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<Watchers> is Recruiting
« on: 09/10/17, 04:51:32 PM »

Recruiting for <Watchers>, a neutral sect of both Force Users and Non-Force Users strictly adhering to balance of the Force. RP/PVP/PVE. 400+ members, FS, SH, Discord, Alt/F2P-Friendly. For info, go to or /w for invite.


Watchers are a sect of Force Users and Non Force Users who have been very heavily trained from childhood in the ways of Balance, heavy Force Powers training, and very intense Lightsaber Combat. Their training takes the form of an agoge in a sense. At a young age, usually 5 years old, Watcher Acolytes are subjected to extreme training methods to prepare them for the challenges ahead. Intensely trained, an example of this would be 10 years of training is pushed into 5 years, hence if a 20 year old has survived the training, they will as heavily trained as a 35 year old.

Watchers are trained not just with Balance in the Force, but Balance in all things, including one's emotions and psyche. Watchers do not believe in Light or Dark, just in The Force being a neutral, unbreakable and unshakable field of invisible energy that exists in all living things. Watchers believe they are specifically chosen by the Force itself to maintain balance to the Force by striking with power and precision upon all enemies who shift the Balance in their favor. This means Watchers do not officially adhere to either Faction, but will ally with either Faction temporarily to see that Balance is acquired.


To continue growing and maintaining the Balance of the Force, even if it means warring against the Sith, Alliance Commander, or the Jedi. Balance must be kept, and those who tip the balance in their favor will be met with opposition. This means alliances will be temporary, trust will be strained, but understand that Watchers must not become comfortable with our partners. (( We are an RP/PVP/PVE guild. We are growing to become a very mysterious cult that fully believes the Force has commanded us to retain balance to the Force, and ensure that neither side becomes extinct. For balance to exist, Darkness must exist. For balance to exist, Light must exist. Neither can truly be allowed to "win". ))


Anyone in Watchers can recruit, so you can message up anybody from Watchers to join us. However, upon reaching a certain number, we will remove general recruitment and go to interview-process style recruitment.

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