometimes right
Republic Military types.

iconic locations to test player knowlege of the game spaces some easy and some off the beaten path .

The idea is Dezz'revas has a degenerative genetic problem after being exposed to ancient Rakata tech and has to have a body crafted for him every so many years. His original dna sample has been lost since the Zakuulian invasion and in the years after he is trying to find the one as close to perfect dna sample in existence that is left. This sample happens to be in his clone Dezzonator who was cloned by the Fallen of Revas and rescued by The Colonial Marines. He also is off the grid now with very few traces of here he has been. The idea is to send the players on an rp hunt of this character finding clues on several planets until they find him and then have to convince him to give a sample. 

I could really use some help refining this rp event if anyone wants to assist.
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