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Hey Captain, how's tricks?

<Republic Privateers> seeks volunteer captains for our slightly less than honorable fleet!We're an 18+ Smuggler RP-based guild with regular events, teamspeak, and a website with forums. Only the ruggedly handsome need apply. ;)

With weekly RP recruitment events, speakeasies, cantina brawls, and enough credits to buy a star system, the Privateers is home for every smuggler or outlaw, of every way of life! We might even help those stuffy Jedi folk out - with incentive of course.

Also, as part of the <Republic Privateers>, you'll be joining a community of 6 guilds, including <The JEDl ORDER>, <THE SlTH ORDER>, <Republic SpecForce>, <Mando'Ade Aliite>, and <Imperial BlackOps>. There's a home for each of your characters, and plenty of friends to be made!

Interested? Visit our website at and apply today, and/or join our Recruitment event at the Privateers Nar Shaddaa Stronghold on Saturdays @ 6pm PT / 9pm ET! We'll be listed in the directory, or you can /who Privateers and ask any of our members for an invite!

If you have any questions or want to chat, go ahead and message me here, or send me a message in game! My character name is Zavexi.

We'd love to have you aboard Captain! Happy Hunting, and may fortune, and credits, be forever on your side!